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The Roswell Coverup Essay, Research Paper

You feel the blaze desert Sun of Corona, New Mexico crushing down on your

already weary organic structure. All of a sudden it starts to rain. The cool H2O refreshes you. Out of

the corner of your oculus you see a disk shaped winging phonograph record in the distance. You have heard

of 100s of these sightings all over the state. You gaze in awe because you have now

beheld the breathtaking beauty that these discs possess. The disk you realize is coming

straight toward you at a enormous velocity. It flies over losing your caput by about 10

pess. After it is over your caput you realize that it did non do a sound. If you had lived in

New Mexico during the summer of 1947 this incident might hold occurred. Merely the

authorities, the RAAF ( Roswell Army Air Field ) , and the 509th Bomb Squad knows if this

incident truly took topographic point, and if it did, were at that place foreigners and what were the grounds for the


On June 25,1947, the local tooth doctor, Dr. R. F. Sensenbaugher reported a

saucer-shaped object about 1/2 the size of the full Moon winging over Silver City, New

Mexico. On June 26, Leon Oetniger and 3 other informants reported a big, Ag,

global object clearly non a balloon or steerable travelling over the Grand Canyon.

June 27, 1947: A white phonograph record glowing like an electric visible radiation bulb was reported to hold

passed over Pope, New Mexico, by local occupant W. C. Dobbs at 9:50 a.m.

Minutess subsequently, the same or a similar object was sighted going sou’-west

over the White Sands Missile Range by Captain E. B. Detchmendy, who reported it

to his commanding officer, Lieutenant Colonel Harold R. Turner. At 10:00 a.m. ,

Mrs. David Appelzoller of San Miguel, New Mexico, reported that a similar object

had passed over that metropolis, once more heading southwest. Colonel Turner of White Sands

ab initio reacted by denoting that no projectiles had been launched from that base since June

12. Subsequently, fearing craze, he officially identified the object as a daytime meteorite. ( Berlitz

18 )

Besides on June 27, Major George B. Wilcox of Warren, Arizona, reported a series of 8 or 9

phonograph record going at high velocity above the mountain tops. Then on June 28, A pilot winging in

the locality of Alamagorda, New Mexico reported seeing a ball of fire with a fiery blue tail

behind it pass beneath him and so disintegrate into the sky. ( 19 )

On July 2, 1947, Mac Brazel was sitting at place watching Television during a

electrical storm when he heard a clang that was louder than thunder and sounded different

from the other rumble. There had been a batch of unusual noises since they had begun atomic

research in New Mexico for World War II. After the storm, the following twenty-four hours Brazel and

Timothy D. Proctor were siting the scope to find which Fieldss had received rain.

( Randle 37 ) During the drive, Brazel came across a field filled with dust of some kind.

Some of the dust was shiny but most of it looked like dull metal. There were large balls

and small pieces as if something had exploded while still in the air.

The dust when examined surprised Brazel because of its unusual belongingss. The

stuff was described to be every bit thin as the foil in a coffin nail battalion and merely as visible radiation. It was

strong, nevertheless, that Brazel could non rub it with a knife or even melanize it with

lucifers. ( 38 )

On July 6, Brazel eventually decided to travel to the constabulary in Roswell. When Sheriff

George A. Wilcox saw the dust he suggested they call the RAAF ( Roswell Army Air

Field ) . It merely took a few proceedingss for the armed forces to get, afterwards Wilcox said that they

got there so fast it seemed like they had been waiting for the call. After all the samples were

brought in and examined no 1 could place the stuff.

The following forenoon on July 7, Brazel took them out to the clang site. The clang site

was observed to be 3/4 of a stat mi long and two to three hundred pess broad. One of the

military officers besides made the statement that it was every bit light as a plume but could non be

dented or flexed. Marcel ( it ne’er mentions his first name ) and a CIC ( Counter-Intellegence

Corps ) agent spent the remainder of the twenty-four hours analyzing, picking up the dust, and seting the

dust into Marcels 42 Buick convertible and the CIC agents jeep holdall box. It shortly

became dark and the work forces said they were traveling back to Roswell, and that tomorrow they

would hold some more work forces to come out and assist clean up. ( 40 )

On July 8, 50 to sixty MPs ( Mi

litary Police ) came to clean up the dust. Two

CIC agents went to seek for Brazel. They took him back to Roswell and kept him there

untill the 16th of July. While Brazel was there the armed forces released a statement stating that

the so called UFO was nil but a downed conditions balloon, but after being interviewed by

the newspaper Brazel stated that he had found two or three conditions balloons before but this

thing that he had discovered was non a conditions balloon at all.

