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A study of the soft drink industry in the United States and an indication of how it affects the U.S. economy.

This paper is an analysis of the soft drink industry, outlining the contribution of the major brands to the U.S economy and how the industry is categorized. This paper also discusses the market structure -how it operates, and various marketing strategies of the different soft drink industries.
“The soft drink industry is perhaps one of the most comprehensive as it identifies with other kinds of industries. The extent and expanse of the industry is insurmountable due to the fact that it is responsible for bringing in high level of revenues and provision of economic stability in the country. Yet it is also one of the most controversial due to the competitive environment it maintains. Researches indicate the carbonated soft drink industry is not only vast but its potential to growth is also on going. However, whether the growth is phenomenal or stagnant will be analyzed in the following sections.”

Types of bias

Types of bias.

Explain the two major types of bias. Identify a peer-reviewed epidemiology article that discusses potential issues with bias as a limitation and discuss what could have been done to minimize the bias (exclude articles that combine multiple studies such as meta-analysis and systemic review articles). What are the implications of making inferences based on data with bias? Include a link to the article in your reference.

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