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Ever wondered about the way someone special to you can be taken from the world in a heartbeat? How everything would change in that moment? The story, “The Scarlet Ibis,” demonstrates the theme that you should never take anyone for granted. In this story, the symbolism and the characterization of Brother and Doodle strongly supports the theme of the story. They are both great contributors to the development of the theme of The Scarlet Ibis. To begin with, the purpose of this theme is to inform the audience that you should never take anyone for granted.

No matter what they do or who they are to you, someday you might not have them anymore and you will feel very guilty. Just like Brother in The scarlet ibis. He treated Doodle very rough in the beginning. But towards the end of the story, his love for him grew. Although at the end of the story, Brother only saved himself from the storm, and not his brother Doodle. When the storm hit, Brother ran faster than Doodle could, because doodle had a disorder. Doodle was left behind screaming for help when the storm took him.

By the time brother went back to him it was already too late. Guilt ran over brother. Secondly, characterization supports the theme by showing us how each character acts towards each other. For example, Doodle had a very nice and outgoing personality. He didn’t let his disorder get the best of him. Although he did come across some hard times, such as learning how to walk, Doodle stayed strong for himself and for his family. But brother on the other hand, has a very cruel personality in the beginning of the story.

He treated his brother Doodle so rough that even doodle cried. Later on in the story, Brother starts to accept his brother for having a disorder. The characterization supports the theme because without it, we would not know how brother and doodle acted. Which would eliminate the purpose of the theme. So therefore, if brother and doodle did not show any emotion or any act, then the audience would not understand how Brother takes doodle for granted. Therefore, characterization supports the theme.

Next, symbolism also contributes to the development of the theme. For example, The scarlet Ibis symbolized death. Death is a very big topic in this story. Its what the whole story revolves around. Whats ironic about the death in this story, is that in the beginning death was only talked about. But in the end it was occurred. Doodle was the one that had experienced death in the end, which also supports the theme. Sadly, brother was the one that took doodle for granted.

He took him for granted when he forced him to learn how to walk, and when he treated him as if he was a toy he could just toss around. So symbolism is another great contributor to the theme. All in all, the characterization and symbolism are two great contributors to the development of the theme of the Scarlet Ibis. Nothing should be taken as granted, because one day you may not have it and you will regret it just like brother did with doodle. Characterization and symbolism strongly support the purpose of this theme.

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