There were many rumours of organic structures on the crashed ballistic capsule but the authorities

dismissed these rumours as bunk. But of class there was Barney Barnett and his group

of archeologists thaat claimed to hold come across the starship and seen the organic structures. It

was non, though, in Corona, New Mexico where the organic structures were suposedly found. It was

Magdalena, New Mexico where there was believed to be another portion that had broken off

during the detonation in the air. In February of 1990 one of the archaeoligists came out and

said that they had been suveying an country North of the Capitan Mts. He said they were

driving when they came upon what looked to be a crashed aeroplane without wings. As they

came closer there were three organic structures. They were little, with a large caput and large eyes. They

had merely been at that place for a twosome of proceedingss when a landrover drove up with an officer that swore

them to secrecy. ( 57 ) There were many more descriptions of the organic structures. Many of them as


Approximate tallness between three and a half and four and a half pess & # 8230 ;

The caput by human criterions, is oversized in relation to torso and limbs & # 8230 ;

Head and organic structure are hairless although some study a little fuz on pate & # 8230 ;

Eyess are big and sunken or sunken, far apart, and somewhat slanted & # 8230 ;

Although encephalon capacity has non been specified it is well larger

comparitively that possesed by human existences & # 8230 ;

Nose is amorphous, with nares indicated by merely a little bulge & # 8230 ;

Weaponries and legs are highly thin, with weaponries making about to knee subdivisions & # 8230 ;

Hands show four fingers and no pollex, with two fingers double the length of the

others & # 8230 ;

Mouth is a little slit which may non work as an opening for nutrient consumption & # 8230 ;

Skin really tough and a grey texture & # 8230 ;

Blood is liquid but non similar to human blood by colour or any known liquid type..

There were conflicting studies on generative variety meats, with some perceivers

describing no separating sex features while others stated that there were typical

male and female organic structures sexually comparable to those of humanbeings & # 8230 ; ( Berlitz 99 )

If the clang and recovery of a UFO in New Mexico really occurred so there

should be more dependable studies from more dependable beginnings. ( Randle 221 ) If it was a conditions

balloon, V-2 projectile, or Top Secret Test Flight than there are many inquiries that need to be

answered. If the dust originated from a top secret trial why was the military merely waiting

and non seeking? Why did extremely trained military functionaries release that they had found a

winging phonograph record, so turn around and state that it was merely a conditions balloon? Why did they even

misidentify a conditions balloon for a UFO in the first topographic point? Most upwind balloons were said to

have been picked up in two to ten proceedingss. So why would a conditions balloon make a 150

yd. dent in the tough New Mexican dirt and take two to three yearss to finish the

killing? If it was a conditions balloon why did the military cheque for radiation? In 1947

there were merely two projectile launch sites. On July 3, the projectile at White Sands did non even

launch, but blew up on the tablet. The other trial site did non launch until July 23.

After all the grounds was analyzed and all the interviews were made. The sentiment

of the people is that the incident truly did go on, and that is non merely a fraud. It could non

have been a conditions balloon or a V-2 projectile. So what was it? Merely Mac Brazel and the

RAAF will cognize for certain.

Berlitz, Charles & A ; William L. Moore. The Roswell Incident. New York: Grosset & A ; Dunlap,


Jerome, Richard. A Saucer Scorned. Peoples. Oct. 31, 1994: pp. 93-96.

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Randle, Kevin D. & A ; Donald R. Schmitt. Ufo Crash at Roswell. New York: Grosset & A ;

Dunlap, 1991.

Sobel, Dava. The Truth About Roswell. Omni. Fall 1995: pp. 90-99, 127

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