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The Roman Republic

Paper details In discussing Caesar’s description of Pompey’s camp after the Battle of Pharsalus, Andreola Rossi notes that “Caesar builds a network of correspondences with other events, thereby broadening and universalizing the significance of the narrated episode.

It is through this device that he weaves efficaciously into his narrative an important ideological and political subtext that informs the narrative of BC [Bellum Civile/Civil War].” What does Rossi mean and what is Caesar up to? Please answer both questions. *PLEASE ONLY USE THE PROVIDED LINKS AND ATTACHED SOURCES TO CITE!

​Assignment 2: Business Expansion and Sustainability.

Assignment 2: Business Expansion and SustainabilityDue Week 10 and worth 280 pointsIn order to complete this assignment, refer to the scenario that you chose in Assignment 1. Note: You may create and / or make all necessary assumptions needed for the completion of these assignments.Using the scenario from Assignment 1, write a six to seven (6-7) page paper in which you:Identify three (3) job requirements (e.g., needed certifications, previous work experience, external influences, etc.) that could apply to your chosen scenario. Determine two (2) ways these requirements could impact staffing at your organization. Next, suggest one (1) strategy that you could utilize to ensure that all applicants meet the identified job requirements for your organization. Justify your response.Outline a long-term recruitment plan that contains at least four (4) components, is aligned with your company’s recruitment strategy, but also addresses possible job skill or credential shortages. Note:Consider concepts such as succession planning and hiring retirees. Describe three (3) branding strategies that you would employ to attract qualified applicants to your organization. Next, suggest three (3) communication methods that you would utilize to reach out to applicants. Predict the outcome of integrating your branding strategies and communication methods at your organization. Provide a rationale for your response.Determine two (2) selection processes for recruiting new employees that could apply to your chosen scenario and then identify five (5) selection criteria that you could use when hiring new employees. Next, analyze the effect of the five (5) identified selection criteria on long-term employee retention and preservation of organizational knowledge. Justify your response.Suggest two (2) assessment methods that you could employ to select new employees for your organization and then analyze the validity and reliability of each method in regards to the job your organization is offering. Next, identify four (4) job predictors that you believe can assess candidates’ knowledge, skills, abilities, and other skills and experiences (KSAO’s). Provide support for your rationale. Use at least three (3) quality resources in this assignment.Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required page length.
​Assignment 2: Business Expansion and Sustainability

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alekhya – To Bid or Not To Bid
There are a number of factors that could be studied, like if the enterprise of Marvin chooses not to bid, then at the same time, the company needs to consider some that other enterprises can bid for the project as well as they would possibly be gained from this bidding. Additionally, the enterprise can examine if there is any alternate available for gaining further margin in profit with the help of a client cost perspective because it is a long-lasting contract which can go beyond ten or more than ten years (Kerzner, 2013). As a result, Marvin needs to study if the company can mislay its trade worth when it would not be taking any part in bidding. Moreover, when running business, the organizations must be vibrant in getting projects or otherwise, market value of enterprise can decline amongst its customers.
Marvin, and his team, must bid upon the contract as there present various different aspects that have the competency to support the enterprise if they can receive the contract. Moreover, this contract is from a key client, and this is the reason that it can provide an additional benefit over the other companies in the market who are also taking part in this biding to get the contract. In addition to this, the reason that they might fear is the pricing structure which they don’t want to depict to their customers of the company (Kerzner, 2013). The enterprise should take in mind the further interesting facts which are concerned with this chance of a different contract. Moreover, if the bid happens, the market value of the enterprise can get a surge in the industry. Similarly, the performance of the enterprise would be increased as it can enhance the evaluation of the projects by utilizing the bottom-up method. It proposes that it should have the ability to bid.
harshita – 1. What other factors should Marvin and his team consider?
Marvin and his team need to consider the following factors.
To begin with to check the level and degree of productivity about the Project seeing whether the undertaking truly should be connected and on the off chance that it could recover the coveted level of benefit and picks up. Next is to look for the providers who are keen on the task. This would assist the organization in analyzing the degree of its request and discover the explanation for. Along these lines, an alternate standpoint towards the undertaking can be comprehended which could additionally bolster the choice to offer or not to offer (Kerzner, 2013). Finally, last advance Marvin and his group need to think about the states of the Project. If the terms and conditions could be fulfilled without affecting profits than the project should be bid for. However, if the terms and conditions can’t be satisfied and look unprofitable than offering ought to be dropped.
2. Should they bid on the job?
The company should bid on the project as it looks profitable to go ahead with the deal. If the terms and conditions could be fulfilled without affecting profits than the project should be bid for. However, if the terms and conditions cannot be fulfilled and look unprofitable than the idea of bidding should be dropped (Perego, 2011). However, the conditions that the bid amount and terms will not be revealed to the other suppliers. This would help in maintaining protection over company affairs and bidding method. In case the latter does not accept to hide details of bidding from other suppliers than the bid should not be made as the disclosure of company strategy would affect its ability to win future projects. This way the bidding should be made on conditions clearly stating that the non-disclosure factor.
pujan – The organization should offer at work and ought to be prepared to face little challenges for progressively critical additions. Thusly, the organization ought to have a stable situation in the customer’s bidder list. There can be necessities for expanded security and business improvement for such a significant venture, which should go about as a solid moment that offering at a significant expense. As the venture is suffering and the undertaking has high incomes. The organization ought to get many large customers ones the venture gets finished the thing to be recollected is that the benefit proportion is less yet could be set off by the incomes and the approaching activities that the organization should increment. At the underlying eliminate for any organization, backing implies, at last, loosing, which should bring trust issues later on for an organization, so I feel Marin should offer at work. Marvin and his group must recognize the reasonableness of contact type with the venture, regardless of whether it is cost-reimbursable because, in contract type, the assets rely upon work bundle. Hence, the overall revenue is less contrasted with fixed-value ventures.
Another fundamental factor is a bit that will Marvin needs to back for this endeavor since it impacts the affiliation advantage. The offering technique has characterized gain, the organization appreciates, venture fund, office qualities, adventure characteristics, contract, offering situation, resistance, and money-related. It keeps the association’s landing in the quick and dirty cost structure. At long last, I have to express that for the gained advantage. This association should offer the offer to the customer. The fundamental factor to consider about this activity is that it is the best agreement that Marvin and his group at any point found. For the coming at least ten years, the organization should make a consistent salary that invigorates the improvement of the endeavor. This association should offer at work since it is an extended stretch agreement and approximated for over 10 years.
anirudh – What other factors should Marvin and his team consider?
When you get the contract to bid, there are always many factors that need to be considered such as how long is the contract, how much risk is involved behind this contract, and what is the profit margin after considering a contract. To understand the market Marvin and the team should know the customer requirement on time in the required format. Study the tender documents carefully and check if the team has enough experience to finish it. Create a plan and check if the team can provide and fulfill each element of the bid. Since the record of Marvin is great, he should analyze the risk involved in the contract, whether he properly understand the market, he has all the resources to finish the contract on time, check what other companies are investing as well to be competitive in the market, should be confident in the ability to delivered the contract. Proper strategic planning should be done inside the bidding process so that not more than a budget is spent behind this contract (Kerzner, 2017).
Should they bid on the job?
As mention, Marvin and his company are very successful in bidding and more than that, his team has experience in this kind of work which can help the company to win the tender. At some point, Marvin is not agreed with sharing extra information in the RFP, but the contract is for ten years which can provide a fortune to the company for at least the next ten years which is profitable for any organization. The new set of standards should be implemented in disclosing RFP so that the client can trust vendors as a strategic partner and can trust more. Marvin should bid on this job as this the contract is long-term and his team has enough experience in dealing with this type of contract in the past. There are few risks involved in this project due to the new RFP, but the market is more competitive, and Marvin needs to change the strategies according to the conditions if he wants to stick long term in this market (Kerzner, 2017).
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Study of Appropriate Project Delivery Methods for Oman Construction Industry, engineering homework help

