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Over the summer I attended a Smashing Pumpkins concert in the Pepsi arena in Albany, NY with my brother and girlfriend. We had floor seats in the twentieth row. Garbage lead off with their hit “I’m only happy when it Rains.” Then they slowly made their way through the rest of the songs from their latest album. “Stupid Girl” sent the crowd into a frenzy and ended the band’s segment, leaving the audience pumped for the entrance of the Smashing Pumpkins. Suddenly the lights went black and the theme song to “Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness” began. This made the audience even more excited and eager to see the group in action. While the song was playing, you could see the dark silhouettes of the band members coming onto the stage. Then without warning the lights glared on and the Pumpkins blasted into their hit single “Zero.” They made the crowd wait until the first encore to hear the rest of their crazed hits like “Bullets with Butterfly Wings” and “1979.” The concert was great except for the sound system. The volume was too loud, and let’s just say this arena is not the best place for an acoustic show. The sound echoed off everything, which really didn’t complement the group’s huge speakers. But overall, I really enjoyed it and suggest seeing the Smashing Pumpkins if they’re in your area

Two Year Nursing vs. Four Year Nursing

Two Year Nursing vs. Four Year Nursing.

Once you receive feedback on the first draft, use those suggestions as a starting point to write the final draft. But don’t just stop there! In addition to implementing the suggestions, you should make other revisions as well. You can use this as a start for your checklist, adding to it the steps that you were told to address in the next draft: You’ve done it! You should read over your research paper one more time to ensure it is free from errors. Is my thesis statement strong, and does it effectively tell the main idea of the essay? Did I underline my thesis statement? Are my paragraphs arranged logically? Do my paragraphs have strong topic sentences? Did I use parenthetical citations to cite ALL borrowed information? Am I using enough reputable sources? Are there enough examples to prove my thesis statement? Do I use transitions effectively between ideas and paragraphs? Do I have a strong concluding paragraph? Is my grammar correct? Do I use the proper punctuation for my sentences? Is my paper the right length? The guidelines and requirements for this assignment are: Remember to apply the concepts you’re learning in the course, including elements of grammar, punctuation, thesis development, and other skills. Length: This assignment should be a minimum of 4 pages (800 words). You should aim for at least 6 double-spaced pages (1,250 words), excluding the Works Cited page. Header: Include a header in the upper left-hand corner of your writing assignment with the following information: Your first and last name Course Title (Composition I) Assignment name (Research Paper) Current Date Format: Double-spacing throughout Standard 12 point font (Arial, TimesNewRoman, Calibri) Title, centered after heading 1” margins on all sides Save the file using one of the following extensions: .docx, .doc, .rtf, or .txt Underline your thesis statement in the introductory paragraph.

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