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The role of communication and interpersonal interaction in health and social-care Introduction This assignment is centred on effective interpersonal interaction and good communication in health and social care which is achieved through the use of multiple communication methods and techniques and the analysis of how certain types of people think and communicate.

P1 Explain the role of effective communication and interpersonal interaction in health and social care Key Terms Formal- The use of professional conversational language Informal- The use of more casual language Communication- The exchange of information between people Context- The circumstances in which an event occurs in a setting Interaction- When someone or something has an effect on something else in a setting

People communicate in a variety of different ways people sometimes use Non Verbal Communication- is communication without speaking to someone and verbalising the communication between the two non verbal communications is things like gestures, body language, posture, facial expression and eye contact or lack of it Written communication- is communication through writing things down and expressing yourself to others in that way some people may find this method more effective and it may allow them to communicate more effectively with those around them because by writing down clearly exactly what you mean it is a lot simpler and unlike verbally there is virtually no room for misreading’s or miscommunications.

Oral communication/ Verbal communication- is communication expressed through words spoken from your mouth this is probably the most commonly used form of communication and while it is the quickest and probably the easiest to use it leaves a lot of room for misunderstanding or misinterpretation sometimes people say things but you tell by the tone of their voice the way in which they said it or under the circumstances they have said it that this is no genuinely what they mean and this is not what they really want to say.

Effective communication is of upmost importance in health and social care it is the centre stone of understanding between the client and the health care worker they worker needs to make sure that communication on both sides is effective and clear and everything is understood, they would also be expected to assess when a situation occurs that the communication Is not being understood identify the barriers in this scenario and then work through them and make sure that this client receives the message and that any issues they have are resolved. M1 Assess the roles of effective communication and interpersonal interactions in health and social care with reference to theories of communication In a society it is essential to have effective communication skills, without those things can be very difficult.

When you say communication people tend to generally just think about verbal communication and while speaking and listening is a large portion of what communication is it is a lot deeper than that and some people believe some of the other aspects like body language and facial expressions to be even more important in the maintaining of effective communication skills than forms of verbal communications. This is because generally you can tell a lot about what people mean judging by their body language some are more obvious than others but generally if someone is saying one things and clearly means another most of us would be able to spot it, for example if a person was clearly upset and distressed and then you asked them what was wrong with them and they told you they were fine, it is obvious to you that this person is not fine even though they are telling you that they are.

People when communicating take some time to adjust to each other; this can be seen by Tuckman’s theory of group’s formation (1965). He said that there are four stages when socialising in a group. 1. Forming- where everyone focuses on the leaders for guidance and direction to show them the way 2. Storming-group members vie for positions in the group and attempt to establish themselves in their group 3. Norming- is when agreement and consensus is formed amongst the groups, roles and responsibilities are established and the team may engage in fun and social activities together 4.

Performing- the team is more strategically aware, and knows clearly what it is doing there is no leaders disagreement still ppear but are dealt with positively within the group Tuckman’s theory of group’s formation show us that effective communication and good interpersonal skills by group members working together in a health and social care environment or any group need good interpersonal skills and effective communication to be able to effectively work together and form as a team, Tuckman’s theory suggests that when groups are formed the dominant group members fight for position to be viewed as group leader and once everyone’s roles are established the team becomes aware of each other and start to notice patterns of what does and doesn’t work for their team and start to alter this in order to achieve optimum results.

This is done through communication and acknowledgement that their communication techniques may need to be altered in order for the team to work together effectively and achieve whatever their collective goal may be. Argyle’s theory of the development of communication cycle centres on six core concepts, or, a cycle. The cycle is as follows. 1. An idea occurs. For example, let us say that our idea is someone wants to buy a car. 2. Message coded. This would be us putting our desire of a car into whatever medium we wish to communicate with. This may be a language, pictures, writing, or any other medium you can think of. 3. Message sent.

Here we have communicated our desire for wanting a car. 4. Message received. The person or perhaps target audience we wish to notify of our desire to have a car [perhaps a parental figure] has received our message. 5. Message decoded. They now must take what we have said and attempt to decode it. Now, “I want a car” is pretty straightforward, but remember, not everyone is as transparent as this, and this is the step where communication breakdown may occur as they may decode our message incorrectly. 6. Message understood. Hopefully the last step was effective and they understand what you were trying to communicate. Now the cycle can begin anew.

Argyles theory would be relevant in relation to our scenario because before people are trying to start the forming and bonding with each other but then the language is restricting them from communicating effectively the language barrier is preventing the development of communication and interpersonal relationships. These barriers cause communication amongst people to break down and prevent any effective communications between these people near impossible or at best extremely difficult. Conclusion I conclude that effective communication is required throughout all of health and social care in order to maximise success and client health, safety, security and happiness effective communication leads to understand clients and workers creating a personal bond and making sure you are doing everything possible to assist the clients in a health care environment

Anthropological Research Paper

Anthropological Research Paper.

be responsible for writing a 1,200 – 1,500 word (preferable double-spaced) research paper using 2 credible anthropological references outside of course material. Step one: Students will choose a non-Western cultural tradition (outside of US/Canada/Western Europe/Australia) to research and write about. This practice may be something that was briefly covered in our course materials, but should not have been already covered in detail. Best choices are those that you find particularly compelling. Step two: Initial research should entail considering different media sources that consider this cultural tradition. Students are expected to find at least 2 anthropological references. These can be from peer-reviewed journals, articles by anthropologists, anthropological film content, or chapter(s) from published book(s) written by anthropologists. Step three: Questions to consider about this tradition are: what and where is this tradition practiced? How have perspectives of this tradition changed over time, i.e. why does it have a different meaning today in comparison to the past? How does this tradition contribute to either global culture, scientific or other social processes? Step four: Write the paper in essay format using an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion. Students must use in-text citations (to give credit to the content/author used) for both paraphrasing and direct quotes. A fully and correctly formatted Reference List on a separate page must be included. MLA, APA or AAA (also Chicago Manual Style) formatting is acceptable.

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