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The role of community Health Nurse in Disaster Power Point Presentation

The role of community Health Nurse in Disaster Power Point Presentation.

Assignment:Create a PowerPoint with the intended audience to be a community health department.Focus on a real or fictional disaster that has or could affect your area. For example, if you live on the Florida coast you might choose potential hurricane. Discuss the role of the Community Health Nurse in each stage of disaster. You should include a few slides on each stage of disaster: preparedness, response, recovery with specific activities and resources that the public health nurse would use in each stage.Identify other agencies that might be involved. The assignment should be submitted in PowerPoint format, with at least 10 content slides including the objective slide (in addition to a title slide and reference slide) and include at least two scholarly sources other than provided materials.
The role of community Health Nurse in Disaster Power Point Presentation

Create a mind map or model representing the AHIMA Data Quality Management Model. I need support with this Health & Medical question so I can learn better.

Create a mind map or model representing the AHIMA Data Quality Management Model. Include the following:

The four data quality management functions (including descriptions of the functions).
Include all 10 characteristics of the DQM.
Include the application, collection, warehousing, and analysis of each characteristic.
Note: Do NOT COPY a chart, graph, model or picture and turn it in as your work or your assignment will receive a grade of zero.

Have fun with this! The point is for you to construct this in a way you will remember these qualities and characteristic. Create the map in a way that you would be able to explain to me the DQM model without using your textbook. However, be sure that it makes sense to your audience who is looking at it.
If you do not know what mind mapping is – I have provided you below with a website and a YouTube video that may be helpful! (Links to an external site.)
Create a mind map or model representing the AHIMA Data Quality Management Model

Cypress College Module 12 Art The Last Judgement Question.

I’m working on a art writing question and need guidance to help me learn.

Art 1 Module 12/Assignment on the Last Judgement portal, west tympanum of Saint-Lazare, Autun, FrancePurpose: To understand how large-scale church sculpture functioned during the Romanesque period.Skills: 1. Reading religious sculpture from the Romanesque and articulating it in writing 2. Making connections between religious sculpture and the culture at large in the Romanesque period.1. In general, how is the theme of The Last Judgement depicted in art (where is Christ, the saved, and the damned)?2. What group of people would have been the intended audience?3. List two reasons why pilgrims might go on pilgrimages?4. What was the warning of this image?5. Name three parts of the Romanesque portal (not narrative themes, but parts as seen on the diagram of the Romanesque Portal)…
Cypress College Module 12 Art The Last Judgement Question

PSY 7610 Capella University Wk 7 Evaluation of Technical Quality Discussion.

Evaluation of Technical QualityIn Unit 2, you selected one standardized test that has relevancy to your academic and professional goals to be the focus of your course project. Your Unit 2 assignment focused on the first four elements of the Code for selecting a test. For this assignment, you will complete a deeper analysis of the technical quality of your selected test by focusing on the fifth element of the Code, which states that the test user will “evaluate evidence of the technical quality of the test provided by the test developer and any independent reviews.” To complete this assignment, you will draw upon the knowledge you gained in Units 3 and 4 about psychometrics in general and reliability and validity in particular.For this assignment, use the test you selected for your assignment in Unit 2. Locate and summarize a minimum of four articles related to the technical qualities of the selected test. You are encouraged to use the PSY7610 Library Research Guide, linked in the resources, to assist your search.For each article:List the APA reference for each journal article (a minimum of four).Identify if the article addresses reliability or validity.Discuss if the article addresses sources of error variance, reliability estimates, evidence of validity, or bias and fairness.Identify the specific type of reliability or validity (for example, test-retest reliability, predictive validity, et cetera).Identify the overall results of the research, including any psychometric or statistical outcome.Guidelines for Selecting the LiteratureUse the most current sources you can find. Do not use sources older than 8 years. (You may cite older sources if they are classics, if you want to show the chronology of something, or if you have another good reason. If you choose to use older sources, you will need to explain why.) Use current, peer-reviewed journal articles. Do not use sources without an author or a publication date. Do not use quotes; use only your own words. Please see the Academic Integrity and Plagiarism link in the resources for concerns with high content matching in papers. Evaluate whether the results support the use of your test as appropriate for your field and populations to be served.Note: The articles you need to complete this assignment should be available inside the library collection. In future courses, you may use the Capella library’s Interlibrary Loan service to obtain articles outside of the collection, but you should not have to use the service for this course. In the event that you cannot find articles covering a newer test edition, please refer to the List of Tests by Type document, linked in the resources. Note which tests have been designated as acceptable for searching prior test editions.Instructions for the content of the paper are in the template located in the Resources. Write your assignment using the u05a1 Assignment Template [DOCX].Additional RequirementsYour paper should meet the following requirements:References: A minimum of four journal articles (textbooks, web pages, literature reviews, and the MMY book reviews do not count for these references).Length of paper: Evaluation must be at least five pages in length for content (not including title page, abstract, or references).Note: Your instructor may use the Writing Feedback Tool to provide feedback on your writing. In the tool, click the linked resources for helpful writing information.ReferenceJoint Committee on Testing Practices. (2004). Code of fair testing practices in education. Retrieved from…ResourcesThe test that was selected is the WRAT test.
PSY 7610 Capella University Wk 7 Evaluation of Technical Quality Discussion

