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The Sin-Bin or Lucy’s Heart Short resume of the text: Lucy is a grade A student in the middle of Wales. She lives in city Cardiff. In this story she is put in detention for the first time, because she hit a girl named Penny Jones. Her teacher is surprised by this, because he never saw Lucy as the violent type. She is doing some boring work, and is thinking of her new best friend, Bethan Preece. Bethan is a bully at the school, and Lucy’s mother doesn’t think that Bethan is appropriate company for Lucy, because Lucy is a good girl.

Lucy is not allowed to wear makeup for her mother, but she does it anyway, because she doesn’t want to disappoint Bethan. Lucy and Penny used to be pretty close, but Bethan doesn’t think Penny Jones is cool enough to be friend with them, and that’s why she made Lucy punch her. Lucy is considering herself very lucky; that Bethan has chose to be friends with her. The story ends when Lucy gets out of detention and walks to meet Bethan. c.

The events in this story seen from Penny Jones’ point of view: “So, I was quite surprised when Lucy came to talk to me today, actually, I was surprised at the moment she even looked at me, and even more surprised, actually I was pretty happy (pathetic, I know) when she told me to meet her at the subway. We used to be pretty close, in my case, possible the closest I ever had to a best friend. I guess I should’ve known already there, that it wasn’t because she wanted to talk to me or anything in that case, because really, we haven’t been talking for quite a while now. I blame that girl, Bethan Preece. I don’t like her.

She kind of made it at mission to humiliate as many as possible. She is a bad influence on Lucy, who used to be such a nice girl. I recognize the way Lucy is looking at Bethan; it is scaring me to death. It is kind of like looking in a mirror; because that’s the way I usually look at people when I would like to be their friend. Lucy has been looking at Bethan for a while that way now, and I’m sure that Lucy would do anything to prove herself Bethan’s best friend. I guess I got that one proved this afternoon. So when I got off school today, I headed directly at the subway, I was kind of nervous, because I didn’t know what to expect.

The moment I saw her there, I wanted to turn around, because I had no idea what to say to her. I mean, what do you say to an old friend, you’re not really sure about? Well I just said “hi”, and I felt like an idiot in the exact moment the word left my lips. I should have said something a bit cooler, but I didn’t know what. She was a bit tense, her smiled was a little strained. But she just said “hi, how are you doing, how’s school? ”, and acting kind of normal. Then people started coming, and suddenly her eyes looked a little sad, and then POW she hit me in the stomach. ” I make a grimace and a fact as I said the word, and looked over at Dr.

Phillips. “Please continue,” he said, looking a little bored. “It is just, that is brings back some kind of hard memories, because my father used to hit my mother, and it have affected me emotional. ” I felt at tear drop from my nose and down on the floor. I looked away from him and continued: “So, I had no idea what to do, I just felt the tears trickle down my chins. I felt embarrassed, humiliated, and really bad, so I just turned around and started running, I didn’t stop until I was home, where I told my mother, and I ran to my room, just to do the routine cry in my pillow. That sucks. ”

English Legal Systems: Critically discuss the extent to which modern statutory interpretation allows the courts to depart from the words of the statute.”

English Legal Systems: Critically discuss the extent to which modern statutory interpretation allows the courts to depart from the words of the statute.”.

“In the case of Isle of Wight Council v Platt [2017] UKSC 28 the Supreme Court had to decide what was meant by the phrase ‘fails to attend regularly’ in s.444(1) Education Act 1996. Explain with reference to this and other cases how judges decide the meaning of words in legislation.

Critically discuss the extent to which modern statutory interpretation allows the courts to depart from the words of the statute.” 

Include : introduction, definition of statutory interpretation and the reasons it is needed (poor communication/draftsmanship), mischief rule, literal rule, golden rule, purposive approach (and how this approach differs from the 3 traditional approached including how it allows judges to depart from words of act), paragraph on which method was used in Wight Council v Platt case and how it demonstrates statutory interpretation being used, conclusion. Have a case example for each approach to demonstrate how the approach has been used in the case, as well as use references throughout in order to make a bibliography

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