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DBQ 7 It has come to my attention that during the late 1800’s there has been many industries that shaped the rules and regulations of our society today. There have been many names that these companies have been named but two of them really stand out to me. They are “Captains of Industry,” and “Robber Barons. ” I firmly believe that these companies can be looked at as “Robber Barons” instead of “Captains of Industry” because these companies take advantage of their employees (including children), they leave the people powerless, and also, they eventually leave these poor citizens unemployed.

Primarily, a significant number of companies can be classified as “robber Barons” because they take advantage of their workers which includes children. One devious side to these companies is that they hire these innocent citizens to work for them and give them false hope making them think they can make a good living in America. Also, they pay their employees just enough money to pay for food for their family and that is it. Sometimes these families do not even get to eat because their family cannot afford it.

To add on, the working conditions are very dangerous. Many people have lost limbs and some of these situations have even resulted in casualties. However, this is not the worst part. As stated in Document B, the most imprudent decision that these large companies have made was to hire children. Back then, it was not illegal for children to work, and many thought that it was a good thing that children are in work and making money to help their family and not on the streets causing commotion.

Soon, people started realizing that this was not a good thing for children to work because not only did it cause many more casualties and injuries, but these children would work during the day and were not attending school to receive and education. Secondly, a large amount of companies leave their employees powerless. For example, in Document A, it says that as the rich get richer, the poor get poorer. This means that as the major industries begin to advance and receive a higher profit, they began to pay their workers less and less. These workers eventually went on strike and refused to work if they were not paid more.

They went to judges and were represented by lawyers however these people who owned these major industries has so much more money than the average person, the bought over judges and were represented by better lawyers and even paid the police force to shoot the people who opposed them and protested. These rich people had all the power vested in them. The citizens were left with nothing but what they had. They struggled to even afford a meal and often could not afford many clothes. as you can see by the picture in Document D, these citizens had to buy things to live and had to give all their money theoretically to their employers anyway.

There was no point in even trying anymore. They were left hopeless. Lastly, after all of this fighting with trying to get a better pay, they were eventually fired because there were new industrialized machines that replaced these workers anyway. In Document F, it says that these machines can do the same work that the employees can do in less time and the employers do not have to pay them. This was very bad for the workers. They were fired hundreds at a time and were basically left to fend for themselves. These workers were just replaced and the employer simply did not care as long as they were making money off of their business.

People starved and could not support their families anymore. It was a tragedy that happened very often. In conclusion, you can now see how horrible these companies were and how they resembled “Robber Barons. ” You saw how they took advantage of their workers, you saw how they left them speechless and powerless, and you saw how they kicked their employees to the side of the road like dirt after the machine was made. You tell me, do they seem like admiral “captains of Industry” to you? Because to me they dont seem like anything to be admiring to me.

Latin America Cinema

Latin America Cinema.

 1. Discuss the ways in which Neobarroque cinema stylistically and thematically incorporates the colonial history of Latin America. It is expected that you use all the bibliographical references at your disposal—i.e., both primary and secondary sources—and quote them following MLA style. In every question you must refer to relevant films covered in class, demonstrate an understanding of film-style, and use proper terminology to analyze films formally. Each short essay must be 500 to 600 words long. You will be penalized if your answers do not meet, or considerably exceed, the word limit. Each answer must be structured as an argumentative essay—with a clear thesis, which you must underline, a multi-paragraph body, and a conclusion. (33 points / essay) Refere to the film “The milk of sorrow”. The film can be found in the internert, as well as the information.

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