Implementation and Conclusion

Implementation and Conclusion. Paper details I have attached the rubric, and cover letter, and HR proposal to help with the implementation and conclusion section of this paper. Things needing to be implemented: company-wide overview of all HR positions Assessment of all company policies and processes, and then determining what can be centralized to make things consistent company-wide (minus state/local laws) Restructure, removing positions that can be combined or outsourced. One HR generalist per 500 employees Communication sent to all HR employees about the changes coming forward and provide a timeline. Give out phases of when things will happen. Provide benefits of these changes, ROI, etcImplementation and Conclusion

Fort Lauderdale High School Marijuana Significant in The Medical Context Essay

essay writer free Fort Lauderdale High School Marijuana Significant in The Medical Context Essay.

issue of your choice and use other sources to support your argument. REQUIRED ELEMENTS Written in 3rd person point of view. Do not use “I” (first person) in the paper or “you” (2ndperson) in the paper. Pleaseno announcing, i.e, “This paper will prove. I am writing about. I believe.”MLA Heading to top left, title, MLA page number style on right top of each page.Minimum of 750 Words, plus Works Cited pageMust be typed.Use 12 pt. New Roman type.Double spaced throughoutMust have MLA in-text citations within the text and a Works Cited page. Papers that do not have both will not be accepted.Use of academic quality sources. The best bet is to get articles from the library’s academic databases Opposing Viewpoints will present articles from both sides as was explained in the library presentation or if you google use “.edu”or “.gov articles”. Stay away from organizations that might present biased information like Planned Parenthood if you were writing about abortion or the NRA if you were writing about gun laws. You may use a personal interview with a person you know if it fits your topic. At least four different sources – no Wikipedia allowed.
Fort Lauderdale High School Marijuana Significant in The Medical Context Essay

Digital Media Law Essay

Digital Media Law Essay. I need an explanation for this Law question to help me study.

