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The team will analyze the member reports and searching for patterns (similarities and differences between and across specializations) and

The team will analyze the member reports and searching for patterns (similarities and differences between and across specializations) and evaluating their broader implications for successful implementation of strategy and strategic decision making.
Teams will prepare a brief (maximum 1,000 word) final synopsis of findings and conclusions.

Below is each members. Please use the rubic that is attached for guidence

Management with a specialization in interdisciplinary studies can be viewed as a universal set of skills in the management world. This specific degree program provides a person with “advanced skills and broad exposure to all the major areas in management for maximum career flexibility” (UMGC, n.d.). The topics covered in this program include, but are not limited to, human resources, project management, marketing, and information systems. The universality of this program fits extremely well with strategic management, as it allows for the exploration of all topics that have been presented during this course. Strategic management and the individual concepts introduced are relevant and important for this specialization because of the ability to create maximum career flexibility.
Gaining this universal knowledge in strategic management allows a person to study and apply multiple concepts, tools and frameworks to their current career path, regardless of the sector they are in. For example, each concept that was studied throughout the course can be applicable to a grand organization, such as a national university, and all the way down to a smaller, local organization, such as a fire department.. With this specific degree program, it is important to understand the fundamental tools of strategic management, as it allows the user to bring those skills with them on any career path they may choose. The vision, mission and strategic objectives is one of the most fundamental concepts in strategic management, as each and every organization in the world relies on this to set them apart from the competition. Even working in the higher education sector, major universities use this concept to differentiate themselves from other universities, which helps them gain a competitive advantage. The SWOT analysis is another integral part of strategic management that is extremely important for this degree program. The SWOT analysis is used around the world in order to analyze strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The analysis can be used to determine anything that may be detrimental to the organization, which is why it is important to the degree program. For example, at my current organization, the University of Maryland, the SWOT analysis is used to re-examine the strategic plan once every ten years. The remaining concepts and frameworks are important but in regards to the degree program, they can sometimes be very repetitive. They are concepts that are necessary to have an understanding of so the user can bring them to any career they decide to pursue, but not all concepts are used on a daily basis. Ultimately, the concepts, tools and frameworks introduced in this strategic management course are relevant to the interdisciplinary studies in management degree program because of the universality of the program and concepts.


UMGC. (n.d.). Interdisciplinary Studies in Management. University of Maryland Global Campus: Online Management Master’s Degree. Retrieved from


Business strategy management has become an essential intellectual program that integrates various long-established disciplines, such as economic principles, banking, branding, social science, and cognitive science. Strategy formulation is exceptional because it combines traditional retail course content with natural sciences. By becoming successful in strategic leadership, an individual must marry the logical reasoning supplied by essential corporate programs with the spatial reasoning generated from this study of the social sciences and humanities (Watkins 2007). Business strategy is vital and notably significant for the International Institute in Management Specialization degree that I am pursuing because of the relevance of developing this capacity among an agency’s management and personnel.
I would suggest that strategy formulation is a fundamental core prerequisite for us all, irrespective of their university course, equivalent to English Comprehension or an introductory arithmetic course. According to Defining strategic management and strategy (2012), business strategy management is essentially about strategizing and establishing goals, analyzing an organization’s strengths and weaknesses, analyzing the physical factors and exploiting gaps while averting dangers, and understanding how else to deploy means to implement organizational objectives. These are abilities that could help individuals thrive in society. However, in the financial world, strategy formulation helps business executives to use them to establish a long-term competitive advantage over their rivals. Corporate strategy prepares a company to detect or forecast potential issues or changes and make adjustments to achieve them.
Successful firms provide their staff with more specific goals and outcomes for their performance. They outperform businesses that don’t employ tactical management in effectiveness and productivity. This results in much more staff happiness and enthusiasm and a much more adaptive firm that can make informed decisions and save money in the process (Barnat, 2014). Given the advantages to a business, it is critical to hire and retain personnel knowledgeable about and capable of implementing strategic strategies. Implementing strategic planning in the firm carries a significant degree of responsibility. The strategy formulation strives to arrange primary and secondary data amidst an uncertain environment. Additionally, strategy design is critical to accomplish and monitor the practicability of objectives. Following the creation of strategies, an organization’s personnel are often educated to know the organization’s mission, workplace values, and dreams.
Whenever establishing business strategies, the company aims to understand the bigger picture and respond to that before its counterparts, giving customers a tactical advantage. To be successful, this demands awareness and solid reasoning from someone who has been adequately schooled in tactical management procedures. According to Marinov

Complexity of Human Liver

Complexity of Human Liver.


. Provide a general description of your assigned organ in the introduction. In the general description, you will include the following: a brief description of the primary functions of this organ, its general shape, and the location of this organ in the human body. Describe in detail the importance of this organ to the function of the body as a whole. What are the functions of this organ and how is it critical for survival? Identify and describe which of the four tissue types (epithelial, connective, muscle, and/or nervous tissues) are present in the organ. Describe any organ-specific cell types that are present and if these cell types have any special structures (e.g., presence of microvilli and/or abundance of particular organelle such as mitochondria). Discuss in detail how these different cell-types work together to provide the overall function of the organ. Include a discussion of why each organ requires the different tissue types as well as unique cell types to function. Why can the organs not be comprised of just one cell type? What is the advantage of having so many different types of cells?

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Ethics and Ethical Behavior as it relates to the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry

The team will analyze the member reports and searching for patterns (similarities and differences between and across specializations) and Ethics and Ethical Behavior as it relates to the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry.

You are required to write a paper on Ethics and Ethical Behavior as it relates to the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry. The paper content should be based on the concepts of ethics and ethical behavior as discussed in video lectures and within the framework of the article entitled “The Fifty-Nine-Story Crisis” about the design flaws in the Citicorp Tower and the ramifications of the actions taken by the different parties. Your discussion of the paper should focus on ONE of the following two directions:  Identifying and discussing the ethical dilemmas that faced each of the parties involved; or  Describing the expected turn in events if some of these key parties made different decisions compared to those described in the article. The paper must be well written, concise, with natural flow of ideas.

The paper must have minimum of 1500 words excluding references and must follow ASCE writing guidelines ( The paper should also be well organized and free from spelling and grammar mistakes. Students are encouraged to use headings and proper formatting to make it easier for the reader to follow the line of thought. The grading of the paper will be based on its: technical content, writing style, and organization. The paper should be submitted by the deadline on Canvas using a word processing software. Paper and email submissions will not be accepted with no exceptions. The paper will be tested using the services of Turnitin to verify the authenticity and originality of the work submitted as the student’s own.

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Consumer Genetics Testing

Consumer Genetics Testing.

Please pay close attention to files uploaded. Especially the assignment rubric. I have attached my e-book login for the chapters mentioned for the assignment. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. I really need a good grade on this assignment it is worth 40% of my overall grade.

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