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Chapter 1 Study Guide The Spanish Empire in the Americas 1. Three arguments’ that Juan Gines de Sepulveda used to justify enslaving the Native Americans were for gold, ore deposits, and for God’s sake and man’s faith in him. 2. Three arguments that Bartolome de las Casas gave in attacking Spanish clonial policies in the New World were the Indians eating human flesh, worshiping false gods, and also, he believed that the Indians were cowardly and timid. 3.

For comparisons that Sepulveda used, in lines 1-7, to express the inferiority of the Indians was their prudence, skill virtues, and humanity were inferior to the Spanish as children to adults, or even apes to men. Comparisons he used to dismiss the significance of the Indians “Ingenuity for various works of artisanship” were the animals, birds, and spiders that could make things humans could not replicate. In either situation, there was no appropriateness. 4.

Las Casas may have weekened his case by requiring that the Spanish must restore what had been taken unjustly from the Indians because the Spanish ultimately modernized them and if they were given back what had been taken, they would again become ‘retro’. If the Indians had been given back their bow and arrows, then they would have no use for them because they have guns. 5. The bias that Las Casas expressed in the last paragraph in his book was that Muslims are savages. The Encounter 1. What kind of existence did the first people who came to North America live?

The kind of existence that the first people who came to North America to live was very icy, cold and rugged. They were hunters and gatherers so they were a nomadic people. This means hay regularly picked up and moved making life even harder. 2. What is the dominant theory as to how the first people came to North America? The Dominant theory known as to how the first people came to North America was that they crossed on a land bridge formed by the ice age over the bearing strait. Also well argued is that the nomads came by boat and hugged the coast on their way. 3.

What was significant about farming groups when compared to nomadic groups? Farming groups were able to stay in one place and this enabled them to do a lot of things more than the nomads. They were able to harvest crops, have more babies, build cities, build populations, and create better housing. 4. What were the “three great empires” according to the article? What were the dominant features of each? The three great empires were the Maya, Aztec, and Incas. The dominant features of the Maya were the advanced intellectual aspects of the cities as well as the water system that they made.

The dominant features of the Aztec were their means to live off the land, which in their case proved the desert, and also able to build a large city with mass trade and a great army. The dominant features of the Inca were their ability to stretch their empire more than any other and to harvest 100’s & 1000’s of different potatoes and corn. 5. What is a common belief among many of the groups in North America? A common belief among many of the groups in North America is that there is a creator and also the bond between humans and nature. 6. Why were Europeans looking for new trade routes to the Indies?

discussion board and response #9

I need 3 paragraphs ( 5-6 sentences each paragraph) answer to the following discussion board question:
First, regarding IMC and promotion. Google/YouTube at least THREE commercials from outside the U.S.A., meaning the advertisement was targeting another country, not necessarily a product manufactured abroad. What are some of the differences you noticed in the commercials from advertising in the U.S.A. (if any)? NOTE: there a hundreds of “humorous commercials” including the key words in your search (international, from abroad, overseas, foreign, European, Asian, Chinese, Korean, British, German, etc., etc.)
NOTE: answers for the two questions below do NOT have be international/global given not everyone has traveled or lived abroad for such.
What has been a good experience you’ve had with personal selling?
What has been a bad experience you’ve had with personal selling?
I also need a 1 paragraph (5-6 sentences) response to the following posts:
Dymons post
The first commercial I watched was a Coca Cola commercial. The YouTube video I watched combined three of the same commercials for Coca Cola. Only each included people that represent the country which they were advertising too. It was interesting to see how the commercial was exactly the same for each country with the same lines and acting being done. The only difference in these commercials was there were different actors. Overall, this commercial had the same concept it was trying to market which was that Coca Cola will quench your thirst in hot weather and people should buy it basically. (Links to an external site.)
The next commercials I watched were McDonald’s commercials on YouTube that combined how they marketed in various countries. The first country was the United States and they pushed a nice full burger. The next country’s advertisement was for Taiwan and they were marketing their McCafe drinks encouraging people to warm up their conversations. The next country’s McDonald’s commercial was for Saudi Arabia and the kid in the video was eager to eat his meal, but was nudged by an elder to wait for the eldest member at the table to take his first bite before they could all start eating. It was interesting to see how this commercial incorporated the culture and tradition of the country. (Links to an external site.)
The final commercial I watched was a Nike commercial. It was empowering women all over and the things that women can, will, and have accomplished. It showed how the best day is people getting up and doing things to make a better tomorrow. It marketed their shoes by saying things like “tomorrow very early someone will go on her first ever run. Right after, Shelly-Ann will run the 100 in under 10 seconds. By lunchtime a shoe will grow from a seed.” This commercial jumped all over the place, but it was all relevant and meshed well together. They even brought up mental health for athletes which was powerful because in sports sometimes athletes mental health gets looked over. (Links to an external site.)
A good experience I’ve had with personal selling is when I host fitness challenges. Every so often I will host month long fitness challenges and they do pretty well. The last one I hosted I was able to have 50 plus participants join in. It was a great experience overall. I feel like I was able to gain so many people because my marketing was on point with it. Also, I was able to have guest instructors join in and do their thing on certain days of the month. I feel like this was a good personal selling experience overall because I planned effectively and executed the plan in various ways while also being willing to be flexible with anything that may have come up. Even making sure all of my content was together and ready to post on the right days and ahead of time.
A bad experience I’ve had with personal selling is for last minute events I come up with. In the summer when it’s nice out sometimes I’ll come up with impromptu yoga or fitness classes to host. That doesn’t always work out because it doesn’t necessarily give time for people to clear their schedules to plan to come or people are usually on vacation during the summer. I also don’t have enough time to effectively market and get the word out, so those impromptu class numbers are usually low. It’s fine, but it brought the realization to me that I need to effectively plan, and market any events that I want to do if I want to experience success with them. I clearly can do it because I’ve done it before.
Lama’s post
With Ramadan coming up, I want to share this video to show how different this McDonald’s ad is from the rest of their commercials. Usually, McDonald’s focuses on their products and make it look appetizing, but they can’t do that when a lot of their consumers are fasting in this period. So, in this video, we see McDonald’s sharing the spirit of Ramadan by making its availability 24/7 because most Muslims fasting won’t be able to get McDonald’s in their normal operating times. It also shows the journey and struggle of working and fasting at the same time, but also sharing a McDonald’s meal together.
(4) McDonald’s Ramadan – Full Length – YouTube (Links to an external site.)
In this ad, we see a small girl being picked on by older kids. However, with colgate, it gives her the inner strength that is reflected in her smile. This ad definitely stuck to Colgate’s original moto “the power of a smile”, but the difference I see between this Hindi ad and the U.S. ad is the bullies in the ad. In the U.S. one, there weren’t any bullies, just a shy kid trying to find the courage to smile and make friends. In the Hindi ad, it shows that smiling is contagious that can be rubbed off on bullies too.
(4) Colgate Strong Teeth – School (Hindi) – YouTube (Links to an external site.)
(4) The Power of a Smile | Colgate ® – YouTube (Links to an external site.)
Snickers ads are always humorous and fun to watch, the person going berserk and eating a bite of snickers to calm down is always a classic. The snickers ad (Arab version) has also the same style and flow but a bit more exaggerated. You can see the person who’s supposed to go berserk is a joker. In Arab culture, those who go berserk are considered to be mad or insane like the joker. That’s when they say: “whenever you’re hungry, you go crazy.” I see both videos to be funny, but the Arab one specifically is found more humorous in Arab culture than the American version.
(4) Snickers® Joker Arabic Commercial – YouTube (Links to an external site.)