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The Role of the Nurse Practitioner

Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp Nurse practitioners meet the needs of underserved communities or those who lack access to care by joining primary care medical services with advanced practice nursing skills. The nurse practitioner (NP) profession began in response to a lack of primary care providers in urban and rural areas in the United States. The first NP program was founded in the 1960s by Loretta Ford and Henry Silver, MD, at the University of Colorado. “The goal of this program was to bridge the gap between the health-care needs of children and his family’s ability to access and afford primary health care (Joel, 2017, p. 11). The introduction of the nurse practitioner role set the stage for an exploration of the profession’s boundaries. “In the early 1970s, Health, Education and Welfare Secretary Elliott Richardson established the Committee to Study Extended Roles for Nurses” (Keeling, 2015, para. 19). The committee pressed the establishment of new curricular designs in health science centers and better financial support for nursing education. The committee also pushed for standardizing nursing licensure and national certification. The most common barriers for nurses seeking a masters education include the cost of tuition, decreased time from work, and the possibility of not recovering lost income or progressing up the career ladder. A disadvantage to the master’s nurse practitioner track is that “the typical MSN curriculum for APNs has become highly focused on the specialty area of practice, leaving minimal opportunity for students to select elective areas of study“ (Joel, 2017, p. 45). Another disadvantage to the master’s nurse practitioner track is the transition phase. During this period, many nurse practitioners may find it challenging to make the transition from that of an experienced RN to a novice NP. “The adjustment in professional identity can impact self-confidence, impair development of the new role, and influence decisions to remain in the job and the profession within the first year of clinical practice for new NPs” (Twine, 2018, p. 56). An advantage to choosing a career in the APN field is that there is a concern about the plummeting number of physicians choosing primary care careers. With that, there could be insufficient providers to replace those retiring. “It is plausible that practices will increase the use of providers other than physicians, such as nurse practitioners” (Rosenberg, 2018, para. 3). According to U.S. News
ENGL 1302 LC Racism Education & Their Effect on Student Learning Outcomes Essay.

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You will further develop your Argument Essay 2 into a research paper by adding support from additional secondary sources, and by revising and editing errors. Just to be clear, you will be literally using your Argument Essay 2 as the foundation of this essay and adding research to expand it with additional support for your argument. Therefore, all the rules about title, formatting, style, etc. that apply to Argument Essay 2 also apply to Research Essay 2.Word Count: 1,500 words.Some notes about the sources: Remember that the purpose of these sources is not merely informative; the research should support your thesis. In addition to the one required source from PCI, and the one required source from the LSC-Tomball Library database, you should have at least 4 non-PCI secondary sources. That is a minimum of 6 sources. All sources included must be reputable academic sources from either the LSC-Tomball Library database or Google Scholar.Each source must be used at least once throughout the text.Use at least one block quote and three “regular quotes.”
ENGL 1302 LC Racism Education & Their Effect on Student Learning Outcomes Essay

