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The Role of Student Protest in Indonesia in 1998 In 1998 was an unforgettable year in the history of Indonesia. The beginning of reform and social-political change. In 1998 Indonesia experienced economic and political crisis affecting the people of Indonesia marked by rising the poverty rate. With Indonesia’s situation has worsened, Students as young intellectuals take steps on be half of the destiny of Indonesia. The role of students in protest againstt he ruling government at that time very influential marked byt he resignation of President Soeharto and succeeded to bring Indonesia to the era of reform.

New Order period (1966-1998), strongly supported by the military government and then seek support of political elitesor the bourgeoisie. Priority is done by controlling inflation and high economic growth. The support of the west and Japan also came through aid and credit. Foreign capital began to enter so that industrialization began. (Eddi Prayitno, 2007) During the New Order government tried to press economic growth in various ways, one of them to borrow the funds of foreign countries.

But in the year 1997-1998, Indonesia experienced monetary crisis which is affecting the Indonesian economy, marked by the rising all prices things needs. With a situation like this, the society began to fret and anxiety. Rising BBM up to 70% increased the suffering of the people. Added with the attitude of officers who adopts KKN (Corruption, Collusion, Nepotism) makes the society more furious. Thus, students as young people put together a program to improve the situation at that time. Sudarma in his article, said, “The student movement of the 1990s reached its climax in 1998, beginning with the monetary crisis” (Sudarma, 2008).

With Indonesia’s condition worsened, making the students take step and move in order to determine destiny of the Indonesian nation, NoviTri Setyowati in his article states that students are the younger generation successor to the nation longest take of academic education and have the most experience is also regarded as the intellectual in the society(Tri, 2010). Students see that the worse the condition of Indonesia makes them be come together with other students. Previously students had been tightened in coming out with policies NKK / BKK (Normalisasi Kehidupan Kampus / Badan Koordinasi

Kemahasiswaan) for not to do activities outside the campus. Policy made in 1978 are directing students to attend academic activities and stay away from political activity because it is considered dangerous to the regime. This policy has turned out to paralyze the activities of students outside the campus while the regime stronger. But the restraint of students through the NKK / BKK does not last long, the events of the world economic crisis make Indonesia’s economy was destroyed. Making students back up which has been lost. students plan a national agenda that is down Suharto from his position as president.

In the 1998 student movement there are several student organizations who joined such as, FKSMJ(Forum Komunikasi Senat Mahasiswa Jakarta), FORBES(Forum Bersama), KAMMI(Kesaksian Aksi Mahasiswa Muslim Indonesia), FORKOT(Forum Kota) and other organizations. They together to unite the common goalis “stopped Soeharto”. This student movement began with the demonstration climbed the parliament building, as it has been a goal their actions. In the demonstration run with lancer and it is not safe, but many obstacles that blocking their action in speak their opinions.

With the demonstration of the increasingly severe situation make the President added security officers from both police and army to protect the situation. Security unit located on site at the time was the Police Mobile Brigade, 9th Cavalry Battalion, 203rd Infantry Battalion, Army Strategic Reserve Command Air Defense Artillery, Infantry Battalion 202, troops and riot Kodam Motorized Forces. They are equipped with shields, tear gas, Styer, and SS-1. That did not make the students stop but even make students more enthusiastic to bring more members.

Clashes and conflicts between students and security forces inevitable, so many victims who fell of among the students. From got hit, the tear gas, throwing, and even shot of security forces. The victim was taken to the hospital. Sudarma inthe article adds that the struggle of students demanding the resignation of the president was reached, but their struggleis very expensive, because it to be paid to the death of fourTrisakti students, they fall as a hero of reform(Sudarma, 2008). Revolutionary hero became the title for the victims who died from the university Tri Sakti, Jakarta.

And these events are familiar with the “Tragedy of Trisakti”. On 12 May 1998 shooting of officer poked his head, chest and neck of the victim, so victims quickly taken to the hospital, did not last long for his last breath, four students were killed are Elang Mulia Lesmana, Heri Hertanto, Hafidin Royan and Hendriawan Sie . So every 12 May to be recalled by students, especially Trisakti University. Until now, the shooting has not been revealed and there is no seriousness the government revealed it and There are some tragedies that I have not said.

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