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The Scarlet Letter was the greatest writing of American Literature of his time and even to this day. His beliefs in this book are based on the ideas of the Romantics. The story of Hester Prynne and her journey, talks about her going against the nature of society and clearly stating that emotion is superior to reason. It is apparent in the novel Hawthorne believed emotion was superior to law, and humans are intrinsically good. The following quotes pulled out of the book, as well as the literary criticisms, all give examples as to why Hawthorne was believed to be a Romantic. [He] experienced a sensation not altogether physical, yet almost so, as of burning heat; and as if the letter was not of red cloth, but of red-hot iron. ” Such a description suggests a branding iron, a clear symbol of ownership and power. That literary criticism represents Hester wearing the scarlet colored A on her breast for everyone in town to see. Even with the whole town against her thinking she had done wrong, she knows in her  heart what she did was for a good reason and she had a right to do it.

The red A showed so much passion to Hester as well as Hawthorne that he didn’t believe it was just cloth on her chest but it was more than cloth, it was a way of living now. Throughout the criticism and ridicule dealt with she kept her head held high and not letting the society corrupt her mind and go with her heart instead. Hawthorne believed the A didn’t mean sin like the fellow townspeople thought; he interpreted it as a sign of passion with her heart to be doing what she was doing. Hester showed passion in her soul by not letting the other people get to her emotionally.

It was physically and emotionally difficult to deal with over the years, but by her taking orders by the people and not giving in showed she still had compassion for others. “So, to their own unutterable torment, they go about among their fellow-creatures looking pure as new-fallen snow’ while their hearts are all speckled and spotted with iniquity of which they cannot rid themselves” (Hawthorne 118). Although Chillingworth and Dimmesdale walked around as if nothing had happened, everyone had a secret to hide.

Hester pleaded Dimmesdale to tell the truth about their affair to the town but he always refused to at that moment. She didn’t have to confess about her affair because she had Pearl, so Arthur Chillingworth already knew what had happened but not by who. That was a secret everyone didn’t know. Overall, Hester seemed perfect with her A but on the inside she was broken down and torn on what to do. “But, through the remainder of Hester’s life, there were indications that the recluse of the scarlet letter was the object of love and interest with some inhabitant of another land” (Hawthorne 238).

Through different events that have happened in her past, she believes the scarlet letter represents passion of love, to get the courage to accept what she did proves that she did what she felt was the right thing to do. Romantics do believe to listen to your heart over your mind; this is exactly what Hawthorne was trying to get across to his readers. Just because the whole town believed what she had done was wrong, she thought the opposite being a romantic herself, living in a town full of puritans made her not want to conform to their beliefs. A man ate of the tree of knowledge, and became ashamed of himself. ”

This is the opposite of what Hester believed. She believed that she as well as Dimmesdale dipped into something they probably shouldn’t have such as getting tied up in an affair. Even though she had no feelings toward her husband Chillingworth, everyone still believed it was a wrong doing on her part. She had a child in return of her feelings now cause of this mistake Dimmesdale tried to keep things a secret, but technically he didn’t say he was ashamed of what had happened, just of the after affects. His reputation and position at stake, he must once again turn his rhetorical skills to account, and for him the only plea he must now make is equally as momentous and dangerous as that he had made earlier on the scaffold. ” Freedom is superior to law; in this case Dimmesdale’s reputation was on the line if he let the truth out about him and Hester. Since everyone found out the truth eventually what he should have done is let the truth out earlier so no one would have gotten as hurt as they all did.

Dimmesdale knew there was going to be a consequence down the road for his actions but what he did, was through his heart. His mind and reason wasn’t telling him to stay with the norm but to actually find love and carry it out with true happiness. Between the town, saving himself and saving his loved ones he kept everything a secret for too long he hurt the people who meant the most to him. That usually happens with most people, we hurt others who mean the most to them, its human nature weather we realize it or not. Let men tremble to win the hand of woman, unless they win along with it the utmost passion of her heart! ’ (Hawthorne 159). Letting men struggle for a woman’s hand isn’t a bad thing. Hester Prynne is very angry with Roger Chillingworth with him putting her in this situation. Two years she was left alone cold needing some company and what happens? She falls in love with the town’s minister, and he falls in love with her. It certainly wasn’t intentional for her to have an affair but love makes people do some crazy things, and is very unpredictable.

It is naturally good for people to work for what they want such as a relationship, but it is always helpful if you captured their heart, trust, and emotions along with their love. Hester’s journey for years dealt with passion for what she wanted in her life. Its believed that she should have been buried with Dimmesdale because they fell in love and were meant to be together even after their life ended. What Hester did was not a sin, because Hawthorne believed that emotion is superior to law meaning to go with the heart over the mine.

