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The Technology Thats Destroying The Society English Literature Essay

As many of us know god made humans and then humans made technology. Yet, today’s society has become a source of addiction and demands are increasing more and more every day. Not only has, technology made everybody’s life easier but also, it has taking over the whole world. This obsession with technology is also depicted in Ray Bradbury’s novel, Fahrenheit 451 that is set in the dystopian world of future technology. The book has a protagonist named Montag, a fireman whose job it is to promote conformity of people’s thought by burning books because in this society, firemen burn books rather than protecting people by putting out fire. So basically government of this society is trying to make everyone more like zombies by destroying the knowledge that people have. In this novel, Bradbury warns readers about the dangers of technology and the way it has made people into passive (receivers) rather than active participates in their lives society uses to replace individuality with conformity and causes them to lose their individuality. Interestingly enough, the people of the society were like slaves of the government and also people had a blind faith in government. Government was trying to take over the society by taking away people’s knowledge and their history which was easily done by burning books through the firemen, who were once known for their heroic and courageous acts, but in this society firemen have been used by the government as puppets and prepared them to do cowardly things like burning books so that government officials can remain in their high position jobs, and there would be no one smart enough to take their positions. Firemen crew are helping destroying history by saying that the books are nonsense and not useful. Beatty, firemen’s leader, was saying “We as a society just can’t have all these books which contain so many controversial thoughts and ideas in them….it would make people think. Then they would be uncomfortable and unhappy in their lives with the way things are” (article 4 page 2). Fireman Beatty was explaining how he thinks about the people of society will feel about books to Montag and convincing Montag that burning books would make everyone’s life more contented. Firemen’s were aware, when Fire alarm goes on which happens after any one from the society complains about someone else with a book or secretly reading a book with the name and address of the person who has books. Then the worst part for firemen was finding the books at a particular house. “Within a light, a television set, a radiator, a drinking table with ashtray, books are found, each location and the sequence resonant with meaning” (article 2 pg 7). Most people use to hid it the very extraordinary places, like places that are not easily noticeably but somehow firemen manage to find every book possible hidden there. Many things were changed after the day when Montag and his firemen were trying to burn one lady’s house that had a secret library in her house so they can get rid of all the books easily but the woman denied and she placed herself on fire with the books because she was deeply in love with the books that she had. “You can’t ever have my books, she said. You know the law, Beatty said… Montag placed his hand on the woman’s elbow you can come with us. No she replied… She opened the fingers of one hand slightly and in the palm of the hand was a single kitchen match” (39). This woman knew that whatever the firemen were going to do with that books was wrong and she knew that government is trying to play some games with the people of the society but she couldn’t do anything about it so she decides to burn herself with the books. From these event people of these dystopian society were trying to get more sense about how government is making them more inarticulate but before it was too late government with another smart idea, which is creating a mechanical hound, also known as mechanical dog whose job is to detect hidden books and it also injects one type of fluid in your body which erases all the knowledge from your brain about any books that you have ever read. “The mechanical hound slept but did not sleep, lived but did not live in its gently humming, gently vibrating, softly illuminated kennel back in a dark corner of the firehouse” (24). So this technology was created by government to scared people. As more people got aware of the mechanical hound the more frighten the people started to get so very less people were secretly reading books. Unfortunately the scariest part arrived when the fireman Montag got caught up with the mechanical hound. Montag is the character who first started to realize that government was trying to trick people by burning books and destroying knowledge. First Montag thought that government was doing the right thing but after a while he starts to question himself about how his hands were doing everything. “Montag had done nothing. His hands had done it all, his hand, with a brain of its own, with a conscience and a curiosity in each trembling finger, had turned thief” (37). Montag was stealing books but actually it was his hands what were making him do everything like burning books with the flame thrower and stealing books from people’ houses. Montag started to acquire all the clues about why people weren’t allowed to read books, but before Montag had figured out everything, the government officials created a mechanical dog which is also known as mechanical hound in the society. Mechanical hound