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The Role of Spirituality in Overcoming Addictions Essay

Addiction can simply be defined as a state of being captive or enslaved towards doing something that leads to development of a habit or certain behavior of which to some extend one has no control over. Surely, addiction comes with strong feelings of attachment and desire for something or to certain specific behaviors. Every human being to some extend has a form of addiction which may range from trivial to life-threatening forms. They may either be psychological, neurological or even spiritual. These addictions act as a driving force from within that tends to enslave and abuse our freedom, hence one ends up acting in a manner that is contrast to what he or she would wish to. As it has been deduced, addiction can really take charge of someone‘s life to the extend of being life threatening. When it gets to such extend, quick measures should be taken before the situation gets out of hand. Documented research has shown that in the same way one gets addicted to alcohol, nicotine, cocaine, one can get addicted to ideas, power, relationships, religion (May, 1988). If one gets obsessed with a certain idea or even with another person and cannot control the feelings or thoughts, has been enslaved and hence addicted. One can also be spiritually addicted in the sense that he or she is entangled by the doctrines and can not have an independent thought or think logically outside the governing doctrines and law hence obsessed by the religion and considered as an addict. Addiction can be perceived from different angles, addiction of the mind, body or spirit depending on the prevailing situation that leads to the addiction (May, 1988). Some of the substances, drugs and behaviors that one can get addicted to include alcohol, cocaine, nicotine for example cigarette, sleeping pills, marijuana, caffeine, aerosols. Behavioral addictions may include computer games, gambling, overeating, love for money, power, sexual addiction, relationships or even ideas. There are signs and symptoms that come with various addictions and could be used to detect development of addictive behaviors. Some of the symptoms to checkout for include: tendency to do something repeatedly over and over again so as to obtain pleasure, when the individual stops using the substance they tend to feel uncomfortable and unsatisfied with a sense of lacking something vital. Another symptom is having difficulties in controlling and managing oneself and spending most of your time to acquire the substance or indulging in certain activities. Signs of addiction are the outward expressions that emanates from the addictive substance or behavior that one has. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More These signs are not universal, they may differ from one individual to another. Some of the major signs of addictions include mood swing where one tends to be anxious and at times relaxed; happy at one time then sad the next moment, changes in the size of the eyes and the pupils, tendency to over sleep, sudden weight loss or gain, change of friends, becoming confined and secretive. These and other signs can act as perfect indicators of individuals under the influence of drug and substance abuse. Human beings were never created to be fully satisfied. There is always a desire to have more and more. There is a need to have self control and know your boundaries and limits so as to avoid going overboard and becoming victims of addiction. Most of the things that chain and enslave us in life are mostly our own makings. We have come up with our own ideologies and objects that we worship and attach strong emotions and feelings on them, this has made mankind to drift away from God’s love and the love for one another and end up investing all the time in finding pleasure and satisfaction from drugs, addictive substances and behaviors which ends up eroding our dignity and scrapping away our freedom by enslaving us (May, 1988). It is through the harsh life and bondage that comes with addiction that leads one to learn and appreciate the peace of mind and freedom that God has bestowed on us. It enables us appreciate the grace of God which is a freely earned favor emanating from God’s loving nature upon mankind. To overcome these addictions, spirituality plays a very vital role. It comes from the believe and faith that we have in a supernatural being who is able to restore the dignity and peace that we have lost in the course of satisfying our humanly pleasures and needs. The faith and trust that we have in God is able to redeem and save one from the jaws of addiction. Though there are many ways to deal with addiction like seeking for counseling and advice from professionals, going to the rehabilitation centre, joining help groups, having treatment program, it all boils down to you as an individual and your relationship with God and other people that you associate with. If one can amend these relationships then they are on the right lane towards attaining self freedom, redemption and control of their lives. Through salvation which according to Greece or Latin means safety, one is made whole in Christ Jesus that is according to Christians, hence they become new creatures. With this faith, one is able to overcome any kind of oppression and slavery. Also getting involved with the right group of people with upright morals and who believe in God can help one change their bad habits and addictive behaviors. We will write a custom Essay on The Role of Spirituality in Overcoming Addictions specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Spirituality aids in promoting and upholding integrity and good moral values that may enable us shade away bad addictive behaviors and lead straight forward life, again we may have the will to do that which is good but the power to do it is not in us, so we ought to acknowledge God who is the giver of all powers and whose grace is sufficient to keep us safe from any kind of bondage and slavery. In conclusion, addiction can be regarded as bondages that are of our own making and that are basically out of our control hence to sufficiently deal with any kind of addiction one has to submit to an external source of power that comes from God and through His grace that He has freely outpoured upon those who call on Him and follow His laws and commandments. God’s grace is the ultimate hope and solution to the countless oppression and addictions facing mankind in the current times, hence there is hope for those who have been entangled by their own desires that have ended up being their worst enemies. Through grace has humankind found peace and satisfaction, for the heart of men will forever be restless until it finds rest in God. Reference List May, G. G. (1988). Addiction and grace: Love and spirituality in the healing of addictions. New York, NY: HarperCollins Publishers.
