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The Running Man: Text Response written by Deanndra Mekail 10B Topic: Is running an effective way of dealing with problems? Discuss with reference to The Running Man. Michael Gerard Bauer’s coming-of-age debut The Running Man details an evolving bond between war veteran Tom Leyton and talented artist Joseph Davidson. Running is not an effective method of dealing with issues. Essentially, it annihilates the lives of those who pursue it. The Running Man runs from the reality of his family tragedy. Tom Leyton retreats in response to his Vietnam War experiences.

These two complex characters, however, battle contrasting circumstances. Therefore, Tom Leyton and the Running Man escape problems through running, which in turn, affects their post-trauma lives negatively. The Running Man portrays a lifestyle of constant running to deal with his problems. He strives to escape the reality of his life following his family’s distressing death. His daily routine transforms into fundamentally running to save his family. It is noted he attends every funeral, which is where he finally settles at the funeral of his own family.

This schedule proves the disaster has not processed in his mind. His method of life ‘pulls and twist [him] out of shape’ (Bauer, 193) and renders him useless. Additionally, his behaviour becomes the subject of cruel ‘suspicion or distaste’ (Bauer, 26) from his community. This forces him to lose his genuine name and consequently, his identity. All this evidence indicates running has fashioned the Running Man’s life into a mere shadow. He exists to run after a family long dead and his life is virtually purposeless.

Thus, running is not an effective way of dealing with problems in relation to the Running Man’s life; rather, it consumes it profoundly. Moreover, Tom Leyton uses running to deal with traumatic war memories and it attests to be ineffective. Leyton is haunted by his murder of a Vietnamese boy and subsequently, he calls himself ‘Satan’ (Bauer, 138) displaying his utter self-loathing. Silkworms become his metaphor in life; he allegedly ‘has no purpose, no meaning’ (Bauer, 154) and through this domineering belief that is what his life becomes.

Although it is not immediately noticeable, the trauma has crushed him, rendering a shell of a life. Leyton is convinced the maximum use for his life is keep silkworms as he has for twenty years. As a result, he also damages his sister Caroline as she sacrifices her potential life for a half-life to care for her brother. It takes the appearance of the benevolent Joseph to coax him out of his shell and this friendship climaxes in Leyton’s death. Ultimately, the choice of running truly steals his life; how many Josephs could there have been had Leyton allowed himself to live a full life?

Hence, running is not an effective approach to dealing with life’s problems, in reality, it hijacks Leyton’s life. Furthermore, Tom Leyton and the Running Man both run from life’s problems, however, their environments are notably different. The Running Man’s mental state is drastically devastated by the trauma. He cannot comprehend his actions; consumed with imagined possibility of saving his family. Tom Leyton, however, fully understands his actions; he consciously chooses to spend his life this manner. Secondly, the role of simple support in their lives is vital.

Leyton is closely aided by the young boy; in fact two people (Joseph and Caroline) actively care for him. The community enhances humanity in him, subsequently, many give him allowances. Conversely, the Running Man has a lack of support. The overall community dismisses him as a frightening figure to be ‘quietly but firmly’ (Bauer, 26) guided away from. In conclusion, Leyton’s mercifully passes and the Running Man is left to endure his desperate running. Finally, the Running Man and Tom Leyton equally run, however, the Running Man has superior incentive to implement this failed way of dealing with problems.

Bauer’s The Running Man depicts different instances of running used to deal with problems, however, it is not efficient – it sabotages lives. The Running Man is rendered a shadow of life due to his consistent chasing of a long lost family. Tom Leyton intentionally shuts himself up and therefore, misses opportunities, additionally, he harms his loving sister. Notably, Leyton and the Running Man are different, the Running Man is abandoned and mentally unwell, compared, Leyton possesses optimal conditions. This leads to the question: do humans make the choice to run from problems, or are we forced to do so by circumstance?

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