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The structure of the poem is very important. Each sentence has hidden meanings to be interpreted by the reader. Dickinson uses capital letters for specific words throughout the entire poem to draw in the reader to these specific words, it gives them emphasis and shows that they have significance to the poem and its meaning.

She also uses dashes throughout to representing the speakers breathing. The dashes represent each breath as the speaker is taking her last breathes of life. The opening line of the poem starts off rather dull as she says “I heard a Fly buzz” (1). We would expect the poem to be sort of flat by reading this but then she quickly adds the effect of shock after a short pause where she says “I heard a Fly buzz ? when I died” (1). This informs the readers that this is her last moment of life before she died and this draws the reader in to read more. Dickinson uses a lot of literary devices among the poem to add a meaningful effect. She uses a lot of repetition throughout the poem.

She often repeats the words “room” and “stillness” as these words have a powerful effect because they show the lifelessness of the woman as she is slowly dying and analyzing her last moments. All of her sentences in the poem have some sort of hidden meaning. For example, “And Breaths were gathering firm For that last Onset” (6-7). This is an oxymoron “onset” meaning the beginning and last meaning the end. These two contradictory words represent the hidden meaning that even though the woman is dying and she is having her last moments there is some sort of eternal life that awaits her after death. The tone in the poem is very calm and lifeless as the speaker is dying. We can see that the death in this poem is painless.

She gives death a sense of normality and that it should not be feared. She gives the message that death is inevitable and we must accept it one way or another. She shows how there is indeed some sort of afterlife once we all die. There is also some irony throughout the poem as she says that The way the poem is written leaves the readers with a lot of unanswered questions and room for interpretation. The narrator is in fact dead but is still speaking, this gives the reader the sense that the narrator could be possibly immortal or that immortality exists and we always have a state of eternal consciousness, dead or alive. The narrator explains her death and it mostly revolves around this fly. The fly represents some sort of expectation because she is awaiting her death and the only thing that isn’t concerned or affected by her dying is this fly.

The fly continues to live its life and doesn’t stop flying for the dying woman. This shows how in life dying is a natural thing and even though it is tragic life continues to move on one way or another. The people in the room are affected by her dying but we see when she says the line “The Eyes around ? had wrung them dry” (5). They have already started to move on because they have cried all their tears that they had for this woman and are awaiting her death to arrive. They all remain silent and the only thing she can hear is this fly buzzing. We see that the death for the woman isn’t painful as she has cut all her ties with the world around her, as Dickinson writes: “I willed my Keepsakes ? Signed away” (9). This shows how she is anticipating her death and she is ready for death to come.

The fly could represent many things as well. The narrator says “when the King Be witnessed ? in the Room ? I willed my Keepsakes ? Signed away What portion of me be Assignable ? and then it was There interposed a Fly” (7-12). This part of the poem could be interpreted many ways by the reader. She could be saying how the fly somehow represents the King because the King was to be expected and then the fly shows up. I interpreted the fly representing the meaning of death. We know in life flies are drawn to death and are attracted to dead corpses so the fly could be a representation meaning that her body is already starting the decaying process which draws the fly to her.

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