The Greedy Faults of the Video Game World The video game industry is one of the fastest growing in the world any stores today sells a game or has a sponsorship with a company, and billions are made a year from it. Underneath the surface; however, is a parasite that is slowly strangling the industry without it knowing, threatening everything that it has built up. This problem is not because of the cancerous players in the fanbase, nor does it stem from the various opponents of video games. The murderer is the developer whose heart is et on money, the murder weapon are the many nefarious plots, and if this problem is not fixed, everyone involved will become a victim. The video game industry is going to have another crisis because of games having heavy dependencies on micro-transactions, unfinished games, and poor production. In this age of instant access to free media from sources all around the world, video games have developed a new way to gain revenue. According to Tomic, micro-transactions denote payments for purchasing applications for mobile phones or payments for purchasing the additional content for video games” (Tomic, 241). When they were originally created, micro-transactions served to add extra content to the game or system. An early example is the e-reader for the Game Boy Color that, when activated, allowed games made for the Nintendo Entertainment System to be played on the Game Boy. As games were connected to internet services, the system changed; micro-transactions now served as an opportunity to add additional gameplay, known as downloadable content. The new additions were not vital to the core focus of the game; however, they could provide additional bonuses to play. Soon after, the problems revolving the system became clear. Game stores on mobile devices became popular, many boasting no cost to install. The microtransaction system was installed as the way to gain money, many of which providing virtual currency that could be used to speed up often time-consuming processes or provide advantages against other players. They could be purchased with only a few button presses, and they were unlimited. Soon after, events appeared in the news where young children would spend thousands of dollars on these payments, simply because their parents’ credit card information was on the device (Narcisse, Kotaku). Despite multiple refunds being awarded, the system did not change, and the system has expanded to prey on those who are vulnerable to manipulation. A major micro-transaction that has caused controversy in recent years is the loot box. A player can spend a small amount of money to receive an item that gives out random items that can be found in the game. There is a low chance to obtain a rare item using a loot box, and from there comes the appeal and the controversy. Unlike currency micro-transactions, which always provide the same reward whenever purchased, loot boxes are entirely random, making the practice share many similarities to gambling. Delfabbro described the main issue with this best: “In situations of this nature, players will often spend an escalating amount of money that begets further spending on the game. The investment of an irretrievable sum of money in pursuit of desirable virtual items may be seen by players as an investment to the extent that it will increase the likelihood of obtaining these item “(Delfabbro and King, 1967). Countries in Europe have already forbidden games featuring loot boxes from being sold to minors, but the rest of the world is still exposed to this issue. Another issue surrounding loot boxes is that many of them are found inside games that must be purchased in order to play, making fans argue: “why are we paying extra for a sixty-dollar game?”. Companies have yet to find a good answer. For example, Electronic Arts, the makers of Star Wars Battlefront 2 (One of the bigger games in this controversy), responded to a user on the site Reddit saying that it would give players a “sense of pride and accomplishment” (EACommunityTeam, Reddit). The comment quickly became the most disliked comment on the website with over 650,000 dislikes due to the disappointment it gave people. As a result of this controversy, many people have stated that they are going to boycott games that use this practice, which could drop the revenue of many major companies. The practice of micro-transactions is dangerous to many—, but some developers have been able to earn money in a crueler way; many companies will release unfinished games at full retail price, which is normally 40 to 60 dollars. In most cases, and unfinished game would be where there are multiple bugs throughout that might make it unplayable; however, where the developers have left things out. The most recent example of this is No Man’s Sky, developed by Hello Games. When the game was announced, one of the biggest selling points was that it would have an advanced explorations system through outer space. Upon release, however, many found that this feature had little depth to it, and the gameplay around it grew dull after only a few hours (Kollar, Polygon). Consumers hate discovering a game is unfinished because it is a waste of their money. Many big name games today cost 50-70 dollars, which is a big investment for the 16-25 year old players who might enjoy it. (Ghuman and Griifiths, 8). It can be especially frustrating if, due to micro-transactions, major parts of the game are added for a price (Ryan, 421). If they due pay, the developers have little reason to focus on finishing the game if people are still buying it. Once again, people have decided to boycott companies that due this, dropping profits more. There have been many instances in which mistakes have been made because of a developer’s desire for money. Other issues, though, stem from the preferences of the consumers- there are times when they believe that the game was not developed properly, and that there was too much focus in one aspect and too little in another. On many forum sites, there is constantly dismay towards a new game in a series because it kept the same gameplay but upgraded the graphics. Unlike the other issues, this one is much more subjective, but it has been proven from past mistakes that it is not one to scoff at. In the late 1970s to the early 1980s, Atari SA had a monopoly on home video game consoles, and everyone bought their products for entertainment. As time went on, people noticed how many games seemed to rely on the name alone rather than anything about the game itself. One person did a side by side comparison- as an example- of the game Pac-man as it was on an arcade cabinet versus on the Atari 2600; the Atari version showed less effort in the graphics despite the fact that it had more processing power. It was the same situation for many other games. The tipping point came in 1982 with the release of the game “E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial”, named after the movie. Planned to release for the holiday season, the game was rushed, with what many considered the worse visuals of the era along with the horrible gameplay. In the years to come, the video game industry lost billions. A similar crisis is incoming, though this one may be leagues ahead of the crash in 1983. As the market becomes flooded with unfinished, poorly designed, and payment reliant games, the number of people who will by them will shrink at a considerate amount. This change is necessary for the millions who pick up the controller in order to have fun without needing their wallet. Bibliography Buzzi, Matthew. “No Man’s Sky (for PC).” PCMAG, PCMAG.COM, 19 Aug. 2016, Civelek, Ismail, et al. “Design of Free-to-Play Mobile Games for the Competitive Marketplace.” International Journal of Electronic Commerce, vol. 22, no. 2, Apr. 2018, p. 258. EBSCOhost, doi:10.1080/10864415.2018.1441755. Delfabbro, P. H., and King, D. L. (2018) Predatory monetization schemes in video games (e.g. ‘loot boxes’) and internet gaming disorder. Addiction, 113: 1967-1969. EACommunityTeam. “Seriously? I paid 80$ to have Vader locked?”. Reddit, November 22, 2017, Ghuman, Davinder and Mark Griffiths. “A Cross-Genre Study of Online Gaming:Player Demographics, Motivation for Play, and Social Interactions Among Players.” IJCBPL 2.1 (2012): 13-29. Web. 16 Feb. 2019. doi:10.4018/ijcbpl.2012010102 Kollar, Philip. “No Man’s Sky Review.” Polygon, Polygon, 12 Aug. 2016, Narcisse, Evan. “15-Year-Old Kid Spends 37,000 Euros on Goldin Free-to-Play Game.” Kotaku,, 3 Oct. 2014, Ryan, Christopher. “Giving Dormant Intellectual Properties an Extra Life: How Bankruptcy Can Revive Video Game IP That Has Fallen Victim to Acquisition by Expansionist Publishers.” IDEA: The Intellectual Property Law Review 55.3 (2015): 417-53. EBSCO. Web. 1 Feb. 2019. Tomic, Nenad. “Effects of Micro Transactions on Video Games Industry.” Megatrend Revija, vol. 14, no. 3, 19 Apr. 2017, pp. 239–257. Galileo, EBSCO, doi:10.5937/megrev1703239t.

