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The Seven Organizational Approaches to Studying the Human Body essay help online Financial Accounting

The seven organizational approaches to studying the human body are body planes and body directions, body cavities, quadrants and regions, anatomy and physiology, microscopic to macroscopic, body systems and medical specializes. The body planes and body direction is the division of the body in to sections from front to back, right and left, and top and bottom. These sections are called the midsagittal plane, the coronal plane, and the transverse plane.

This approach is used when studying organs and its function or specific areas with in the body like lungs, brain, and joint and tendons. The body cavity is the study of the body cavities and the organs in the cavities. This approach is used when studying certain organs in the body and how a disease affects different organs. The quadrants and regions divides the lower torso into four sections and nine region sections to identify the areas where internal organs are placed. This approach is a good reference to be used when conducting a physical exam of internal organs.

The anatomy and physiology is the study of the structures with in the body and how they function in the body. This approach is good to be used when studying the structure and how cell work or the nervous system. Microscopic and macroscopic is the study of the smallest parts of the body and how they come together to make larger parts and more complex structures or systems. This approach is good to use when studying how cells combine to make organ. The Body systems approach is the study of the body’s organs and how they function together in the body.

This approach is good to be used when studying the bodies systems such as the circulatory system, the respiratory system and how they function in the body. Medical specialty is the study of the human body for medical uses. This approach is also divided in to many different categories which are the use or study of anatomy, physiology diseases, diagnostic tests, medical and surgical procedures, and drugs. This approach is used when studying different types of illnesses and diseases.

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Create an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that introduces your client to the team and presents your case plan. Identify and prioritize at least three referrals you would make for Chuck. Examine what needs the referrals address and describe how they address those needs. Explain how the referrals will prevent recidivism. Using client self-determination as a strategy, discuss how you would include Chuck in the referral process. Illustrate why client self-determination is important with examples or evidence Cite your sources – (Remember to include in-text citations in your essay for every resource you are including on your reference page. Points will be deducted if you do not attempt to use citations.)

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