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Lynn Duong Mauricio There are eight tasks that the people and the legislation have to do in order to get bills passed. The first task is for an interest group to define the issue and agree to what the problem is and what they want the legislation to do about it. The second task is to set up a paper about the pros and cons of the problem or issue and summarize what they know and don’t know about the problem. The third task is to create a solution to the problem through public policy, program decision or provision that would eventually fix the problem.

The fourth task is to get the public to support you. The fifth task is to convince the legislation into signing on by introducing it as a legislative bill. The sixth task is to organize hearings with the committee to talk about the bill. The seventh task is to lobby legislatures to siding with you about the bill when it is voted on. The eighth task is to lobby for money to run the program, that is, if the bill was passed. (Chambers & Wedel, 2005) The judiciary plays an important role in shaping public policy. They hold the power in the decision making.

They are the ones that can restrict or expand the power of the government administrators and officials so that they are consistent with past court decisions, with governmental principles, and (sometimes) with the fundamental constitutional rights of citizens. (Chambers & Wedel, 2005) There are many social and organizational policies that are affected by what the judicial systems decides. The first thing to remember is that the courts must decide who is right when two parties are needing to find out which side of the situation is right.

The second thing is that the courts can shape and frame social policy in regard to administration rulings as well as legislation. And the final thing is that practitioners need to understand that attitude that the courts have when they are reluctant to such findings. (Chambers & Wedel, 2005) As I was searching the First Step House website for information that pertains to this project I could not find anything. So I clicked onto the link that took me to the United States Department of Veteran Affairs and found a lot of information. The US department of Veteran Affairs uses the laws as a tool to improve the way that they help the veterans.

They use the judicial system to set up programs that help the veterans get benefits in a timely manner. They had a case where the government and the families of the veterans that have passed away went to court over what to do with the organs because the veteran was an organ donor. The judiciary is used to make decisions on a person’s eligibility for social security benefits or worker’s compensation, protection of the environment, enforcement of health and safety regulations, employment discrimination, and compliance with economic regulatory requirements. www. va. org) After reading through this website I have come to realize that the judiciary system is very important when it comes to funding, housing, and treatment for the veterans. The laws influence the decision making and day to day operations of this organization by making sure that the laws and rules are followed and that the veterans get the care that they need. Some veterans deal with post traumatic stress disorder and need to get help trying to live in a civilian world again.

The judiciary makes sure that this happens by responding to complaints that may come up and trying to decide the appropriate side in the problem. There are drug and alcohol programs for the veterans and some of them are state and government funded as well as private donations. The judiciary works with the organizations to make sure that the funding is used accordingly and not in places that it is not needed.

The government is trying to build housing for the homeless veterans and they have programs where the veterans can get help with food, shelter, and clothing. The welfare system is set up to help them with this and the judicial system is there to make sure that the laws are followed and that there is no special treatment or the veterans are treated with respect. The judicial system helps out so much with the laws and regulations that need to be followed. If we didn’t have a judicial system the world would be filled with a lot of unnecessary chaos.

of this work is to create an object to encapsulate a program. You must write a class that will be used in another Python script to manipulate the chosen program

The goal of this work is to create an object to encapsulate a program: Seqgen: You must write a class that will be used in another Python script to manipulate the chosen program. We will use the Seqgen program as an example in this statement.Seqgen is a programmer used to simulate the evolution of nucleic acids or amino acids along a phylogeny. you are going to create a RunProg class that will manage the execution of this program. It is very important to understand how to run the Seqgen program from the command line. The diagram below describes the different services offered: RunProg __init__( paramsFile ) run() status() reset() view() read( file ) validparameters() __init__( self, paramsFile ): The constructor takes as a parameter a configuration file indicating the execution parameters of the Seqgen program. run( self ): Starts the execution of Seqgen with the parameters provided to the constructor. Execution should not be blocking. status (self): returns the execution status: (0) not started / (1) in progress / (2) completed successfully / (3) completed with failure reset ( self ): Allows you to interrupt the execution and erase all traces of it. view (self): returns the list of generated files RunProg you are free to define your attributes – __init__( paramsFile ) – run() – status() – reset() – view() – read( file ) – parametersValides() read (self, file): returns the contents of the file (if it exists). validparameters(): indicates if there is at least one bad parameter in the configuration file.

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