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Stephen King’s idea was to show the reader that they don’t have to go looking in dark alleys for terrible monsters or demonic creatures, because in every human there is a chance for monsters to develop in ones mind. He also points out that a weak mind plus psychological problems, can allow exterior pressures to force you to think or do certain actions. In this novel the Torrance family settles in an isolated Colorado hotel, the Overlook. Jack Torrance, the father, gets a position as the winter caretaker.

Jack, His wife and young son, Danny, are the only ones residing at the Overlook As the story unfolds you learn that Jack is a recovering alcoholic who has injured his son because of his own temper. His son, Danny has a psychic ability to read peoples thoughts and connect with spirits. The Overlook, the Hotel has a dark past and is very much alive with people that have died there long ago. As you read you realize the hotel will stop at almost nothing to add more spirits to its list. Stephen King reveals his ideas on mental illness and the influence that external pressures have on people.

After Jack Torrance had given up drinking he was constantly fighting the urge to get a drink. . His dependency on alcohol caused Jack to almost become separated from his wife, led him to break his son’s arm, and his job loss as a teacher. He knew his father was an alcoholic and abused young Jack Torrance when he was a boy. Some days were good and others were not. Jack could no longer write his play; and would spend the day thinking about how he mistreated his family and how he wanted a drink. The hotel was now able to use his mental illness against him and influence his behavior.

Jack would have drinks in the bar of the Colorado Lounge even though the liquor cabinets were abandoned of all bottles of any kind. He would drink and dance all night in the ballroom with the departed “guest”. This is where the previous care taker, one from the afterlife informed Jack that the hotel wanted him to be the manager forever. Jack only had to do eliminate his son and wife. Jack tried to pursue his new position, underlining Stephen kings message about the influence of external pressures on ones inner self. Because of Jacks mental illness the Overlook was able to influence his decisions.

Tuskegee Experiment

Tuskegee Experiment.

Tuskegee Experiment

Paper details a research paper at least 5 single spaced pages, at most 10 pages with references (references are not a part of the page minimum) about the “Tuskegee Experiment.” The paper is to be about the facts and your opinion on those facts. Write about what happened, who it happened to, who was responsible for doing it, why it was done, where and when the events happened. Also write about the aftermath, are there still living victims, what laws have been enacted to ensure something like this does not happen again? Was it ethical or unethical, do the ends justify the means? List and briefly describe other instances of government funded injustice in the name of “science”.

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