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The Sniper The sniper is a story about a civil war taken place in Dublin. It tells of a republican sniper sitting on a rooftop of a building near to O’Connell bridge. The war is between Republicans and the free states. the sniper is one of the fellow of republican, when a free state sniper shows himself on an opposite roof. they were waiting each other to see who would end up the better. Eventually the republican sniper gains the upper hand and after taking a bullet in the arm destroys the worthy opponent. After a curious inspection to the identity of the enemy sniper he finds himself looking into the eyes of his dead brother.

The author created a three dimensional and interesting essay using important setting, Diction, and simile that effectively brings the essay in to life. The opening paragraph gives a vivid description of situation as would physically been seen, and gives a brief description of the setting, Also the setting contribute by being the critical component for assisting the story. The place the “sniper” takes place is in a city called Dublin, the sniper post himself on a rooftop near to the four courts building and O’Connell bridge.

By using the word looking it draws the reader’s attention to the eye of the sniper. In addition when “the sniper looked at his enemy falling and he shuddered” the word of choice on this occasion is very effective as it makes it easy for the reader to imagine the sniper feels. The reader can interpret the word “shuddered” in several ways. The most obvious way that the reader can interpret this is the sniper got a chill down his back as he watched the body falls to the ground.

In addition simile also play a great roll in the effectiveness of the story, for example the author mentioned “machine guns and refiles broke the silence of the night spasmodically, like dogs barking on lone farm” these sentence makes similarity between firing of machine gun in the night with dog barking on lone farm, which makes the situation to be emphasised. Also the writer used simile after the sniper shot his right arm to emphasise his pen “his right arm was paining him like a thousand devils”.

In both cases simile compare the two ideas indirectly and allow them to remain distinct in spite of their similarities. In general, the setting , choice of words and the way the writer used to point out the similarities between tow things are very effective. These elements are the most crucial devices to create an effect and they are used to help and persuade the reader to agree the view presented in the story.

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Explain how these writers of “Little Red Ridding Hood” challenge your expectations of the tale. Be sure to use specific lines from the text to make your case.
Please also remember that this is an academic class, so please pay attention to your grammar and the organization of your thought. I am asking for one paragraph here, so please make sure that you begin with a topic sentence, explain that sentence, and then provide specific information to develop your topic sentence. In other words, please stay focused in your discussion… (link to the story)

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