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The Persuaders: -The Science of Selling How are the research techniques of Dr. Clotaire Rapaille different and/or the same as what we are learning about in our textbook? Robert Weiss gives us an honest account based on trial and error of the Journey to qualitative research data, made better over the years with his experience working with many colleagues, friends, and teachers. Weiss initially establishes an environment to get to “What” the respondent experienced (“firsthand learning about eople and their lives”), whereas Dr.

Rapaille has a goal of trying to determine the initial “Why’ of experiences and decision making, which he believes to be unconscious experiences. They both use a form of qualitative research, but with differing styles and strategies that may impact the goal or outcome. Our text reflects how Weiss got his start doing side Job interviewing for Ernest Dichter, Inc. based on depth interviewing which is grounded by a respondent’s unconscious experience. Dr.

Clotaire Rapaille also bases his research on the same foundation, but takes it further by declaring people have a mental highway, a unconscious code that discovery can crack in order to get to the “Why’ of research. Rapaille said he doesn’t trust “What” people say up front because they haven’t yet discovered the pre- organized data their subconscious is providing to influence their experience. Weiss’s examples describe creative cooperation, an open trusting alliance in order to draw pecific descriptive and honest accounts of internal and external events that are later analyzed.

In the Frontline series Science of Selling, Dr. Rapaille is direct and intent on his theory that the irrational mind determines decisions and not to trust a shopper’s (respondent’s) initial “What” response. You need to dig with methods like focus groups to get revelation of their subliminal experiences that can be mapped to a mental code that influences decisions and experiences. It seems the difference of he two is the direction of their careers. Dr.

Rapaille chose the path to high net worth through his mission to help companies discover what influences decisions and to find a way to change that mental imprint if necessary to purchase a product. Weiss on the other hand took a more academic consultative path to assist researchers with best practices on how to perform qualitative research by establishing a collaborative bond with respondents to gain their trust in order to get to the details and depth of the research topic.

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