In the recent years there are many new technologies that have come up in far shorter span of time than ever before in the history. There are many new technologies that are incremental in their approach while the others completely break from the prototype and it redefines the entire industry. In 1997, the best-selling book, “The Innovator’s Dilemma,” Harvard Business School professor Clayton M. Christensen came up with two basic categories of technologies: sustaining and disruptive. Christensen in his sequel, “The Innovators Solution” has changed the term disruptive technology to “disruptive innovation” to accentuate that it is not exactly the technology that is disruptive but the strategy of the innovation that leads to disruption. Sustaining Technologies: Sustaining Technologies is an incremental increase in the features or performance for an established product. Some sustaining technologies can be discontinuous or radical in nature, while others are of incremental nature. They basically rely on improvements along with the dimensions of performance in an already established technology. We can see some significant percentages of the innovations we come across are sustaining innovations. We can consider an example of desktop computers. The significant natures of computers have not changed since its introduction in the late 1970 and early 1980s. What really have changed are the I/O devices like the display unit, keyboard, the type of software used and the speed and ability of the processor. These all are basically the incremental innovations that help in improving the base of the design. Disruptive Technologies: A Disruptive Technologies in contrast is new and displaces an already run established technologies. These technologies are disruptive as the name suggests enables to think in dimensions that no one would have thought of before. It is basically radically different from the technology that it displaces. A disruptive technology mainly captures the mind’s eye of the market because it brings about a twist in the market which is not there in sustaining technology. There are fundamentally two varieties of disruptive innovation: one is low end disruptive innovation and the other is new market disruptive innovations. Low end disruptive innovation occurs when the products tend to improve at a faster rate than the rate at which the customers can adapt to the new performances. A disruptive technology basically enters a market and provides a product whose performance is lower than its incumbent but surpasses the requirement in certain sectors helping it to gain a foothold in the market. They tend to target consumers who are happy with an acceptable product. Once it has gained a foothold in the market it then it tends to improve on the profit margin. The incumbents will not like to invest much in not so profitable markets and will like to move up and focus on more striking customers. After numerous of such encounters in the market the incumbents are left in the smaller markets which it was previously serving. And finally the disruptive technology forces the established corporation out of the marketplace. The New Market Disruption occurs when a product is not being served at all by the existing incumbents in the market. In this the main targets are the “non consumers” who currently do not consume the product and the organisations tend to create a new niche market for them. The growth of such markets are often ignored by established companies, once they begin to notice the changes in the market it’s too late as market disruption has already set in. Having a look at what disruptive technologies are capable of doing in today’s world. Let’s take the example of apple iPad which is a new tablet device as a replacement for the current concept of net book computing. It is believed that the product will help to develop a new era of technology and the responses towards it have been overwhelming till now. From its first look it seems to be a big iPod Touch, it’s until one actually holds it in ones hand, one can’t appreciate what makes it different from the iPhone and the Touch. There is something catchy about the size of the iPad that connects the person in reading, web browsing, playing games, viewing videos and other activities. The iPad is actually sitting between a phone and one of a laptop. Can iPad be characterized as sustaining or disruptive innovation? I believe that iPad can be disruptive as it has shown some signs that can be threatening. The iPad will enable entirely new types of applications which will drive the wide-spread of the device. There are two main examples with will be revolutionary for the future. It can be used as a Daily Prophet which provides a more involving platform for magazines, newspapers and books. With the advent of the iPad imagine science books where one can actually watch or participate in an imitation of an experiment or instead of just looking at some static pictures or organs, one can actually rotate them in 3D. Reading is considered as a man’s best friend, and most people do it sitting on couches, chairs or in the bed. Comparing it from a Smartphone’s screen whose screen is too small, in fact the iPad is just ideal for it. The touch screen provides a natural way of interacting with different types of media. The TV Companion application is a blessing for all its users that apple has developed. The TV companion application synchronizes information with the iPad and the programme on the TV that one is watching. With this one can actually watch a football match and get detailed analysis on each player and the ability to instantly replay any time. Sitting on the couch with a good movie in ones lap has a terrific experience in watching a video or a movie. With the iPad Netflix application it provides the customers with a library of vast instant movies. This can all happen with the help of even with a relatively weak Wi-Fi signal. iPad as an e-reader has been a great development. All the main newspapers New York Times, Reuters, Wall Street Journal and USA today all are collectively taking a step towards a minority report where just a touch can expand a whole story or can even start up a video. The iBooks stores have made it easy to buy a virtual book that cost a bit more on Apple than on Amazon. New innovation processes have been developed to the reading process which will make it easier to zip through the pages with just a scroll. This makes the pages turn really very fast. The backlight in it makes the pages even clearer to read and even the eyes do not strain. It’s also clear that the iPad is really very well-placed as a gaming platform. They are coming up with really good games that use the touch functions and the accelerometers to bring traditional games into the digital world. Even though the technology is relatively a new one, it can still be characterised as disruptive. It can be characterised as a ‘New Market Disruption’. It currently is targeting the non consumers who previously dint own a tablet computer and are entering a totally different market. There is always a lot of talk around the Apple’s device. The hype for the product is so much that many experts have predicted that it won’t