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Cigarette – establish the difference between the old womanhood and the new one •KISS osymbol of “return to reality”. oAllusion to fairy tale kisses like those in Sleeping Beauty and Snow White but unlike the fairy tales, she does not seem elated. A sexual act associated with adulthood MOOD: generally tense with the narrator’s fear of rejection– waiting for the dance event and being afraid of not succeeding in competition “Pray, I though I couldn’t close my eyes but I said over and over again: Please me, please me… ” NARRATION: The narration is personal and diary-like. Tone changes throughout the story: oanxious in the beginning, a lot of strong emotions of self-criticism, dissatisfaction oin the scene with Mary Fortune, the tone is calm, liberated and hopeful.

Lifts the mood of the scene so that it is light and free oin the last scene, the tone is one of relief, happiness of having survived the night and of being home again, acknowledging the reality of her mother in her life “That old building, with its rock-walled clammy basements and black cloakrooms and pictures of dead royalties and lost explorers, was full of the tension and excitement of sexual competition, and in this, in spite of daydreams of vast success, I had premonitions of total defeat.

Something had to happen, to keep me from that dance. ” “But when I saw the waiting kitchen, and my mother in her faded, fuzzy Paisley kimono, with her sleepy but doggedly expectant face, I understood what a mysterious and oppressive obligation I had, to be happy, and how I had almost failed it, and would be likely to fail it, every time, and she would not know. ” •1st person narration that carries the anxiety of the protagonist; creates better empathy with the protagonist •point of view: adolescent girl in 1946 facing the stress of growing up

Characterization: A. mother: caring, old-fashioned (in her own fashion style; she makes her daughter’s clothes which may suggest that they cannot afford to buy ready-made clothing), patient, loving, understanding, unattractive and unladylike, rather pathetic, tries to act young around her daughter and Lonnie, is critical of her daughter “I was embarrassed by the way my mother crept around me, her knees creaking, her breath coming heavily,. She muttered to herself.

Around the house she wore no corset or stockings, she wore wedge-heeled shoes and ankle socks; her legs were marked with lumps of blue-green vein. I thought her squatting position shameless, even obscene…” odoesn’t care about her looks, cares about her daughter, wants to give her the best she can- “Well nobody ever made me a dress when I was going to high school” my mother said, “I made my own, or I did without. ” o feels that her daughter doesn’t appreciate it olives her life vicariously through her daughter B. best friend, Lonnie: othe typical girl, polite to adults, boy crazy two-faced (polite to grown ups only when they are present), more adult, good friend, is from a high social class “it’s beautiful, said Lonnie, in her mild, sincere voice. ” Lonnie wore the composed polite appreciative expression that her disguise in the presence of grown-ups. She laughed at them and was a ferocious mimic, and they never knew. ” C. Mary Fortune oPopular and responsible – “she was an officer of the Girl’s Athletic Society and she was on the Honour Roll and she was always organizing things. ” oIs not mainstream: “I can’t stand it. I hate dancing when I don’t like the band.

Listen. They’re so choppy. ” o‘the independent woman’, clear vision of future, ambitious – “She said she planned to work her own way through, she wanted to be independent anyway, she would work in the cafeteria and in the summer she would do farm work like picking tobacco. Listening to her, I felt the acute phase of my unhappiness passing. Here was someone who had suffered the same defeat as I had – I saw that – but she was full of energy and self-respect…” o subversive as she might be a lesbian (athletic like the other athletes who hide in the janitor’s room)

D. Girls at the party: boy-crazy, snobbish ? role model of behavior for the protagonist/narrator “They behaved as if only they – the older ones – were really at the dance as if the rest of us, whom they moved along and peered around, were, if not invisible, inanimate…” E. Popular boy – Mason Williams: owants to be noticed and uses the narrator to depict the stark contrast between popular and unpopular by asking her to dance with him odoesn’t care about others “This Mason Williams was one of the heroes of the school; he played asketball and hockey and walked the halls with an air of royal sullenness and barbaric contempt. ” She understands her position as a nonentity in comparison to such a hero (sheep mentality – follows the roles determined by other people) “To have to dance with such a nonentity like me was as offensive to him as having to memorize Shakespeare. ” F. Hierarchy of the school society: i. Top 1. 13th and 14th grade girls: already have a social status 2. Mason Williams: steers the protagonist, aware of his social status 3. Lonnie: ideal girl, polite, smiling all the time, self-confident ii.

Middle 1. Protagonist: anonymous individual, insecure, “nonentity”, submissive (in relation to Williams and Mary) iii. Bottom 1. Mary Fortune: different from the mainstream school culture herself, independent, self-confident 2. Fat and poor girls: marginalized G. the narrator/protagonist – feels overprotected, suffocated by her mother, doesn’t want to stand out, feels different from the others, wants to have a “normal life” like her friends, thinks there’s something wrong with her, hides her emotions, irritated by her mother’s actions, self-conscious a. Was it possible, could I believe it, was there nothing the matter with me after all? ” (low self-esteem ) b. “I longed to be like that. ” (doesn’t want to stand out)

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