detected Montag reading books. The mechanical dog is a destructive, manmade monster that is similar to a hound unlike the firehouse dogs which are use to rescue people, but instead the mechanical hound can insert fluid through a needle in the victim’s body which can either kill the victim or paralyze the victim. “Finding, holding its victim, inserting the needle and going back to its kennel to die as if a switch had been turned” (25). This quote tells how the mechanical hound uses its technique to insert the needle in victim’s body. Eventually, Mechanical hound became a more powerful defensive source of government which not only protected government from society but also the hound started to make people worry about themselves and more scare to read books secretly. Montag himself was scared by that piece of technology when he saw it for the first time. “No, no, boy, said Montag, his heart pounding. He saw the silver needle extend upon the air an inch pull back, extend, pull back. The growl simmered in the beat and it looked at him” (26). Montag got afraid by looking at this mechanical hound and decided not to read books secretly because Montag knew that this hound will know everything that he does. Government was successful for the invention of the mechanical hound because not simply people started to worry about the mechanical hound but the hound also scared the fireman like Montag. Most people’s routine for everyday was getting changed because many people stopped reading books so mostly everyone was getting more reliant on technologies like television and radios. Mildred, who is Montag’s wife, is too much dependent on technologies. Every day she used to watch television shows and then listen to seashells. She has three flat screen televisions on three different walls in her room. Most of the time she is listening to multi things like listening to seashells while watching television. “Mildred immerses herself in the media provided for her to consume whenever she is not at the television. She plugs in her earphones, always soating up the artificial stimulus and messages someone else feeds to her” (article 3 page 2). Mildred has no personality and most of the time she’s busy watching parlor on television. Parlor is a show in which Mildred thinks she’s playing a role of a character because the gist of the show is based on everyday women’s life. These proves how technology is making the people of the society little too bizarre. So Mildred was trapped in the addiction of technology, many times she had problems going to sleep which unfortunately led to taking sleeping pill and her condition was getting worst day by day so she became dependent more on pills to get a good night sleep. She started taking more and more pills and finally the day came when she over dosed too many pills and couldn’t wake up next morning. Montag realized that “the small crystal bottle of sleeping tablets which earlier today had been filled with thirty capsules and which now lay uncapped and empty in the light of the tiny flare” (12). She was unconscious on her bed and luckily Montag calls the doctor on time. The doctor uses the method called stomach pumping with their machine that they brought to remove pills from her stomach by giving pressure to her stomach. “Doctors had two machines, really. One of them slid down into your stomach like a black cobra down an echoing well looking for all the old water and the old time gathered there” (14). Doctors were successful at taking out all the pills and Mildred was perfectly normal but like usual Mildred forgets everything after she wakes up the next morning and she forgets most of the things that she did the day before. Mildred barely remembers everything from her past and Montag always tries to ask her questions about how they met and as usually she replies I don’t remember anything. “What has been excited from Linda Montag is the past, memory, consecutiveness, a coherent self Montag cannot get her to recall when they first met, but then she cannot even remember that the night before she had overdosed on pills” (article 2 page 4). Montag gets upset because his own wife cannot remember when they met and what happen, but after a while he gets used to it. So this tells how technology addiction can direct to too many problems. As the unstoppable addiction for technology is increasing people are becoming zombie like. Normal people in these society are not trying to socialize more but they are more busy doing something related to technology and more importantly technology has became the center source of their daily life. Technology is like their source of food which they are so much dependent on. Eventually the society will be full with zombies. “Oskar Werner’s Montag never entirely sheds his fireman’s stiffness and is cruel to his wife and her friends, whom he calls a bunch of zombies.” (article 3 page 2) As Montag was referring to his wife and his wife’s friends as zombies because they are trying to over achieve technology sources by over using the technology and then becoming reliant on something new every day like Montag’s wife started with television then she moved on to seashells then she wanted to do that together then she got addicted to pills and this is how people in this kind of society became when government officials don’t want to give up their jobs. Government officials were negatively using their powers against their own people. In Fahrenheit 451, Bradbury is trying to aware the readers about the hazards of technology which is making people to lose their individuality and as their dependent increases on technology people are called more like zombies rather than humans. Government of this society used different tactics to replace people’s individuality to conformity. Montag journey of fireman clues him about the corrupt government officials but before he knows it with proof government releases their pet called mechanical hound. Mechanical hound puts a fright in every one’s head about its power. Government in this novel was successful for making the society full of zombies and made them more dependent on technology. Technology in the current world is making people sluggish and unintelligent.