be following the iPod and the iPhone family of products which has attracted a multi-billion dollar business in less than three years. iPad disruptive to established firm-Amazon’s Kindle? The outburst of the iPad can be considered as disruptive for many of its competitors. IPad has almost basically killed the Kindle and the net books. The problems with the net books are that they are just the cheaper laptops and are just used as an extra PCs. The iPad on the other hand has a much bigger screen than the net books, it’s much more simpler, can be used as a proper media device and has a battery life for about 10 hours which stands out for Apple. With this the sales of net books have fallen down drastically and have still not recovered. Then the other main competitor of Apple is the Amazons Kindle. The Kindle has been a great product. Kindle which was the number one selling product on which can be out of the market with the launch of the IPad. Steve Jobs even praised about the Kindle in his launch to the iPad. He stated “Amazon’s done a great job of pioneering this functionality with the Kindle. We’re going to stand on their shoulders and go a little further,” with the iPad’s iBook e-reader software. As soon as Steve Jobs dropped a bombshell, when he announced a 16GB, non 3G iPad, which was priced around $499. It marked the end of the Kindle there and then. It was just $10 more expensive than the top end Kindle DX, which was too much for just an e-book reader. On the other hand the iPad has about 140,000 applications by the fact that it runs iPhone OS. This enables the iPad to do tons of things which the kindle cant like playing games, display photos and videos and even have access to social networks. It can even run all the iPhone application with no modifications at all. They have a web browser by Safari which enables them to have access to millions of pages on the web, which the Kindle is limited to just the newspaper, books, magazines and blog spots. Apple has taken a direct shot to bring down the Kindle by launching the iBooks, a digital book shelf with number of applications from the high profile publishing partners. Also many books these days are coming up with graphics and certain photos and diagrams. All these features will direct the consumers towards the iPad. Also Apple has announced an impressive list of partners including Penguin, Macmillian, HarperCollins, Simon Schuster and Hachette. They can easily match the kindles books offering which gives 480,000 books, plus magazines, newspaper and blogs. That can also be opened on the iPad because of its Amazon’s Kindle iPhone application which technically will offer the same number of books. Another advantage that iPad has over kindle is its coloured display. As the bandwidth is getting cheaper by the day, media is shifting towards the visual. Even the New York Times applications have added video and full colour photos in the articles. And a lack of video is a serious problem for Kindle in the times to come. Ability of the Apple iPad touch interface, has the ability to turn pages much more one can do it in the real paperback books. This seems to be really valuable. It’s time for Amazon needs to keep pace with the competitors and needs to something about the Kindle. As an e-reader the first thing that Amazon needs to do is to add a touch screen to the kindle which will make the Kindle more user- friendly. There is also some information that Amazon has bought a touch screen company- a New York-based start-up Touchco, who are making completely transparent works with a colour LCDs, and can detect “an unlimited number of concurrent touch points that can easily differentiate between a finger and a stylus. There are still a lot of advantages that the Kindle possesses and should try to maintain those in order to survive in the future. One of the main advantages is that the Kindles screen is perfect for reading. Not only for reading indoors but outside in the sun too its’ suitable for reading. Also compared to the iPad where the cheapest device with the 3G will be around $629 and a additional plan of $14.99/month for the data plan, will be too expensive. Meanwhile in the Kindle 3G comes absolutely free, even the smaller version of the Kindle which costs about $259 comes along with a free 3G covering globally. Another advantage that Kindle has over apple is its battery life. According to Steve Jobs Apple’s iPad has a battery life of about 10 hours which is even better than most of its laptops. Kindle on the other hand gives a battery life which makes it run for an entire week with wireless on and two weeks with wireless off. Consumers who are just interested in books, is an ideal thing for them. Kindle has to be competitive against other devices as well that can display e-books and do much more along with it. I really don’t believe that Amazon alone by just adding a touch screen to its kindle will compete with all the devices. What Amazon has to do with its upcoming model Kindle 3 is to make sure to increase its sales somehow. They have to add some features that stand out for the Kindle also they should take advantage of the things that the iPad in particular like. They should start implementing multitasking on their Kindle which will make it more user-friendly. It will be a tough task for the Amazons think tank as to what is to be done as they have a tough road ahead of them. Amazon is missing a lot of opportunities even with its MP3 music store. IPad on the other hand is just too way ahead for Amazon. Apple being one of the best innovators in the recent times will make sure that no such competitors are a threat for them. They have a way to make other devices look second rated. Also Apple provides a far more features and is more user-friendly than the rest. Apple till now can be seen as a major threat to Amazon, as almost all the things that a Kindle does is all done by the Apple iPad but in a better way. What the net books have to do is have a look at iPad’s weakness and make sure their products take advantage of that. They can’t win on media consumption or gaming but they can surely make the net books as a more productive device by having more horsepower. But the future is bleak because the iPad is much more portable than any of the net books and has much more attractive features. Apple’s IPad has been a disruptive technology and with the increase in demand of the iPad it seems to be a great success. In the first week the sales figures of iPad in the US had reached to about 300,000units which was much more than even the sales for iPhone. And it’s taken just a month for the iPad to reach the 1million figure, with more than 12million applications from Apple’s store and 1.5 million from Apple electronic books. Apple iPad can be seen as a future in the technological world. Having the disruptive features it has entered the market and will totally erode the market leaving little scope for its competitors to grow as it has done with its other products.
Rutgers University Translation of Prose Sentence into Formal Notation Questions.