BU Applied Math & Finance for Business Retail Price & Cost Compliment Worksheet

BU Applied Math & Finance for Business Retail Price & Cost Compliment Worksheet.

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Instructions:Click here to access and complete spreadsheet 6.2-a, for this portion of the assignment. (You may open this and the following spreadsheets directly using the links, then save the spreadsheets to your device and open them from there.)
Identify each of the metrics (e.g., Cost Complement, Margin %, On Hand, etc.) that you calculated to complete the spreadsheet, including the formulas used to complete the calculations.Evaluate the results and form conclusions regarding the current state of the business.Click here to access and complete the spreadsheet 6.2-b, for this portion of the assignment.
Identify each of the metrics that you calculated to complete the spreadsheet, including the formulas used to complete the calculations. Deduce whether the sales and margin % target goals will be met by implementing the new mark ups.Identify any errors or problems that might be encountered when implementing the new mark ups.Based on the information provided in the spreadsheet, judge whether management’s assumptions regarding projected season unit sales are reasonable. Explain the reasoning used to support your judgment.Develop an argument for or against the new mark ups that explains how changes in either of the two metrics (projected season unit sales and new retail pricing) influence the other.Click here to access and complete the spreadsheet 6.2-c, for this portion of the assignment.Identify each of the metrics that you calculated to complete the spreadsheet, including the formulas used to complete the calculations.Distinguish any trends that are indicated by the results of your calculations and make and defend predictions regarding their potential influence on profitability.Evaluate the usefulness of knowing average sales, average stock, turnover, and average inventory at cost when making decisions regarding inventory planning and open to buy.Develop your answers and recommendations in a six-page (minimum) paper. Attach your completed spreadsheets in an appendix or appendices to the completed paper. The minimum length does not include the title page, abstract, reference page, or any additional pages containing charts, appendices, etc. A minimum of three outside research sources are required for this assignment, in addition to any internal company sources you may use.
BU Applied Math & Finance for Business Retail Price & Cost Compliment Worksheet

MGT 101 SEU Management A Practical Approach Case Study

java assignment help MGT 101 SEU Management A Practical Approach Case Study.