Table of Contents Abstract Introduction The history of “green building” Definition of the term “green building” The role of green building in indoor air quality increase Conclusion Works Cited Abstract Green building movement is one of the most topical issues nowadays. It addresses many environmental issues and human health problems. Despite its quite long history, the movement has gained its high status in society only a decade ago. The hypothesis of the present research can be formulated as follows: Indoor air quality can be increased with the help of green building, and this positively affects people’s health. The hypothesis is proved to be true since numerous data suggest that high indoor air quality is beneficial for people since it decreases the number of health threats and leads to budget savings. More so, nowadays air quality is one of the major concerns of the green building movement, so numerous effective strategies are being worked out. Thus, indoor air quality is regarded as one of the most important elements of the green building movement which is beneficial for people from different perspectives. Introduction The development of science and technology has brought many opportunities for construction, but has led to numerous environmental problems and human health issues. Fortunately, people have found the way to minimize the construction negative impact on the environment and people’s health as well. Green building is this fortunate way. On one hand, green buildings improve environmental situation due to the use of environmentally friendly products while construction. On the other hand, the use of “green products” during construction positively affects people’s health, since they are not harmful, in contrast to the products containing chemicals. More so, it is important to point out that green building pays much attention to indoor air quality which is crucial for human health. The hypothesis of the present research can be formulated as follows: Indoor air quality can be increased with the help of green building, and this positively affects people’s health. To check the hypothesis it is necessary to consider such issues as the history of green building, the impact of green building on environment and people’s health, the importance of the high indoor air quality in houses and, finally, the role of the green building in the indoor air quality increase. The history of “green building” The history of the U.S. green building can be traced back as far as 1970s when “Arab-Israeli conflicts resulted in a flowering of innovations in energy conservation and renewable energy systems” (Kibert and Kibert 4). Thus, many standards as for building energy saving efficiency were enacted in the 1970s. After the fuel crisis ceased to exist, energy saving building also declined. However, environmental concerns came into place. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This led to the development of green building movement which started in the late 1980s when “society began to seriously consider complex global environmental issues” (Kibert and Kibert 4). In terms of these concerns people acknowledged that construction contributes to increase of environmental issues. Besides, the green building is also regarded as beneficial economically. Thus, the research implemented in 2003 counted economical benefits of the green building (see table 1). Table 1. Economical Benefits of the green building. Jerry Yudelson and S. Richard Fedrizzi, The Green Building Revolution (Washington, DC: Island Press, 2008) 36. However, it was also accepted that it is possible to decrease the negative impact of construction on environment. Definition of the term “green building” At this point it is necessary to define the term “green building”. Yudelson provides a very precise definition pointing out that it “considers and reduces its impact on the environment and human health” (3). It is also noted that Green building is designed to use less energy and water and consider life cycle of the materials used. This is achieved through better site development practices, design, construction, operation, maintenance, removal and possible reuse of materials. (Yudelson 3) Thus, green building presupposes thorough analysis of every stage of construction. One of the first green building projects in the USA was the “Greening of the White House” which was started in 1993, and was highly publicized (Kibert and Kibert 5). The project was carried out by a group of engineers and architects, officials and environmentalists. It was very effective: energy cost savings – $300,000 annually, emissions reduction – 845 tons of carbon annually, as well as reductions in “water and solid waste management costs” (Kibert and Kibert 5). The success of the project led to many new projects and development of various organizations preoccupied with green building movements and setting of certain green building standards. For instance, one of the most influential standards in the field is regarded as rating system LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) which was introduced in the late 1990s and has been improved since then (Kibert and Kibert 6). This rating system estimates the project in terms of major principle of green building movement. Thus, in 2006 7 World Trade Center which is located in New York (see fig.1) was rated as “Gold” in accordance with LEED rating (Yudelson 4). We will write a custom Research Paper on Indoor Air Quality in Green Building Movement specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Fig. 1. 