I’m working on a philosophy multi-part question and need an explanation to help me understand better.

1. Use a truth tree or truth trees to determine whether it is possible for this sentence to be true. Explain your answer. A -> ~(B -> C)2. Translate this prose sentence into formal notation and then use a truth tree or truth trees to determine whether it is possible for the sentence to be true. Explain your answer. It is false that either if I am a student then I love logic or if I am a student then I do not love logic.3. Use a truth tree or truth trees to determine whether this sentence is a contingency, a contradiction, or a tautology. Explain your answer. (A -> B) ^ (~A v ~B)4. Translate this prose sentence into formal notation and then use a truth tree or truth trees to determine whether this sentence is a contingency, a contradiction, or a tautology. Explain your answer. If I’m tired then I’ll take a nap, but if I’m not tired then I won’t take a nap.5. Use a truth tree or truth trees to determine whether this set of formal sentences is consistent, contradictory, or equivalent (remember, ‘or’ is inclusive). Explain your answer. A ^ B, ~(~A ^ ~B)6. Translate this set of prose sentences into formal notation and then use a truth tree or truth trees to determine whether the set of formal sentences is consistent, contradictory, or equivalent (remember, ‘or’ is inclusive). Explain your answer. Unless I cook dinner, I have to order delivery.If I have to order delivery, then I do not cook dinner.7. Use a truth tree or truth trees to determine whether this formal argument is valid or invalid. Explain your answer. 1. A v (B v C)2. ~(~A v ~B)C. C8. Translate this prose argument into formal notation and then use a truth tree or truth trees to determine whether the formal argument is valid or invalid. Explain your answer.If I study hard, then I will get a good grade. I will get a good grade. Therefore, I study hard.9. Translate this prose argument into formal notation and then use a truth tree or truth trees to determine whether the argument is valid or invalid and sound or unsound. Explain both of your answers. (“I” refers to you, the student.) I love burrata if and only if I have decent taste. I have decent taste. Therefore, either I love burrata or I really love burrata.
Rutgers University Translation of Prose Sentence into Formal Notation Questions