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This assignment is an individual assignment.The Assignment must be submitted only in WORD format via allocated folderStudents are advised to make their work clear and well presented. This also includes filling your information on the cover page.Students must mention question number clearly in their answer.Avoid plagiarism, the work should be in your own words, copying from students or other resources without proper referencing will result in ZERO marks. No exceptions. All answered must be typed using Times New Roman (size 12, double-spaced) font. No pictures containing text will be accepted and will be considered plagiarism
MGT 101 SEU Management A Practical Approach Case Study

Engineering homework help

Engineering homework help. When making financial projections, if a particular expense item cannot be predicted with any degree of confidence, it should be forecast at the most likely value it would ever likely reach.TrueFalseFRICTO analysis does not point out poor investments.TrueFalseIf a company consistently uses hurdle rates that are higher than its marginal cost of capital, then: A) it will certainly increase its earnings. B) it may have fewer and fewer investment alternatives. C) the risk of the firm will decrease. D) A and C. E) B and C.The ratio which many observers use to quantify the stock market’s opinion of a firm is the: A) ROE. B) EPS.C) D/E.D) E/A.E) none of the above.Dividends are not the sole source of returns for shareholders.TrueFalseThe advantage of using the marginal cost of capital as a company’s average hurdle rate is:A) capital market estimations of risk are probably more objective than the company’s.B) it does not reflect the incremental cost of funding future investments.C) it is the basis of the market’s assessments of a company’s investment decisions.D) A and C.E) A, B, and C.A target cost of capital is:A) always implied unless the term existing or current is used.B) the capitalization that management is shooting for.C) the capitalization that will result before an asset is financed. D) A and B. E) A, B, and C.The final step(s) in using pro formas are to:A) test the assumptions.B) compare the results of the sensitivity analysis to the decision maker’s risk tolerance in the current situation.C) create best- and worst-case scenarios.D) A and C.E) A, B, and C.The utility of sensitivity analysis is as great in merger valuations as it is in capital budgeting.TrueFalseNPV is the preferred method for ranking investments because:A) it quantifies the proportion of cash flows to initial investment.B) it directly measures the creation of value.C) it is sensitive to changes in the hurdle rate assumption.D) A and B.E) B and C.Qualitative comparisons may be as important as the numerical comparisons in financial analysis.TrueFalseA valuation determines whether a merger should occur; legalities determine what form the business combination should be.TrueFalseAs the interest rate used to discount future cash flows is decreased, present value of the future cash inflows:A) increases.B) decreases.C) stays the same.For capital budgeting purposes, an asset’s depreciable life is:A) always equal to the time horizon of an evaluation.B) equal to the asset’s useful life.C) equal to the asset’s economic life.D) an arbitrary period dictated by GAAP.E) none of the above.Residual cash flows are estimated when:A) the useful lives of alternatives are different.B) one asset has a shorter economic life than its alternatives.C) one asset has a longer economic life than its alternatives.D) A and B.E) A, B, and C.It is not impossible for the acquisition price of a target firm ever to fall below book value.TrueFalseThe risk-free rate of return used to determine a firm’s cost of capital will not vary depending upon the financial and operating risk level of the firm.TrueFalseIf an investment’s IRR is higher than the firm’s chosen hurdle rate, then the investment:A) has a positive NPV.B) is of greater risk than the overall risk of the firm.C) should be qualitatively considered before selection.D) A and C.E) A, B, and C.A firm’s dividend policy cannot be established independently of its growth plans.TrueFalseA discount factor:A) is the same as compounding future cash flows.B) performs the reverse function of a compounding interest rate.C) allows investors to quantify a figure which would make them indifferent to returns from an investment.D) B and C.E) A, B, and C.Which of the following would be included among the investment numbers of a capital budget?A) Purchase price of the asset.B) Trade-in value of an asset being replaced.C) Investment tax credit from acquisition.span style=”font-size: 9pt; font-family: Arial, sans-serif;”>D) Installation costs of the machinery.E) All of the above.Many analysts prefer the quick ratio to the current ratio because the former compares only cash equivalents to current liabilities.TrueFalseFlexibility issues are those which: A) deal with a company’s financing reserves. B) impact the debt capacity that a firm should maintain. C) All of the above.A future feasibility study to determine the environmental impact of a planned investment should be included in the incremental cash flows of an investment analysis.TrueFalseIf managers do not foresee investment opportunities in the coming year that are as attractive as they have seen in the past, it is not necessarily appropriate to raise the dividend to the level that mature companies pay.TrueFalseAnalysts within a company are less likely to fall into the ‘false accuracy trap’ when they develop pro formas than would external analysts because insiders have access to more detailed information.TrueFalseFinancial strength ratios indicate a firm’s capitalization.TrueFalseHorizontal and vertical percentage trends are not particularly useful in projecting future financial statements.TrueFalseThe ‘efficient market’ theory seems to be reasonable because: A) there are fewer financial analysts valuing securities. B) there are hundreds of investors trying to make money from improperly valued securities, and the market forces which result drive stock prices to a fair value. C) statistical assessments are becoming increasingly important in financial analysis. D) B and C. E) A, B, and C.The most accurate pro formas do not necessarily contain the most detail.TrueFalseIt is best when evaluating mergers to rely on several quantitative methods.TrueFalseIf managers have discovered an attractive investment but financing opportunities are not as good as they have been, they should probably not delay the acquisition since financing and investment decisions should not be mixed.TrueFalseManagement can improve its ROA by increasing investments in property, plant, and equipment.TrueFalseHypotheses that are formed during the qualitative analysis cannot be verified when the analyst reviews the firm’s historical performance.TrueFalsePresent value calculations allow managers to:A) choose assets which create the most value, even if their cash flows are timed differently.B) express present values in terms of future cash flows.C) create value for the firm.D) A and C.E) A, B, and C.In order to use a cash flow in perpetuity as a residual value for an asset, it must be reasonably assumed that the cash flows from that asset have not leveled off.TrueFalseThe present value of a cash flow allows an investor to assess:A) the present value of a future cash flow.B) the value of a stream of cash flows in terms of the best and most certain alternative.C) what equivalent present payment would be equally acceptable in lieu of the investment under consideration.D) A and B.E) A, B, and C.Even though accounting practices vary, comparisons between a firm and its industry as a whole are considered helpful.TrueFalseMore detail in a pro forma doesn’t necessarily mean greater accuracy.TrueFalseA firm with substantial fixed costs such as a manufacturing overhead will have a lower degree of risk in the trough of a business cycle than will a firm with high variable costs and limited fixed costs.TrueFalseEngineering homework help