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Part 1

Stock market refers to a collection of exchanges and markets where trading and issuing of bonds, equities (stocks in public held companies, and other types of securities take place, either through the over the counter markets or formal exchanges. It is also referred to as the equity market; it is one of the most crucial elements in, any free market economy. It gives companies their access to capital exchange to the slice ownership which is given to investors. A stock is the security type which signifies corporation ownership and which represent a claim in part of the corporation earnings and assets. Main types of stock are preferred and common. Common stock gives the owner the right to receive dividends and vote at the shareholder’s meeting. Preferred stock lacks voting rights, but it has higher claim on earnings and assets than any common share. Stock exchange do not own shares, rather it provides the market where stock sellers connect with stock buyers. Stocks can be traded in a single or various possible exchanges like the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) OR NASDAQ. NYSE and NASDAQ have many similarities in that both are well known in their trading sector, and offer high end services. Both are known for their equity exchanges between sellers and buyers, both are publicly traded organizations and have high demands in the stock exchange market. Their key differences are that NASDAQ components basically are electronics, internet based companies and technology while NYSE comprise more established and older companies which are most blue chip organizations and vast industries (Mboma, Lucy & Josia, 2016).

With both the Standard and Poor’s 500 index and Dow Jones industrial average, both comprise United States large publicly traded companies which when taken together represent broader market performance. Comparing their performance, their percentage losses and gains appear to be typically close. Looking at their long term performance, the S&P 500 index handily outpaces the DOW Jones industrials. The Dow Jones Industrial average is a price-weighted average made of just 30 large companies. They are used for benchmarking or to compare against their own portfolio performance or as a gauge of the health of the United States Economy (Hegde, Lin & Varshney, 2017).

Variety of businesses both small and large has their stock market listings. To categorize them in to sectors, companies performing the same similar business operations, it makes it simple to follow particular market parts. This provides the owner of the business with an opportunity to know how his sector performs and compares with against other sectors. Examples of stock market sectors may include; healthcare (With companies like McKesson, UnitedHealth Group and AmerisourceBergen), technology (with companies like Hewlett-Packard Company, Apple and IBM), Energy (like ConocoPhillips, Baker Hughes and Halliburton Company), among others.

With the economy on the mend, and the growing corporate profits, investors may be giving more thought on where to put their money in to stock growth these days. To the companies which are expected to outpace their peers in terms of their stock performance and earnings. Given an opportunity to select, the technology sector is the appropriate choice. It is a large inescapably investment opportunity for both Wall Street and the corporate America. With companies like Apple and IBM, they are associated largely with inventions and innovations. Their products and services are disseminated throughout the economy as there is no modern economy sector which technology does not touch thus high productivity, quality and profitability (Wah, Feldman, Chung, Bishop & Aisen, 2017).

Part 2

Wall Street Survivor is a web-based financial game with real stock symbols, real market data, and real market tracking. All these are accounted for in an impressively stimulated trading platform. It stimulates real time bid trade fills as well as streaming profit and loss pages.

Microsoft Company

(MSFT Snapshot)

Open $67.50

Previous Close $67.69

Day’s Range $67.43 – 69.10

6Wk Range $48.04 – 69.71

Market Cap $1B

Volume $26,961,119

Div & Yield $0.39 (2.81%)

Bid – Ask $67.50 – 67.66

P/E Ratio 29.95

EPS 2.26

MSFT Ratings

WSS Score: 81%

Apple Inc.

(AAPL Snapshot)

Open $153.38

Previous $152.54

Day’s Range $152.63 – 153.98

6Wk Range $91.50 – 156.65

Market Cap $794B

Volume $26,960,788

Div & Yield $0.57(1.93%)

Bid – Ask $152.80 – $153.03

P/E Ratio 17.90

EPS 8.55

AAPL Ratings

WSS Score: 68%

Intel Corp

INTC Snapshot

Open  $35.15

Previous Close  $35.40

Day’s Range $35.13 – 35.55

52Wk Range $30.13 – 38.45

Market Cap $167B

Volume 18,340,127

Div & Yield  $0.26 (2.87%)

Bid – Ask  $35.33 – $35.42

P/E Ratio  15.39

EPS  2.30

INTC Ratings

WSS Score: 85%

Part 3

Many investors thrive to play the stock market game, although, they can easily become disillusioned after their first losses. However, to invest profitably, they should focus on long-term investments, and learn the online stock basics. Learning to invest profitably can be enjoyable or tedious depending with the methods employed.

The stock market game provided a realistic knowledge in learning platform using a paper trading to manage a portfolio. It is a learning center where one can stock and option strategies and tips for advanced users, intermediate and also beginners. The three companies were the best to invest in with Intel Corp being the most profitable with its WWS Score of 85% (Jeffery, Andrew & et al, 2013).

Part 4

This activity provides one with the knowledge on how to trade stocks successfully. The knowledge of the stock market basics is not a natural but a skill which is learned. Unlike having a high vertical leap, running fast or having music ability or natural art, it is important to learn techniques which will fine tune success.

Every investor has his or her own financial goals and different priorities. It becomes natural that personal investment choices vary between different persons when it comes to making decisions on where to invest. There are several tips which one should consider when buying stock; having a well thought investment strategy, assuming the right amount of risk, patience, expect no guarantees, never stop learning, never get afraid of a contrarian and understand past performances do not forecast the future.

Other influences that would affect someone’s investment decision include; past market trends, risk appetite, investible surplus, investment need, expected returns, the available money to invest, risk tolerance and he time which one expects to start earning the investment returns.

One thing one learns after participating in the online stock exchange gaming is how to participate in investing in stock markets. Most people do not participate in it as they do not have the knowledge on how it works which makes it incredibly risky. The game is easy to understand. It guides the investors with value and small cap investing, as well as business analysis and stock market basics (Lai, Colin & et al, 2016).

Work cited

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