basic computer skills.

Discussion QuestionOn the Internet, there are many websites who support and provide responsible stewardship. Please find a unique website who’s article you find interesting but also follows Saint Leo’s core value of responsible stewardship.Describe the website and provide a URL [this site must be unique and not used by other students]. Tell us why you chose this site, and why you believe they support or provide responsible stewardship. Also, tell us why responsible stewardship is important.Saint Leo Core ValueSaint Leo’s core value of responsible stewardship is described as follows: “Our Creator blesses us with an abundance of resources. We foster a spirit of service to employ our resources for University and community development. We must be resourceful. We must optimize and apply all of the resources of our community to fulfill Saint Leo University’s mission and goals.”
basic computer skills

Tour Operators And Their Responsibility For Tourism Tourism Essay

Tour Operators And Their Responsibility For Tourism Tourism Essay. Introduction: Overseas travel has always held an element of risk. Risk represents a source of potential harm to an operator or a destination/community. The types of risk include financial, health, physical, crime, terrorism, social, psychological, and natural disaster. The terrorist attacks in the United States of America on 11 September 2001 changed forever our views of traveller safety and security (“Wilks JTour Operators And Their Responsibility For Tourism Tourism Essay

Movie on disability

term paper help Movie on disability. I’m trying to learn for my Film class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

IMPORTANT–View a movie of your choice, a feature film that concerns disability in some way. Here are the particulars for Application Assignment #3:Application Assignment 3: (34 points) To explore disability perceptions, select and watch a movie that includes a character with a disability. This can be a “classic” movie, contemporary film, or a personal favorite that you re-watch with a critical lens. In a minimum one page, double-spaced paper (250-325 words), (that you bring to class)– respond to the following questions: What is the title; who is the director? In what ways are disabled individuals/disabled bodies represented? How is this representation contrasted with normalcy? What are the messages these representations send to society? Did the character have an inclusive experience? What thoughts and questions do you have as you reflect on the film? (You do not necessarily need to answer all questions above)
Movie on disability

