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The report should be addressed to the CEO of Ralph Lauren. Assume that you are building a case. Your

The report should be addressed to the CEO of Ralph Lauren. Assume that you are building a case. Your goal is to demonstrate what you have thoroughly researched and that you have understood the business. Please research the following two categories. (1) Current State of Retailer (financial state of the business, employees, future growth strategies etc.) (2) Current Customer Facing Technologies What technologies does Ralph Lauren use? This should be broken down into (i) Digital Technologies (Mobile, Tablet, Laptop Voice-enabled and Desktop) and (ii) In-Store Technologies.
Project Overview: Writing Analytically Rhetorical situation is at once the most basic and sophisticated concept in communications. It is basic because we understand intuitively that everything we say and write is influenced by audience, purpose, stance, context and medium. For example, we know that a communication to a supervisor requesting an extended leave must be different from a communication asking your BFF to spot you five bucks. Rhetorical situation is sophisticated because effective communicators do not rely on intuition to create their messages. Instead, they analyze all aspects of the rhetorical situation and use this analysis to craft communication that influences an audience in a particular, often subtle, way. Advertising and marketing experts are especially savvy about rhetorical situation because their clients need to get the most for their advertising dollars. Analyzing advertisements, therefore, is an effective way to study rhetorical situation, specifically how audience affects the message. Learning Goals This project gives you the opportunity to: Understand and practice the principles of analysis. Understand and identify the components of rhetorical situation, specifically audience. Practice a recursive and collaborative writing process. Writing Assignment Write a 1000- to 1200-word essay that analyzes how rhetorical situation affects a persuasive message. In particular, analyze an ad for similar products marketed to specific audiences. Include works cited entries (MLA style) and images/links to the advertisements. Process Assignments The project includes readings in Everyone’s An Author. Complete the following assignments: Writing Analytically Homework #1.1: Summary Writing Analytically Homework #1.2: Descriiption Writing Analytically Homework #1.3: Rhetorical Situation For this assignment, you will analyze a piece of advertising to explore how it targets particular audiences. You may choose a print ad, a “television” ad, or an ad that you find on youtube; you must, however, be able to make meaningful claims about the audience (who they are, what they seem to care about, what else they buy) for the ad; you may find an ad that you like from a Google “Images” search for example, but you also have to be able to make claims about when it was published, and in what publications; otherwise, conclusions about the ad’s intended audience are merely speculative. Based on your analysis, develop a thesis that draws a conclusion about how the advertisers view their audiences and what they believe is important to their potential customers. (Your question: How do advertisers sell the same product to different people? What strategies do advertisers use to target different audiences?) As support, you will describe the ads, identify target audiences, and compare/contrast strategies used to appeal to these audiences and any logical fallacies used for humorous effect. You can evaluate the effectiveness of the ads, but be careful that your evaluation does not eclipse your analysis. Include the characteristic features of analysis as explained in Chapter 14. You may also make use of multiple ads for the sake of comparison. For example, you could analyze advertisements for different cell phone companies. Or you can analyze two ads for different products aimed at the same segment of the Super Bowl audience, like two ads aimed at older viewers. If drawing in another artifact can help you introduce a meaningful comparison that supports relevant claims, then so much the better. Do it. That having been said, writing a unified and cohesive final essay is part of the writing task, so devote the bulk of your analysis to just one of the ads. These required homework assignments will help you prepare to draft your essay: Writing Analytically Homeworks 1.2 and 1.3 Our writing process also includes peer review of a draft, required instructor review of a draft, and reflection writing after the final draft has been submitted. Rhetorical situation This refers to YOUR rhetorical situation for this assignment. Reference the designated pages in Everyone’s An Author. Audience — Students and instructors at NMC, including people outside this class. This is an academic audience so use more formal language and proofread carefully . Purpose and Stance — Rhetorical analysis of two related advertisements by an objective observer. You will make a claim about how audience/context influences the message, stance, and design of the two advertisements. First person (marked by the pronoun “I”) is generally not used in analytical writing to keep the focus on the subject. Include the characteristic features of analysis. Context — Descriiptions of the ads and demographic information about the readers of magazines. Although you will include links to the ads, be sure to give thorough descriiptions in your essay, including the stories implied by the advertisements. Media and Design — Digital and MLA. You will upload the final draft of your essay to Moodle. Follow MLA format, including works cited entries for the advertisements. Include links to the ads within the body of the essay, if possible. Put a word count at the end of the essay like this: WORD COUNT 854. Additional Notes for Instructors: Project #1: Writing Analytically Background

CMIT 421 UMUC Highlight the Benefits of Installing Wireshark Software Questions

CMIT 421 UMUC Highlight the Benefits of Installing Wireshark Software Questions.

