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A paper which explores the history and results of the Woman’s Rights Convention held in Seneca Falls, USA in 1848.

A paper which explores major documents of actions taken by women groups, which advanced their cause between the 1700s and the mid-1800s, and which culminated in the Woman’s Rights Convention in Seneca Falls in New York. Texts by Benjamin Wadsworth, Abigail Adams and James Wilson are discussed, as well as the ‘Declaration of Sentiments’ – the document which culminated from the Seneca Falls Convention and became the basis for American feminism.
The chief role played by women was motherhood, according to a prominent publication in the mid-19th century, The Mother’s Magazine. This was because it was mothers who directed the formation of habits in their children. The magazine set apart these habits as industry and business-mindedness. Habits, the magazine emphasized, were everything in the forming of character, and mothers are on top of the situation in forming habits among children. He reminded readers that the immortal works and contributions of great men and women in all disciplines throughout history always gave due honor to those who directed their growth their mothers. Since the Americas were then in a steady economic, political and cultural development, reading materials encouraged the formation of industries. That diligence needed by the times was in the hands of mothers who not only bore their children’s bodies but also shaped their character. Mothers could even incline their children towards certain skills or occupations. They had such great influence, which they should use to benefit society.

Communications Question

Write a (minimum) 2-page paper discussing stereotypes you’ve seen on television.
Identify three shows you watched and detail specific examples from these shows.
Discuss how each of these stereotypical descriptions have impacted society.
Discuss specific examples of how you have been influenced by stereotypes you’ve seen on television (currently or in the past). Do not tell me you have never been influenced! How have these stereotypes affected your perception of others?
You should discuss at least three TV shows in your paper.
I am really looking for details not generalities.
Papers Must:
Be typed APA or MLA format
Include proper spelling, grammar, and sentence/paragraph structure.
Include proper essay/paper format (introduction, body, conclusion)

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