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Japan, located in the Pacific Ocean off the seashore of the Asiatic Continent, is a state composed of

about 7,000 islands, many are little. The four chief islands are Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, and

Kyushu. Japan has the 7th largest population in the universe. With about 125 million

dwellers, the lone states with a higher population are China, India, the United States, Indonesia,

and Brazil. The population which is about half of the United States, lives on merely 1/25 as much sum land

mass, this computes to being one of the highest population densenesss in the universe. These conditions

reflect in the Nipponese cultural values and their desire for being a corporate society.1

The Nipponese manner of carry oning concern differs greatly from the western theoretical account. It has grown

out of the state? s alone history cultured doctrine. The Nipponese people are isolated in an island

state? s alone history, civilization, and doctrine. The island state is under changeless barrage by the

rough forces of nature, have traditionally placed a strong accent on working together as a group in

order to last. Their civilization is profoundly influenced by Confucianism, with its stiff regulations regulating

behavior and its accent on trust, consensus, and hierarchy. These ancient roots have influenced every

facet of Nipponese concern ; from the manner formal meetings are conducted to the importance placed on

after-hours socialization. It has shaped a concern civilization in which long-run, reciprocally good

relationships are of paramount importance. By understanding and accommodating to this concern civilization,

Western executives eager to make concern in Japan will be able to be enlightened to be more productive

associations with their Nipponese co-workers and will increase the chance of accomplishing the ends of

their meetings at that place. It is of import to understand the function of the female entertainer in Nipponese civilization.

That is why the Geisha has a specific role.2

The geisha is described as a? century old professional entertainer? the geisha is an of import

portion of traditional Nipponese societal life. Geisha are Masterss in the humanistic disciplines, trained in music, penmanship, Sado

( tea ceremonial ) poesy, conversation and societal graces every bit good as three stringed instruments called

Shamisen. They dress in traditional kimonos, stupefying in their elegance. Basic wooden clog getas are

worn for footwear, and hair is up in roll type hairdos trimmed with metallic accoutrements. Geisha literally

translated agencies? beauty individual? or? individual who lives by the humanistic disciplines. ? 3

The geisha emerged around the mid-Edo period ( 1600- 1868 ) . The first geisha appeared at

parties in the 1600? s. Surprisingly, they were work forces. Beating membranophones and doing gags, they entertained

the invitees and warriors. As clip passed this type of entertaining became a female business. By the

1780? s female geisha out numbered work forces and divine creative persons, authors, and instrumentalists with their olympian

lives in the flower and willow scene. From the terminal of the Edo period to the present geisha have had

connexions with business communities and even with authorities functionaries. They were non merely revered in Japan,

but besides fascinated most of western civilization. Their fees are instead extortionately expensive so they are

chiefly reserved for the elite. Alternatively of being calculated by the hr it is referred to in units of sticks,

since the fee was officially figured by the lengths of clip it took a stick of incense to fire down. One

hr by and large consists of? four sticks, ? which is the minimal sum of payment.4

Most people hear about Geisha and believe that they are all cocottes. Geisha is an art.5 The

geisha is non a cocotte, but an entertainer seeking to do a living.6 The mysterious geisha, at one clip

admired for pureness in maintaining with work forces, is necessarily still a beginning of desire.7A Geisha is a high-class

professional who exists on the same continuum as a cocotte. These adult females who become geisha? s non

out of love but because chance affords them this life. Men hire adult females to entertain them, and the

chief function of a geisha is to supply female company. At times that entails merely being arm confect,

and unluckily at other times it besides involves sex.8

These adult females are professional hostesses in a fluctuation. The geisha chiefly entertain the higher

category. These adult females are extensively trained in many of the traditional Nipponese arts.9 Men have sought

adult females of another type ( alternatively of their married womans ) to entertain them in public, to interrupt the ice of societal

convention-thicker in Japan than elsewhere, to pour interest, to sing, dance, play the sansien and to do


