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Sandwich Blitz, Inc. After reading the scenario about the Sandwhich Blitz Inc Case I learned about their strengths, weaknesses, Opportunities and threats that the business faces if Dalman and Lei expand their business. Dalman and Lei strengths are their attitude towards their business, and team cooperation. I chose attitude as one of their strengths because you should have a positive attitude about everything you do or try to do. When managing your business there are many challenges that employees face on a daily basis.

A positive attitude is a key component to a successful career. I think that Dalman and Lei are positive individuals and they are team players that know how to collaborate with other their staff. I also chose team cooperation for Dalman and Lei strengths. The reason I chose team cooperation as their strength because in order to run a successful business and agree with ideas such as expanding the business, Dalman and Lei should have team cooperation so they want feel as if they are alone in deciding or going through with expanding their building.

Everyone should be on the same page with no regrets in order to have a successful business. There is not “I” in team. Dalman and Lei needs to stick together in order to expand their business. Dalman and Lei opportunity is expanding their business so they make more money and Dalman and Lei can make more decision of what they want to do if expanding their business become a success. Dalman and Lei weakness are not having enough money to expand their business.

In order to expand their business they should be financially stabled and have back up money just in case something goes wrong. Finally, Dalman and Lei threats will be the other business that is in the area where Dalman and Lei want to expand to. Dolaman and Lei should carefully pick their destination on where they want their business to expand at because if it is restaurants where Dalman and Lei want to expand their business at then they should be aware of the competition and do everything that is possible to stay on top.

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Please write me a script from the elevator pitch, I will record the video myself, make sure its 2-5 minutes long. Also, please make sure the written synopsis is great and you answer all the questions and hit on everything in the rubric. Please let me know if you have anymore questions.

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