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The purpose of the external forces in the healthcare Industries.

Discussion Thread: Governance and Organizational Structures in Informatics, the author and name of the book is, Shanholtzer, M. B., and G. Ozanich. Health information management and technology. McGraw-Hill Education, 2015. This is a graded discussion: 30 points possible Pay attention to both instructions I send you through the file, and utilize the all the key terms from chapter 5 that lines up with the questions and assignment at hand. I would like for you to line up with the advanced level criteria in the rubric for the best grade follow how it should be done. due Dec 2 11 unread reply.11 replies. Please go to the Jerry farewell library for your source, log in and also you must read the textbook chapter 5, which is another source. Two ways of reading the book log in and go to Busi 505-D02, left side, click on the McGraw Hill looks for chapter 5 read, or download the book self APP, [email protected], @Chip2427. With the first few pages, you should be able to answer the questions. Attention include some of the key terms from chapter 5 that will line up with the questions asked, use Compliance, Omnibus Final Rule to the HITECH ACT, Protected health information(PHI). Highlight and answer questions 1. Although health IT governance is a relatively “new” concept, the demands for this expertise are vast and the needs are immediate. Healthcare reform is one example. 2. How is health IT governance being used to ensure that the requirements of the Affordable Care Act are being met, implemented, monitored, and maintained? Please review the Discussion Assignment Instructions Download Discussion Assignment Instructions prior to posting. You may also click the three dots in the upper corner to Show Rubric. Post-First: This course utilizes the Post-First feature in all Discussions. This means you will only be able to read and interact with your classmates’ threads you have submitted your thread in response to the provided prompt. Submit your thread by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Thursday of Module 6: Week 6.
It appears logical to assume that higher unemployment levels are likely to result in greater rates of suicide. If that is true, it is important to investigate this relationship to be able to better identify individuals who are at risk of suicide to take the necessary preventive measures and provide them with assistance before they kill themselves, which makes it a worthwhile endeavor to investigate this problem. Therefore, the current paper examines the thesis that there exists a correlation between unemployment and suicide rates in the U.S. After presenting the data and providing a brief review of literature, the data is analyzed, and the findings are presented and discussed. Data The analyzed data includes the information on yearly suicide death rates per 100,000 population in the U.S., and the data on unemployment rates (percentage) in the U.S. The data about the suicide rates was obtained from Kochanek, Murphy, Xu, and Tejada-Vera (2016), and from and “Leading Causes of Death,” n.d. The data about the unemployment rates was gained from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2017). The data about the years 1958-1969 and 1975-2014 (N = 52) is used because only the information for these years was present for both variables. The data should be representative of the general U.S. population; however, the data about unemployment is only about individuals aged 16 and more (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017), whereas the data on suicide rates pertains to individuals of all ages (Kochanek et al., 2016; “Leading Causes of Death,” n.d.). Table 1 below presents the data that was analyzed. Table 1. The Data Used in the Current Analysis. Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics (2017); Kochanek et al. (2016); “Leading Causes of Death,” n.d. year suicide_deaths unempl_rate 2014 15.1 6.2 2013 14.9 7.4 2012 14.5 8.1 2011 14.6 8.9 2010 16.3 9.6 2009 16 9.3 2008 15.9 5.8 2007 15.4 4.6 2006 15.2 4.6 2005 14.9 5.1 2004 14.5 5.5 2003 14.6 6 2002 14.2 5.8 2001 13.9 4.7 2000 13.2 4 1999 12.7 4.2 1998 11.3 4.5 1997 11.4 4.9 1996 11.6 5.4 1995 11.9 5.6 1994 12 6.1 1993 12.1 6.9 1992 12 7.5 1991 12.2 6.8 1990 12.4 5.6 1989 12.2 5.3 1988 12.4 5.5 1987 12.7 6.2 1986 12.9 7 1985 12.4 7.2 1984 12.4 7.5 1983 12.1 9.6 1982 12.2 9.7 1981 12 7.6 1980 11.9 7.1 1979 12.1 5.8 1978 12.3 6.1 1977 13.1 7.1 1976 12.3 7.7 1975 12.6 8.5 1969 11.1 3.5 1968 10.7 3.6 1967 10.8 3.8 1966 10.9 3.8 1965 11.1 4.5 1964 10.8 5.2 1963 11 5.7 1962 10.9 5.5 1961 10.4 6.7 1960 10.6 5.5 1959 10.6 5.5 1958 10.7 6.8 Literature Review The problem of correlation between the levels of unemployment and suicide rates has been previously investigated in the research literature (Laanani, Ghosn, Jougla,