Strategies for Community Mental Health Services

Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp Topic Paragraph: In our current society, many believe that barriers to mental health treatments are “limited availability and affordability of mental health care services, insufficient mental health care policies, lack of education about mental illness, and stigma” (Unite for Site, 2000-2013). If those barriers exist for people with mental health issues to access treatments, then what are the strategies available to problem solve the situation? When it comes to the topic of mental health services, most of us will readily agree that it became more of a vast issue than before due to changes in laws and policies in recent years. Here I am writing to delve deeper into strategies available within community mental health services for people who are suffering from mental health conditions. 1. Correlates of Peer Support in a Clubhouse Setting Many people assume that peer support is significantly important part of mentally ill individuals’ treatment or part of their daily life. This article observes function of peer networks within the Clubhouse environment as well as types of social supports available. This study used random sampling. 126 participants were randomly chosen from ICCD certified Clubhouse located in Midwestern state in the US. Participants were interviewed individually in private room for 45 minutes to an hour by trained interviewers. This article reported that peer support (Clubhouse staff, member, family, friend) in a Clubhouse setting is successful and gives deeper meaning and support to people who are recovering or battling from/with mental health condition or reentering into society. The article suggested that characteristics of socioeconomic status (e.g. low income, living with psychiatric disorder diagnosis) did not matter to the whether individuals valued having peer support or not. They indicated that participants noted “direct participation in the Clubhouse” spread their social circle within the Clubhouse, kindle some friendships, and gaining better employment through the Clubhouse’s training (Biegel, Pernice-Duca, Chang, and D’Angelo, 2013, p.257). They suggested longitudinal studies and ethnographic studies on this matter. Longitudinal study is required to gain more understanding of peer support and other benefits that members receive. Ethnographic study is also required to clarify and confirm the benefit of the Clubhouse as well as an understanding of the Clubhouse social networks and support (Biegel, Pernice-Duca, Chang, and D’Angelo, 2013, p. 259). 2. Feasibility and preliminary outcomes from a pilot study of an integrated health-mental health promotion program in school mental health services When it comes to the topic of health and mental health for youth in the US, it is often said that needs and demands are high and increasing, however, not utilized or often missed opportunities to receive services in community health/mental health services. This pilot study report, strategies to integrate Changing Lifestyles to Impact Mind and Body’s (CLIMB’s) program that get served within School based Mental Health (SMH). They assessed how easily the CLIMB program can be incorporated, what are the student, family, and clinicians acceptance of the program, and how effective is the program getting served within SMH. The focus of this study was to teach positive parenting and behavior skill training. The study was run for a 6 week period. They have chosen 10 students who already have been referred to community mental health and have been receiving SMH services for emotional and behavior issues. They have chosen Southeastern region of US for this study. This particular region typically represents a high poverty rate (high numbers of free or reduced lunch and low income families). The CLIMB program offers promotion and intervention of healthy lifestyle, eating habits and incorporating evidence-based youth mental health treatment. Those with mental health treatment/teaching included self- monitoring, goal-setting, communication skills, learning own behaviors, problem-solving strategies, and maintenance strategies to name a few. Results showed overall improvement in youth eating habits, lifestyle, mental health issues (e.g. Increase self esteem, better communication skills). Also, parents of youth reported with use of positive parenting to support their youth in healthy lifestyle. The clinicians were accepting of the CLIMB program due to “easier to build a therapeutic relationship,” (George et al., 2014, p. 26). However the clinicians voiced longer and better training as well as updated manuals and accessibility of materials. 3. Health care and public service use and costs before and after provision of housing for chronically homeless persons with severe alcohol problems. It is often said that homelessness is chronic issues around most towns in the US. The article reported that those homeless populations often carried other burden as range from severe alcoholism, comorbid medical issues to psychiatric issues. Those populations incur and often use the emergency room for support or brought in to an emergency room involuntary by law enforcement. Cost and use of the above services are quite hefty and damaging to our government finance. This article focuses on evaluating and determining health care service, criminal justice service, and housing cost can be reduced by use of intervention called “housing first/1811 Eastlake” for homeless with severe problems with alcohol and other comorbidity of health and mental issues. They used quasi experimental design which lacks the random assignments to study or control. However, they have justified that random assignments were wrong not to offer a housing when there is one available. They chose to offer housing by first come, first serve basis. They compared 95 participants (treated group) who was offered housing and 35 wait-list participants. Enrollment to the program/study run from November 2005 to March 2007. The study claims tremendous cost reduction in health care service, criminal justice service, housing cost, and participants’ alcohol intake has been reduced. They also suggested a correlation between length of stay at housing and cost reduction of medical, judicial and housing services, longer the participants stayed the outcome of cost reduction is greater (Larimer et al., 2009). 4. Mobile crisis intervention to enhance linkage of discharged suicidal emergency department patients to outpatient psychiatric services: a randomized controlled trial. It is often said that increase in repeated emergency department (ED) use by homeless with mental health issues or substance related issues are crippling funding and resources available at the hospital. This study look at mobile crisis team (MCT) can decrease the number of homeless populations with other physical and mental ailments repeated return to the ED. They assume that first appointment after ED discharge will create a continuum of mental health treatment which will lead to improvement of symptoms and daily life function of patients. They used rater-blinded, randomized controlled trial. 120 participants were gathered and evaluated for suicidal thoughts, plans, or behaviors (Currier, Fisher, and Caine, 2010, p36). Those participants were randomly offered to follow up with either MCT or outpatient mental health clinic (OPC). They reported MCT approach was highly successful in reaching out to the mentally ill population who frequently use ED services for recurring suicidal ideation/thoughts. However, they were not able to report that MCT approach or OPC approach works better in community for the above population to access postdicharge treatment/follow up or if there are signs of improvement in participants’ symptoms or quality of life. They discuss there are no other study/research out there that the studied effectiveness of MCT as well as a limitation of their study. Such as small sample population was used for study, their study differed from other ED based studies, and most of all the participants were “sufficiently stable and safe for discharge” (Currier, Fisher, and Caine, 2010, p. 42). I have a question “what are the strategies available for community mental health services?” I have chosen the path to research strategy available to community mental health treatments and that is my main focus. Then I will be incorporating and adding onto research with my other question “what are the barriers to community mental health services/treatments?” as supporting evidence and enhance my main focus “strategy.” References Biegel, D., Pernice-Duca, F., Chang, C.,