1. Describe a lab or a software tool that you used that has helped you to better understand the role of an analyst within an organization, such as:KaliMetasploitNessusNmapProcess ExplorerSplunkWiresharkAny other tool used in the course2. Describe the process to install, set up, and configure the tool you selected above. Did you find the tool easy to use? Did you encounter challenges?3. Highlight some of the benefits of the tool you selected above. Provide some examples of where you think using the tool would benefit you as a cybersecurity threat analyst. Why do you think the tool would be best?
CMIT 421 UMUC Highlight the Benefits of Installing Wireshark Software Questions

Central Virginia Community College Constitutional Amendments Project

essay writing service free Central Virginia Community College Constitutional Amendments Project.

The purpose of this project is to deepen your understanding of the Constitution and connect it to your everyday lives. Your task is to find 25 articles or examples in life that relate to part of the Constitution. You may use the entire Constitution, even the amendments. You may focus just on the amendments if you would like. However, these amendments have their basis in the Constitution, so you may find what you are looking for in the actual text. Only one article/example per topic. Also, the articles should be appropriate for your age. If you have to ask if it is appropriate, it is probably not.You must then compile all of these articles or examples into a “book” or a single digital file. There should be one example on each page. You may cut out the article or example or take a screenshot of the article. If you take a screenshot make sure the web address is visible. At the top, state which part of the Constitution the article reflects. One the bottom, number your examples. Then you want to write a few sentences explaining the significance of the article and how it relates to the Constitution. To get the full credit you must demonstrate an understanding of the articles and concepts you are writing about. Plagiarized work will receive zero credit. See the examples below: Article 1, Section 7, Clause 2 The Lawmaking ProcessFull Credit Example: No Credit Example: Example is numberedCorrect HeadingArticle from newspaper or screenshot of online articleBrief statement in own w This article describes the process of how a bill becomes a law. One house of Congress must approve of it before they present it to the other house. This budget bill is on its way to becoming a law!ords summarizing article and explaining relevance to a part of the ConstitutionLaw Making Process“House narrowly passes a bill to avoid shutdown” -NYTimesT=he article in the NYTimes talks about how a fiscal bill is becoming a law.1 Plagiarized words from article and doesGrading Rubric:For Each of the 25 Topics: Points Possible Points Earned*Article or example is appropriate and from a reliable source *Correct heading (citation from Constitution)*Summary of article/example & connection to Constitution is in own words – Plagiarism = 0*Proper writing is used and free of grammatical and spelling errorsX 25 X 25Comments:Missing required components/Incorrect heading4not show understanding of the law making process Total 100 **Helpful tips: -Read the newspaper or news sites for 10-15 minutes each day. You will begin to understand the concepts and be able to follow stories.-Break down the project into manageable parts. For example, find 1 or 2 articles/examples a day.
Central Virginia Community College Constitutional Amendments Project

3 Question about RegEx,DFA

3 Question about RegEx,DFA.

I’m working on a computer science multi-part question and need an explanation to help me learn.

Suppose you were modifying the Java compiler to include a new encrypteddkeyword that causes Java to store the contents of the specified variable in encrypted form.E.g.,encrypted String password = “hello”;would cause the contents of password to be encrypted.Which of the phases of the Java compiler would need to be modified and why?2. For each of the following languages give the regular expression that matches the strings inthe language. Note: You can use . to denote “any” character in the alphabet.(a) [5 marks] The language, over the English alphabet, of strings that begin and end withvowels (assume ’y’ is a vowel).(b) [5 marks] The language of strings, over alphabet Σ = {x,y,z}, whose length is divisibleby 5. E.g., xyzyx.(c) [5 marks] The language, over the alphabet of decimal digits, of strings that representintegers divisible by 200. E.g., 13400.(d) [5 marks] The language of strings over the alphabet Σ = {a,b,c} that do not containthe substring ac. E.g., abcab.3. For each of the following languages, give a DFA (graphical representation) that recognizesthe language.(a) [5 marks] The language of all strings over the alphabet Σ = {x,y,z} that end in eitherxx or yy. E.g., xyzyxzxx.(b) [5 marks] The language of words over the alphabet Σ = {a}, whose length is notdivisible by 4. E.g., aaa.(c) [5 marks] The language, of trinary strings (Σ = {0,1,2}) such that the sum of thedigits is divisible by 3. E.g., 012102.please don’t copy answers from Chegg,thx.
3 Question about RegEx,DFA

MCC Political Actions Nurses Could Take for Health Care Policy Essay

MCC Political Actions Nurses Could Take for Health Care Policy Essay.

Describe three political actions nurses could take to strengthen their role in policymaking as it relates to advocacy for improving LGBTQ health. Correlate your discussion to the AACN MSN Essentials, identify one that most pertains to this topic and elaborate on your selection.Describe in 250 words and 2 scholarly referencesAttached below is additional information regarding providing adequate care for the LGBTQ community as outlined by Joint Commission and the CDC: Joint Commission & LGBTQ Community.pdf Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Health:
MCC Political Actions Nurses Could Take for Health Care Policy Essay

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