7 World Trade Center. Jerry Yudelson, Marketing Green Building Services: Strategies for Success (Burlington, MA: Architectural Press, 2007) 4. Admittedly, this rating is not the only one incentive to encourage U.S. companies to join the green building movement. Thus, there are several rating systems, such as ASHRAE, USGBC, NAHB and many others which estimate the buildings in terms of the environmental and health issues (Raymer 13-8). The role of green building in indoor air quality increase One of the primary concerns of these standards is the health of people. Thus, indoor air quality plays an important role in green building movement. Johnson and Gibson state that indoor air quality is “the sleeping giant of the homebuilding industry”; stressing that though people know the danger of using some products, these products are still being used (273). More so, the danger of low indoor quality is not even that products used during construction are harmful, but it is much more dangerous for people that they are exposed to the negative influence of these products 90% of their time, since they spend it indoors (Johnson and Gibson 273). It has been estimated that …as many as 15 percent of Americans are allergic to their own homes. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, 40percent of children born today will suffer some form of respiratory disease. (Johnson and Gibson 273) Among harmful products used during construction it is possible to single out formaldehyde, vinyl chloride, phthalates, styrene-butadiene latex, etc (Johnson and Gibson 280-281). All these chemicals cause various dangerous diseases in people and animals (see fig.2). Fig. 2. The impact of poor indoor air quality on human health. “IEC Services”; Indoor Environment Check indoor environment check. 2006. Web. It goes without saying that it is crucial to avoid using such materials during construction. It is important to point out that regarding the importance of indoor air quality increase economical benefits should also be taken into account. Thus, according to the study implemented by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory “American businesses could save as much as $58 billion in lost sick time and $200 billion in workers’ performance by making improvements to indoor air quality” (Sentman and Kaufman 110). Many companies ignore health threats and use them due to their inexpensiveness and availability. However, green building presupposes the use of natural materials only and excludes the use of any harmful chemicals. Nowadays green building strategies aimed at improving indoor air quality include “appropriate mechanical ventilation”, air filtration, “appreciation for the kinds of hazards” and “efforts to eliminate them” (Johnston and Gibson 273). Admittedly, there is yet much to do in the field. Many dangerous chemicals are still regarded as appropriate for construction. Nevertheless, the improvements in the green building ratings and the increasing attention of the government to the issue will lead to improvements in the field. Not sure if you can write a paper on Indoor Air Quality in Green Building Movement by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Conclusion In conclusion, it is possible to point out that though green building movement is regarded to originate since 1970s, the movement became influential in 2000s. Admittedly, the movement resulted in the development of environmentally friendly strategies which also positively affect people’s health. During the last decade numerous standards and green building rating have been worked out. The U.S. government is also concerned with the development of the green building strategies and supports promising projects. It goes without saying, that there is still much to be done in the field since many people still prefer materials inexpensiveness and availability to health and environmental safety. However, it is possible to assume that the green building movement will be developing and in the nearest future all people worldwide join it. Works Cited Johnston, David, and Scott Gibson. Green from the Ground up: A Builder’s Guide : Sustainable, Healthy, and Energy-Efficient Home Construction. Newtown, CT: The Taunton Press, Inc., 2008. Kibert, Nicole C., and Charles J. Kibert. “History and Status of Sustainable Development.” Green Building and Sustainable Development: The Practical Legal Guide. Ed. Jonathan E. Furr. Chicago, Ill: American Bar Association, 2009. 3-11. Raymer, Paul H. Residential Ventilation Handbook: Ventilation to Improve Indoor Air Quality. New York, NY: McGraw Hill Professional, 2009. Sentman, Shannon D., and Bonni Kaufman. “Costs and Benefits of Green Buildings.” Green Building and Sustainable Development: The Practical Legal Guide. Ed. Jonathan E. Furr. Chicago, Ill: American Bar Association, 2009. 103-123. Yudelson, Jerry. Marketing Green Building Services: Strategies for Success. Burlington, MA: Architectural Press, 2007. Yudelson, Jerry, and S. Richard Fedrizzi. The Green Building Revolution. Washington, DC: Island Press, 2008.

