The Roles in Advanced Nursing Practice paper is worth 150 points and will be graded on the quality of Essay

The Roles in Advanced Nursing

Practice paper is worth 150 points and will be graded on the quality of the content, use of citations, use of Standard English grammar, sentence structure, and overall organization based on the required components as summarized in the directions and grading criteria/rubric.

Submit the paper as a Microsoft Word Document, which is the required format at Chamberlain University. You are encouraged to use the APA Academic Writer and Grammarly tools when creating your assignment.
Follow the directions below and the grading criteria located in the rubric closely. Any questions about this paper may be posted under the Q[supanova_question]

proposal for term paper

proposal for term paper.

It should include: 

• a description and justification of the case you have chosen

• the scope of matter to be covered and the aspects to be focused on

• a list of potential sources of information

• an annotated bibliography sketching the relevant theoretical literature likely to be used

• a proposed paper structure


Choose a case to study/analyse from a theoretical perspective from the following list:

• Perth City Link Project

• New Perth Stadium at Burswood.


You may choose to pick a case (i.e. major project, plan, policy, or event) from outside the list. However, you are required to discuss and get approval from the Lecturer/Tutor beforehand, who will decide whether or not your proposed case is suitable for analysis in terms of its significance in terms of its function/ scale/ nature/ etc. 


Areas of the case to focus upon include: 

• the vision, aims and objectives of the project/initiative; 

• the approach/ procedure/ processes that were or should have been adopted (e.g. requirements of inclusiveness, transparency and accountability);

• consultation/ participation, monitoring and feedback mechanisms that were or should have been installed (e.g. effectiveness of community engagement);

• provisions for checks and balances if any (e.g. conflict of interest, vested interests); and 

• the major players/ actors – proponents, beneficiaries (intended/ actual), those affected; and outcomes, externalities, if any (e.g. potential winners and losers).


In writing the proposal for your term paper, focus on specific aspects of the case (project/ plan/ policy/ event) you plan to study and explain the theoretical perspective you will adopt in analyzing it.  In trying to answer ‘what’, you should also try to uncover the ‘why’ and ‘whose’ for each decision/ action/ event. For example – if some action (or inaction) occurred we need to know what happened – but we really seek to explore why it did occur (opportunity, necessity to intervene, efficiency, equity), who proposed it (proponents and their motivation/ driving force), whose interests were served to what extent (intended and actual beneficiaries, public good or vested interests), etc.?


The main emphasis of your write up for the assignment should be centered on describing why you choose a particular topic to study for this Planning Theory unit. You are to identify which theory/ theoretical aspects you wish to investigate/ explain, using your case as an example/ main reference. You need to explain how you propose to use your case to reflect upon the relationship between theory and practice of/ in planning.


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Summarise the purpose of your organisation for department of transport in Abu Dhabi, its operating environment, structure, functions and culture.

The Roles in Advanced Nursing Practice paper is worth 150 points and will be graded on the quality of Essay Summarise the purpose of your organisation for department of transport in Abu Dhabi, its operating environment, structure, functions and culture..

Summarise the purpose of your organisation, its operating environment, structure, functions and culture. ________________________________________ 1. A clear statement of the purpose and objectives of your organisation. (AC 1.1) (approx 100 words) 2. A description of your organisation’s size and locations, 3 examples of products and/or services, and examples of 2 customers. (AC 1.2) (approx 150 words) 3. An analysis of how external factors impact on your organisation’s business activities, using an external environment analysis model or tool such as PESTLE. (AC 1.3) (approx 150 words) 4. An organisation chart illustrating the main departments and business functions, together with descriptions of these departments and functions. (AC 2.1) (approx 150 words) 5. An explanation of how the different departments and functions work together to optimise performance. (AC 2.2) (approx 150 words) … 6. An explanation of the culture and values of your organisation and how they affect operations. (AC 2.3) (approx 150 words) 7. ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: Write a short description of the learning process you went through in order to write this assignment: what you knew about your organisation before you attended module 1; what you learnt during the module; and what you learnt in preparing the presentation. 8. You should also include 3-5 references from oakwood web sit and the attached and department of transport web sit up-to-date and relevant sources in order to support your findings. Please ensure that all reference sources are acknowledged correctly within the text and on a reference list provided.

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Animal Behavior.

Animal Behavior..

This is basically a“college-level” book report over “How to tame a fox (and build a dog)”. You will need to briefly summarize the book that you read, and provide some deeper discussion about how this book illustrates some important aspect(s) relevant to animal behavior. You’ll find this book does cover quite a few concepts from biology, genetics, and animal behavior- you will probably want to give a brief review of the book as a whole, but then focus in more detail on just one or two aspects. For this, you will need to refer to at least 4 additional references, to support and expand upon your commentary. The emphasis here, however, is describing the book you read to others, while highlighting what it taught you. What do YOU feel is important to tell others about this book?

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Must be cited in Chicago style with footnotes.Discuss the causes and main players of the Reformation. What grievances against the church helped spark the Reformation? Who were the leading figures of the Reformation and what were their arguments, either for or against it? Using a minimum of two primary sources and two secondary sources per side, discuss at least three main figures of the Reformation and how they backed up their arguments. What inconsistencies did they see in the church? How did they plan to fix any faults? By using both primary sources as well as secondary sources, or journal articles and scholarly critiques, you will present your argument and back it up with the words of the people alive to experience the event of your choice. Your grade will be based upon your ability to 1) correctly identify and discuss the people and/or civilizations you are examining, and placing the sources for these in their correct context (i.e.: the political, cultural, and religious time they are living and writing in); 2) use the primary and secondary sources you use to support your conclusions; and 3) correctly cite those sources.

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Hate Crimes are the most unreported crime type. Up to 90% of victims may not report, and with minority underserved victims are more hesitant than others to report these crimes. In a 2 page paper, and using at least 2 sources other than your textbook, describe at least two groups that are victim of hate crime. For each, explain possible risks of reporting for these groups. Additionally evaluate how as a victim advocate, you would help a hate crime victim through the initial crisis, reporting of the crime and prosecution. Please reference appropriately using APA style.

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Administrative investigation.

Administrative investigation..

 You are an administrative officer in a criminal justice agency, and a citizen calls you up to complain that one of your officers destroyed evidence instead of collecting it and impounding it into the evidence room. The agency has a policy that all evidence is to be impounded (seized) and transported to the evidence room. Additionally, state law prohibits the destruction of evidence. Scenario A coffee shop manager found a baggie of marijuana and a vial of hash oil that was left in the public rest room. The manager called your agency, and an officer was dispatched to the shop. The officer interviewed the manager and then explained to him that it was impossible to determine who the owner of the drugs is and that no charges could ever be pressed. Subsequently, the officer suggested that it would be best to flush the marijuana down the toilet and drain the hash oil down the sink. The manager agreed to the officer’s terms, and the officer instructed the manager to destroy the evidence. The manager destroyed the evidence in the presence of the officer.

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