Temple University US Economic Distribution Questions Discussion

Temple University US Economic Distribution Questions Discussion.

1. (0, 5, or 10) Should income in the U.S. be distributed equally? If not, should there be at least a greater degree of equality than we presently have? What are the advantages and disadvantages of greater equality?2. (0, 5, or 10) When the capital gains tax rate was reduced from 28 to 20 percent in 1997, and especially when it was cut again to 15 percent in 2003, many people thought these reductions would be temporary. How did this belief affect the incentive to sell assets, when the tax rates were cut compared to a situation in which the tax rates were cut permanently? How would the belief that the cuts were temporary alter the choice between selling assets that had experienced large capital gains versus those that had experienced only small capital gains? (Page 83)3. (0, 5, or 10) In 1984, balances in individual retirement plans $865 billion. Twenty-five years later, they rose to almost $13 trillion. In general, balances in private retirement accounts are not included in the statistics that show rising income or wealth inequality. How might such an oversight affect our conclusions about inequality?4. (0, 5, or 10) Consider a decrease in the capital gains tax rate and an increase in the earned income tax credit. a) What is the effect of each of these on income distribution?b) Would you support either one? Why or why not?5. (0, 5 or 10) What changes do you feel are likely to be made to Social Security in the next 5 to 20 years? Why? Think of the people/organizations affected by the change, and who would support the change and who would fight it.6. (0, 5 or 10) How would a change in the immigration laws that allowed more legal immigration affect the budget crisis the U.S. faces with Social Security and Medicare?7. (0 or 5) On the issues of income inequality and poverty, do you consider yourself an economic liberal (support government involvement in reducing income inequality and poverty) or an economic conservative (the government should not be involved)? Where would you place yourself on this scale (pick a number from 1 to 11)?
Temple University US Economic Distribution Questions Discussion