The Japanese do non typically prosecute in concern tiffins, but if invited to dinner after the

formal meetings ( which is likely to happen ) , if possible an credence is necessary. A cabaret, karaoke

saloon, or hostess nine follows dinner. For the Nipponese these societal interactions that take topographic point after

concern hours are all a portion of carry oning any concern. It is what some consider, the most of import

interaction in Japan. It is the manner the

Nipponese buttockss who they are in concern with and find

whether one can be trusted in a long-run relationship.11

Informal socialization is a opportunity to loosen up, be less restrained, and exchange ideas and feeling

that can non be expressed in the office. However, one time back in the meeting room after a dark of

socialization, everyone returns to the formal agencies of turn toing each other and choruss from mentioning to

what was said the old eventide. If invited to Nipponese imbibing party one should experience honored

because to the Nipponese this is a mark that a insouciant or personal relationship is desired. The Nipponese

believe that? imbibing together establishes trust, cements relationships, that allows tensenesss to

dissipate. ? Nominikeshon, communicating through imbibing, is a late coined word. The Nipponese feel

that intoxicant allows an chance to blow off steam and speak honestly about their feeling. One of the

advantages to imbibing is that? inappropriate? behaviour is now excused, or at least non to be taken with

complete earnestness. It is of import to recognize that personal inquiries will be asked of you during this

clip such as income, personal life, and the worth of your ownerships. These inquiries in Japan are non

viewed as taboo.12

Westerners have typically been outraged by the thought of the geisha. Surely, from an exterior

position, which by about any visible radiations shows Japan as an egregiously male dominated society, an

obedient and functioning adult females seems unfair.13 Traditionally, the topographic point of the Nipponese married woman has for so

long been in the privacy of the home.14 That is why most of the late dark imbibing activities are done

without their partners. That is why work forces find comfort within a geisha. The Geisha is trained to demo no

emotions that are negative. They are trained to conceal behind their Kabuki white face and keep a expression

that is to arouse an emotion that they are systematically pleased.15

Ironically, they are among the few Nipponese adult females who have managed to achieve economic ego

sufficiently and act upon on their ain virtues. Womans have dominated the function of the geisha for the yesteryear

250 year. They have served alleviation to career goaded business communities or stately officials.16. The usage of the

geisha as a type of amusement at concern meetings, and some may even take it farther. This is the

monetary value they pay for more of an independent life style that the married woman of the businessman.17 Price of

amusement of for five work forces at a first category tea house for an eventide amusement by a twosome geisha,

including dinner and a twosome of drinks, would run likely upward of $ 10,000. The geishas make a

ample income to back up themselves. Although one has to retrieve their Kimonos and hairdos are

instead dearly-won as good. They besides allot a certain sum to the teashop in which they entertain the


In fact, it is chiefly successful business communities and high-level politicians who can afford to maintain a

geisha. Geisha is to be orderly and pleasant and above all to maintain their oral cavity shut. They frequently hear

concern and province secrets from their clients.19 Today the figure of geishas has greatly declined, their

function taken over by the saloon hostesses. It is late estimated that there were half a million saloon hostesses

in Japan. Some of the saloon hostesses are cocottes but they are non wholly willing to make sexual favours in

exchange for money. One needs to be cautious about doing this error. The client is assigned a

hostess who will sit with him, pour drinks, and entertain in a coquettish mode. The patronage are about

ever work forces. Hostess nines are expensive and overpriced. An eventide could be a lower limit of $ 200.

Never conveying a saloon hostess to societal events where you will see your concern associates. Yet it is

acceptable to convey a geisha.20

Today geishas figure fewer than a 1000 found largely in Osaka and Kyoto.21 Geisha Don? T

hold any opposite number in our ain civilization because here in the West, work forces and adult females socialise together

freely. In Japan they don? T. Men hire a geisha to entertain them. They are besides a critical portion of the

Nipponese civilization. If one should hold to make concern in Japan it is of import that the function of the geisha is

understood as a portion of socialising. One besides must retrieve the importance of socialising as medium

through good will and concern is conducted to this Asiatic civilization.


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