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The Sin Of Avarice Essay, Research Paper

In life everyone is seeking for something or person. Sometimes we merely do non recognize we have found it until it is excessively late. What we find may non ever be what we are looking for. This is what happens in the Pardoner s Tale by Geoffry Chaucer, the three rioters are seeking for decease in the physical signifier. They do happen decease or instead it finds them in the very terminal of the narrative. In my sentiment the three work forces do non happen what they are seeking for but that decease finds them, in a topographic point they ne’er thought to look, in the deepness of the human psyche.

The Pardoner s Tale begins with three work forces in a bibulous fury cursing to happen decease after it steals another one of their friends. If we can merely catch him, Death is dead ( Chaucer 117 ) . They take an curse to ever lodge up for one another no affair what, and so they continue on with their hunt. They come upon and old adult male who may be decease himself. The work forces are so dying to happen decease that they do non see decease when they are gazing it in the face. Their bibulous daze makes them blind and easy allows decease to flim-flam them. The old adult male tells them where to happen decease: turn up this crooked way/towards that groove under a tree and there you ll happen him waiting ( Chaucer 117 ) . So they continue their pursuit.

Under the tree they find gilded guilders. No longer was it decease these chaps sought or so they thought ( Chaucer 118 ) . When the

rioters do happen the gold it dissolves their curse of brotherhood and puts them on their way to decease. The gold instantly changes their program of happening decease to going rich. The wickedness of gluttony takes over in each adult male be aftering to kill the following. The old adult male, his words, and their chase are wholly forgotten.

This narrative confirms what the Pardoner suggests in The Pardoner s Prologue ; the wickedness of greed leads to the wickedness of slaying. The narrative begins with their hunt for decease but shortly alterations to decease s hunt for them. They may halt looking for decease but decease does finally happen them. The old adult male possibly decease or even decease s undercover agent tells the work forces precisely where to happen decease. He ne’er says that it is in the physical signifier but the rioters assume it anyhow. So when they find the gold florins they ne’er imagine it could be decease itself but it does finally take to each of their ruins.

What they find under that tree is gilded, greed, perfidy, and eventually decease. The rioters do acquire what they set out for even if it found them alternatively of them happening it. Whoever the old adult male may be he is right about decease being under that tree. The rioters are ne’er cognizant of what they truly find because of their greed. The Pardoner provinces that money is the root of all evil and proves it in his narrative. This narrative leaves the reader inquiring whether decease is a physical signifier such as the old adult male, greed as in the gold, or deep within all of us.

suffering. Step 2 – Post (15 points) In at least 300 spell-checked and grammatically correct words with numbered paragraphs answer

suffering. Step 2 – Post (15 points) In at least 300 spell-checked and grammatically correct words with numbered paragraphs answer the following questions: 1. This video provides the case study with the diagnostic label of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Describe her symptoms that justify the diagnosis of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Describe at least 3 obsessions she experiences. Obsessions are repeated thoughts, urges, or mental images that cause anxiety. Describe at least 3 behavior-based compulsive symptoms she experiences. Compulsions are repetitive behaviors that a person with OCD feels the urge to do in response to an obsessive thought. Describe how the symptoms affect her social and occupational functioning, that is, her ability to live her life. Consider a rule out diagnosis, at least one other diagnosis that you would consider as an explanation for these same symptoms. 2. Remembering the chapter reading on Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, consider the etiology of her suffering – to what extent do you think the role of NATURE (her biological inheritance) versus NUTURE (her life experiences) make her more vulnerable to this disorder? (~ a paragraph) 3. Consider the socio-cultural CONTEXT: how might this diagnosis be culturally determined? How does her culture expect her to perform as a new mother – is she supported by her culture in this role or does she seem on her own? Can you imagine her behavior being viewed as “normal” in another culture? To what extent should clinicians consider the social-cultural-historical context when making diagnoses? (~ a paragraph) 4. THROUGHLINE: We all have obsessive thoughts and compulsive behavior – in varying degrees. For example, consider the superstitious routines (Links to an external site.) some baseball players engage in before stepping up to bat as an example of compulsive behavior that is considered normal in our culture. In another example, I always leave my keys in the same tray so I don’t lose them. Share with us an example of your own repetitive behavior that serves to calm your anxiety or make you feel better or lucky.

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