Bowie State University Operations Manger Job Negotiation Analysis Paper

Bowie State University Operations Manger Job Negotiation Analysis Paper.

I’m working on a business exercise and need a sample draft to help me learn.

InstructionsBased on the learning from Weeks 1–3, you will be required to prepare a planning document and a scoring system that discuss the type of job you are looking for, the type of “packages” typically offered in this particular industry (and provide evidence for that from your own market analysis), preferences and issues that are important to you (quantified using the scoring system), issues that are important for the specific organization (using the scoring system), strategies you are going to use and why, etc.You should be able to use this document later when you are actually negotiating a job offer.It is important for you to go beyond the class, to also incorporate and apply things you have learned from readings to your specific job negotiation scenario. A good assignment will be one that is comprehensive and analytical (rather than descriptive) in nature and that is written well and in a concise manner.What is expected from you in this assignment: (Operations Manager job)A comprehensive document (not more than four pages of single-spaced text) that provides:A description of the job you are looking for and the kinds of companies that hire these jobs.A market analysis of this job (please provide information on whatever research you have done regarding the job, industry, typical salaries, packages, etc.).A planning document. download A scoring system developed by you (and unique to you, based on your job preferences), that identifies the different issues important for you and the other side and how you will quantify these issues using the same metric. Your document should provide the logic/rationale for your scoring system and how you will use it in any job negotiation. Please also provide a brief description of the strategies you are planning to follow in this negotiation based on your planning document and scoring system.tJob Negotiation Analysis AssignmentCriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeIssues and Priorities35 to >25.0 ptsAdvancedThe student has identified a reasonable number of issues of importance and provided a comprehensive and elaborate reflection on their priorities.25 to >15.0 ptsProficientThe student has identified main issues that are relevant to him/her and moderately explained their preferences and choices.15 to >5.0 ptsBeginningThe student has identified main issues of importance to him/her but did not elaborate on his/her choices and rationale.5 to >0 ptsUnacceptableThe student did not identify several issues for the job negotiation35 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeElaboration on Options and Packages Created50 to >40.0 ptsAdvancedThe student has elaborated on options within each issue, clearly defining and elaborating on issues that are more qualitative in nature. The student has also created different packages to offer the other side during the negotiation.40 to >30.0 ptsProficientThe student has elaborated on some of the quantifiable issues; and/or the student has tried to create different packages to offer the other side during the negotiation.30 to >15.0 ptsBeginningThe student has only elaborated on very few of the issues and has not created any packages.15 to >0 ptsUnacceptableThe student did not elaborate well on different options within the issue.50 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeOverall RP Defined35 to >30.0 ptsAdvancedThe student clearly defined an RP that is quantified across all issues in the negotiation.30 to >20.0 ptsProficientThe student defined an RP that is based only on some of the issues.20 to >10.0 ptsBeginningThe student only defined an RP with regards to a quantified issue.10 to >0 ptsUnacceptableThe student did not define an RP at all.35 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeClarity of Scoring System20 to >15.0 ptsAdvancedThe student has created a very clear, easy-to-follow scoring system, explaining the rationale behind how it was built.15 to >10.0 ptsProficientThe student has created mostly clear and easy-to-follow scoring system, explaining the rationale behind how it was built.10 to >5.0 ptsBeginningThe student has created a somewhat clear and scoring system, explaining the rationale behind how it was built.5 to >0 ptsUnacceptableThe student has created a scoring system that is not clear and is hard to follow.20 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomePlanning Document60 to >45.0 ptsAdvancedAn excellent planning document is provided, elaborating on the BATNA and bases of power, as well as trying to estimate other party’s BATNA and priorities, including providing a thorough market research.45 to >30.0 ptsProficientA good planning document is provided, elaborating on BATNA and bases of power. No estimate of other side’s priorities and BATNA is provided; includes a reasonable market research.30 to >15.0 ptsBeginningA basic planning document that defines the BATNA and bases of power and group strategy is provided. No estimate of other side’s priorities and BATNA and/or does not include market research.15 to >0 ptsUnacceptableNo basis features of planning document are included.60 ptsTotal Points: 200
Bowie State University Operations Manger Job Negotiation Analysis Paper

Personal Experience

online dissertation writing Personal Experience.

Identify an experience that you had that may have been difficult to overcome and process.Identify a scenario in the corrections environment when an inmate or offender may have experienced a similar situation.Consider how this may trigger an emotional response for you.Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper regarding this experience. Include the following:Briefly describe the experience.Describe how you may be emotionally affected if an inmate or offender discusses the same experience with you.Describe how you would maintain professional boundaries in this situation.Describe the steps you would take to maintain individual self-care.Include a minimum of two sources.Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
Personal Experience

Accounting Managerial Excel 1 Assignment Question to be completed including equations/cell to show work

Accounting Managerial Excel 1 Assignment Question to be completed including equations/cell to show work. I’m working on a Accounting question and need guidance to help me study.

Simple one homework accounting managerial assignment to be completed with shown work (equations/cells) to show how you received your answer. Needs to be completed on Excel, I will upload a picture of the assignment.
The set up answer key may be online, found a couple links if you’d like to use that as a look to see if your answers are right or whatever
Not sure if it’ll really apply much but doesn’t hurt to add.
NEEDS to be completed by 8 or 9PM EST
Accounting Managerial Excel 1 Assignment Question to be completed including equations/cell to show work

Boston University Digital Forensics Questions

Boston University Digital Forensics Questions.

What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of setting up a forensic workstation based on a distribution of Linux? What are the steps to perform an e-mail abuse investigation? What do you need to conduct an e-mail abuse investigation? What are the minimum requirements for a forensics lab? What are some of advantages and disadvantages of mobile forensic workstations implemented using laptop PCs? Describe the advantages and disadvantages of using raw format. What are the four different methods for acquiring data? Describe the steps to create an image file. What are the differences between private-sector computing investigations and investigations handled by law enforcement agencies? What is a partition? How many primary and extended partitions can a Windows Operating System have? How can you determine the type of a file? What tools are used in determining the type of a file? Describe the subfunctions of the digital evidence extraction phase. Compare and contrast hardware and software write-blockers. What are some of the techniques you can use to re-create a suspect’s disk drive? What is the main purpose of inodes in Linux? What information does an inode contain? Describe the major steps for reconstructing file fragments.
Boston University Digital Forensics Questions

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