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The Sights and Sounds of High School mba essay help cheap college essays usa

The stern voices of teachers are heard across quads as they issue JUG to moronic students for the most immature offenses. D) The trees as they sway wistfully in the wind. E) And the crows mocking students that pass by. Walking down the hall today, I heard many interesting sounds.

The wind is blowing through the trees causing them to sway back and forth wistfully as if herding students back through the gateway of learning.The irritating laugh of rows is heard from the trees as if mocking students that pass by. The sound of heavy footsteps are heard around the corner as slow, exhausted students enter the quad somewhat ready for the exciting day of learning that is ahead of them. Lockers creak open and slam shut as students retrieve their things for class. Young freshmen are heard screaming their high, ear-splitting screeches which echo throughout the halls.The stern voices of teachers are heard across the quad as they issue JUG to moronic students who have omitted the most immature offenses against school rules, and those same students’ pleading voices as they try to squirm and squeal their way out of after school detention. The sound of students taking part in heated debates about the most recent presidential election are scattered around campus among many students.

As if they were political pundits who could truly forecast the future of our country. These are only few of the interesting sounds of a typical day at Jesuit High School.

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Please revise and edit the attached Essay. It was done off the documentary on “Ice on Fire”. It was from this prompt
“Should the oil and gas industry be held legally accountable for harm to the planet and/or suppression of knowledge about the effects of their practices?
The second paper is on “How do melting ice caps affect weather patterns and thus the food supply?”
Professor shared that she is not seeing the connection to the topic and my verbiage shows direct quotes that were not cited. Please edit as necessary and include the correct citations for MLA. If you can send one paper at a time that would be helpful so that I can show her that I am working on the edits.

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