Table of Contents Introduction Colonial Literature as demonstrated by the writers Politics and governmental aspects Hardships and Challenges Beliefs, religion, and Traditions Multilingualism and work diversity Family Life Conclusion Works Cited Introduction The following paper focuses on early American literature that dates back to the 1600s. The analysis takes on eleven colonial writers namely John Smith, William Bradford, Anne Bradstreet, Edward Taylor, Cotton Mather, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Abigail Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, and Phyllis Wheatley. All these writers can be termed as colonial writers since they did their literary work during colonialism. Colonialism in New England took place at a time that there was extensive immigration from various parts of the world to Boston. These immigrations had resulted in changes in the ways of life for the people in America. The growth of American literature can be seen to be focused on these early migrations plus the fact that Cambridge publishing and printing press got created. This paper explores the issue of how these people’s ideas contributed to the shaping of the culture of that time. Colonial Literature as demonstrated by the writers The American literature described above can be said to be written during the colonial times. The writers used clear and precise writings that had logical meaning, and their work remains valued up to the present day. These writers documented their literature in the form of books, poems, maps, stories, and letters. These forms seem to be the most popular forms of writing. The literature portrayed the ways of life of the early dwellers of America, and it talked about the challenges and happiness in equal measure. Some authors wrote about the challenges and hardships that affected people in general while others spoke of joy and happiness that people shared as they lived together as one. In these works of literature, vices and immoralities, such as slavery and racism would be condemned (Paine 25). Also, amusing stories, encouragement quotes, empowerment, religion, and meditations would be uplifted. These writings enabled people to live in harmony with each other by condemning evil and uplifting righteousness. Politics and governmental aspects Most of these writers had at one point in their lives participated in issues involving the government and politics. For example, John Smith was a soldier before he became a writer. This means that he got involved in the government and military at one point in time. Edward Taylor was a minister while Cotton reigned as the third in the fourth generation Mather dynasty (Serafin 63). Benjamin was a diplomat while John Adams became the second president of America. Thomas Jefferson got involved in the drafting of the declaration of independence. Also, Thomas Paine had an emphasis on political writings. The significance of this involvement in politics and government can be seen in the way the writers had become diverse thinkers. They understood human beings from a humane point of view, and they understood what was vital for the people of that country. Thus, the people of New England would take their writings seriously. Hardships and Challenges The colonial time came with uncertainties due to the various changes that would be anticipated to take place. The migrations to Boston and attempt to find the best settlements came with many challenges. For example, John Smith talks of how he became a chief’s prisoner during one of his adventures. William Bradford described his explorations as dangerous and unfriendly. He had gone long distances across the oceans and the lands that he found would be full of thickets. Also, Ann Bradstreet had problems during her writing due to lack of a printing press while Benjamin got raised in a poor family, and he worked hard to become rich (Franklin 132). Phyllis was a slave woman meaning that slavery seemed to be rampant during these times. These ideas shaped the culture of this time in a way because people started longing for civilization and developments. Beliefs, religion, and Traditions People seemed to value traditions especially religion since it harbored various beliefs and promises. The most popular religion in this area seemed to be Christianity and the most popular group of Protestants would be referred to as Puritans. Puritans had strict guidelines that they followed, and they disapproved of some of the secular ways of life. Edward Taylor refused to take an oath of the Church of England and went elsewhere. This shows that not all people got carried away by the traditions. Ann, Cotton, and Phyllis wrote religious poems meaning that they believed in the beliefs of their religion. Benjamin Franklin’s father was a strict puritan, yet his son broke the tradition and dropped off the beliefs of his father. This shows a culture that seemed to be headed for freedom of religion (Burt 271). Multilingualism and work diversity These writers can be said to be multilingual that learned