SOC 315 University of Phoenix Globalization of Diversity and Inclusion Presentation

SOC 315 University of Phoenix Globalization of Diversity and Inclusion Presentation.

Assignment ContentSelect a current social issue that has global diversity and inclusion implications. Reflect on how the materials you encountered in this week’s reading and videos relate to the social issue you selected.Create an 8- to 10-slide presentation that accomplishes the following:Identify the social issue you have selected. Name the historically marginalized and/or multicultural groups, if any, who are at the center of this social issue. List any organizations connected to this social issue.Determine if there are any social justice implications related to this social issue.What are the key messages those in support of this social issue are promoting? Provide examples.Name the key areas of opposition regarding this social issue.Decide what, if any, legal implications are associated with this social issue.Discuss what challenges this social issue presents in society and/or the workplace.Explain how awareness of this social issue benefits society and/or the workplace.Research what global impact this social issue has. Does this social issue exist in countries outside of the United States? If so, what are similarities and differences to how this issue is addressed abroad?Determine if there are any social media implications related to this social issue. How is this social issue portrayed on social media and in the media?Consider what your personal views are on this social issue. What are possible solutions to improve, resolve, or eradicate this social issue?Present your slides in class. Use speaker notes for additional information and to provide supplemental and reflective information.Include a minimum of two scholarly articles/academic references.Format your presentation according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.
SOC 315 University of Phoenix Globalization of Diversity and Inclusion Presentation