I will expect you to think critically about First Amendment rights as you develop these essays. Four cases will be presented after these instructions. You are to write your essay on only one of the cases for Essay 1 and one of the remaining 3 for Essay 2. In the first paragraph, describe the dilemma you have, the situation you are in. In your essays, address the questions posed following the scenario, but make it all flow as though those questions are thoughts you have and know that they must be considered in arriving at a solution to your journalistic dilemma. Do not list the questions within your essay and then answer them individually. You must fully justify the path you choose. In other words, whether you choose a solution that is provided to you within the case scenario or another one you have come up with on your own, you must explain completely why you have made this choice. Refer to at least two previously decided cases (precedents) as partial support for your decision. Remember: The First Amendment is NOT a precedent. Do not start off writing the scenario as it appears in this assignment simply to add words to your essay. You must begin by briefly explaining the dilemma you are facing. Remember: The reader of your paper doesn’t know what the assignment is. Your paper must be submitted to Turn-ItIn by the deadlines above to receive full credit. Do your own work. I have caught many students plagiarizing the work of previous students, and it did not end well. Turn-It-In has all papers submitted for this assignment for the past six years in its repository, and I have them, also.
Specifications: Use this list as your checklist before you submit through Turn-It-In! Points will be taken off if you do not follow this checklist! You must write this on your own. This is not a group project!
____ 650–900 words (This is a firm minimum and maximum number of words—not one word fewer nor one word more.) ____ 12-pt. Times New Roman, double spaced ____ 1-inch margins on all four sides of page ____ Contact info and name in header on every page; you MUST include your email address!! ____ Indent paragraphs ½ inch with NO extra spacing between paragraphs ____ Include page numbers ____ Do not submit PDFs. I cannot correct them. _____ Include a reference/bibliography section.
The cases follow:
Case 1
How much information should you report?
THE SCENARIO: You are a reporter for a local newspaper. You come back to the office one day to find several staff members discussing this story:
Two teenagers have been killed in an automobile accident. The driver, who survived, had been drinking prior to the accident. The two girls in the back seat, both of whom were killed, were nude at the time of the accident. Your colleague, another reporter, is pushing for all the known facts to be reported. But the editor argues that the fact of the girls’ nudity should not be revealed; he claims that such information will just be an additional insult to their parents, who already are suffering from the girls’ deaths. Ask: Do you have a right to publish: The fact that the driver was drinking? The fact that the girls were nude at the time of the accident? Would it be responsible to publish these facts in reporting the accident? Brainstorm ALONE about things to consider in deciding whether to report this information: Do we have all the facts? Has anyone interviewed the survivor? Does the newspaper have a policy on printing names of sexual-assault victims? Will publishing the information help anyone else?
Case 2
Detachment or involvement?
You are a reporter for a large urban daily. The paper plans a major series on poverty. Your editor assigns you to do an in-depth piece on the effects of poverty on children, with special emphasis on what happens when drug addiction becomes part of the story. You have identified several families willing to be subjects for the story. Three families agree to be photographed — and identified — and you spend four months with them, visiting their homes every day and observing what goes on. You tell them your job is to be an observer — a “fly on the wall” — so you can gather information for this important series. In one home, you watch as a mother allows her three-year-old daughter to go hungry for 24 hours. You see this same child living in a filthy room, stepping on broken glass and sleeping on a urine-soaked mattress. You know the mother is HIV-positive and you watch as she brushes her daughter’s teeth with the same toothbrush she uses. You see the mother hit the child with full force. You see the little girl about to bite on an electrical cord. Her plight haunts you.
What do you do to satisfy both your conscience and your responsibilities as a reporter?
A. Report the mother to the authorities so the girl will be removed from this environment and placed in a foster home. Then write the story.
B. Write the story first, detailing your observations. After the story has been published, notify the authorities, giving the mother’s address.
C. Write the story, but don’t identify the mother or child to police or social service authorities. Remember, you are a reporter. You’ve put the information in the newspaper. It’s not your job to act as a police officer.
D. Your own solution to the dilemma.
Case 3
To what lengths should you go to get a story?
You are a correspondent for a major television network. Your producers have done a great deal of research about a national grocery chain; they allege that some of its grocery stores are asking employees to participate in unsanitary food-handling practices. This is an important story. Consumers may get sick if they eat tainted food, you argue, and they have a right to know that a food store is not handling its food in a safe manner. You want to make sure this story airs on national television. You believe that to get good footage you have to go into the store with cameras and film the store’s workers actually engaging in unsafe practices. You need proof. As the television correspondent, how will you get your story?
A. Call the store manager and request an on-site interview, with cameras. Explain that you have some information that consumers will want to know about and give the store a chance to show its side of the story.
B. Just appear at the store one day, without advance notice to the manager. That way you won’t tip off the staff that you’re onto a story.
C. Pretend to be looking for a job in the store; complete an employment application and actually get hired. Then, while you’re at work, use hidden cameras to document the unsafe practices you see.
D. Your own solution to the dilemma. Be specific.
Case 4
Will a negative story be allowed to run in a high school newspaper?
As a high school journalist, you have developed several sources of information about the football camp held each year at your school. You hear that brutal hazing is part of athletes’ initiation to 4 the team. Investigating further, you learn that new players are subject to various humiliations and assaults, sometimes with broomsticks, electrical cords and socks stuffed with tennis balls. This is a big, important story. Kids are being hurt. You work hard to get your facts right and spend a great deal of effort checking and double-checking your sources. Your newspaper’s adviser supports you and your work. But when you are ready to publish the story in the school newspaper, the principal says you can’t run it unless you make substantial changes. You must eliminate a player’s comments and add a prepared statement from the football coach. The coach also says this is “negative journalism” and wants you to hold the story until after the playoffs.
What do you do?
A. Drop the story. You know you’ve done a good job, but if the principal won’t let you run the story as you have prepared it, you won’t run it at all.
B. Wait until after the playoffs, as the coach requests, and then print the story according to the principal’s requirements: Drop the player’s comments and run the football coach’s statement. At least some of the information you have uncovered will come out.
C. Print the story as your principal demands, by dropping the player’s comments and running the football coach’s statement. But add an editor’s note at the end of the story, explaining that school officials, including the coach, reviewed the story and insisted that changes be made to it before it was published.
D. Your own solution to the dilemma. Be specific.
Digital Media Law Essay

EVR 1001 Florida State College Agriculture Soil and Pesticides Research Paper

EVR 1001 Florida State College Agriculture Soil and Pesticides Research Paper.

Assume that you have control over three potential uses for your corn crop which include:Ethanol productionLivestock feedCorn syrupWhich of the above uses would you choose for your corn? Provide at least 3 reasons to justify your choice. Provide at least one reason for not choosing either of the other alternatives.If given the choice, would you use groundwater or treated wastewater for irrigation and provide support for your choice.You have the choice to use either synthetic pesticides to increase crop yield or some non-synthetic alternative pest control method(s) that might not give the same crop yield. Which would you choose and provide justification for your choice.
EVR 1001 Florida State College Agriculture Soil and Pesticides Research Paper