Study of Appropriate Project Delivery Methods for Oman Construction Industry, engineering homework help.

For this project the aim is to investigate about the delivery methods which are between the owner and the designer and the constructor and to compare between all methods to get finally the best method to be used. there are some important questions is required to be answered in the project:1.To analyse the concepts pertinent to project delivery methods selection2.To select the project delivery method appropriate to Oman situation3. Establishing appropriate criteria for project delivery method selection4. Selecting the appropriate project delivery methodRequired 1. Introduction(minimum 7 pages) 2. Literature Review (minimum 10 studies to be reviewed)3. Methodology including resources primary(interview, questionnaire, site visit) and secondary(Books, Internet, artistic). 4. References should be Harvard referencing style Coventry ( in text references should be included)
Study of Appropriate Project Delivery Methods for Oman Construction Industry, engineering homework help

Group Dynamics

essay writing service free Group Dynamics. Paper details make a group (mock) not an actual group: 1 Develop a round. What would be the question you ask? What would be the question you ask? What would be the purpose of the round? Example: I want to go around the room and everyone tell me how do you define success? 2 Create a dyad. How would you decide how to pair people off? What would be the purpose of the dyad? Example: I want to pair up in two’s and discuss what success means to you. Be prepared to report back to the larger group in 10 minutes. 3 What did the jurors do in 12 Angry Men that represented a “round”? 12 Angry Men: Dynamics

Description and justification of two strategies for improving program #1 planning (#1 = Article 1) Describe two strategies for

Description and justification of two strategies for improving program #1 planning (#1 = Article 1) Describe two strategies for improving program #1 planning, and justify your selections (#1 = Article 1) Description and justification of two strategies for improving program #2 planning (#2 = Article 2) Describe two strategies for improving program #2 planning, and justify your selections (#2 = Article 2)

University of Pretoria Physical Activity and Healthy Diet Discussion

University of Pretoria Physical Activity and Healthy Diet Discussion.

I’m working on a health & medical question and need guidance to help me study.

Here are the guidelines/instructions for the paper assignments:
1. Identify an article which has appeared in a print periodical OR
reputable science/news website since January 1st of 2018 that is
related, at least loosely, in some way to the subject matter of
the module (e.g. life, energy, nutrition, genetics, climate
change, bioethics, biotechnology, etc.). This should be a news
article . DO NOT use a textbook or “encyclopedia”-type source.
2. Briefly summarize the article , describing direct and indirect
connections to course topics/discussions. 3. Briefly describe TWO implications/applications implied,
surfaced, discussed in the article and their significance. 4. Include descriptions of TWO important or critical questions
raised in/by the article. 5. It is important that the paper be well written , properly
sourced/cited (any standard format) , 3-5 pages (12pt, 1”
margins, double-spaced). THREE FULL PAGES of text IS AN
ABSOLUTE MINIMUM. This length will NOT INCLUDE headers (e.g.
your name), figures, references, etc. 6. Your paper MUST adhere to the rules of scholarship – i.e.
consist of your own original words and work.
RISK YOUR GRADE by plagiarizing another person’s work.
University of Pretoria Physical Activity and Healthy Diet Discussion