more than two languages apart from their first languages. This enabled them to work within diverse environments that occurred due to the vast migrations and explorations. For example, Edward Taylor learned Latin, Hebrew, and Greek while Benjamin franklin taught himself other languages to ease communication with people from different ethnicities. Also, these people did different types of jobs at various times. For example, John Smith was a soldier, explorer, and author while Edward Taylor worked as a minister, doctor, civic leader, teacher, and a writer (Greene 15). This shows just how much these people valued co-existence with one another. This formed a basis for a culture rich in languages and work diversity. Family Life In this era, people valued family life. A family consisted of a man, a woman, and their children. For example, in his adventure edition, John Smith talked of how the chief imprisoned him and that the chief had a daughter who turned out to be his savior. This chief’s daughter (Indiana girl) married an English man later on a fact that describes interracial marriages. John Smith also mentioned that the girl seemed extremely beautiful meaning that women would be valued on their beauty. Ann Bradstreet became the first female writer to get her work published. This shows that men used to do literature but women remained behind in the illiteracy world. Ann had a family made up of her husband and children, and she kept writing poems to them as a family. Abigail Adams wrote a letter to her husband urging him to make a consideration about women’s independence in the United States’ constitution (Earle 176). Phyllis was purchased to become a companion of a rich tailor to be his wife’s companion. These things show that women seemed to be lowly regarded in society, but time had come for a change in all aspects of women’s lives. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Conclusion The thematic elements that were revealed in the works of the above colonial writers seem to have shaped the culture of that time in many ways. The aspects of life that got affected can be seen to be family life, civilizations, politics, cultural languages, education, religion, and literature at large. The writers of this time had common issues that they tended to address, and they did this logically and clearly as explained above. The issues addressed seem to have caused significant changes in the ways of life of the people, and the lives got a positive impact. Works Cited Burt, Daniel. The chronology of American Literature: America’s literary achievements from the colonial era to modern times. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2004. Print. Earle, Alice. Home life in colonial days. New york: Echo Library publishers, 2009. Print. Franklin, Benjamin. Colonial Literature: Research guide to American literature. New York: Facts on File, 2010. Print. Greene, Jack. A companion to the American revolution. Malden: Blackwell publishers, 2000. Print. Serafin, Steven. The Continuum encyclopaedia of American literature. New York: Continuum, 2006. Print. Paine, Thomas. Common Sense. Easy Reading series. S.I: Forgotten Books, 2008. Print. 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Ashford University RAS Acts as A Filter Against All Data Discussion.

I want u to make 2 of this hw for to student This the video your two main takeaways from the information presented in the video. Elaborate on these takeaways to provide some insight for your choices and reflection from your life experience. Conclude by creating a relevant question for other students to answer and discuss.After posting your initial discussion, please follow-up by responding to another student by answering their posted question.This discussion assignment will be graded as Complete/IncompleteCompleteness is determined by:1. The initial posting must be no fewer than 150 words and no greater than 250 words.2, Relevance: Posting responds directly to the discussion question and includes pertinent, connected or applicable information.3. Use of Examples: Posting makes thoughtful reference to previous or current course material and/or relevant personal experiences.4. Comprehension: It is evident from the posting that the student understands the discussion question and the key ideas from the material. In addition, the student employs higher order thinking skills (analysis, synthesis, evaluation) when responding to the discussion question.5. Writing Quality: Posting has a coherent structure and the flow of the writing is easily understood. Posting is grammatically correct with no spelling errors.6. Tone: Posting has a positive, supportive and professional tone.Assignment Due Dates:Initial Discussion Post: Due Monday,September 7th by midnight.Response Post: Due Thursday, September 10th by midnight.
Ashford University RAS Acts as A Filter Against All Data Discussion

Sociology homework help

Sociology homework help. This essay entaails an Employer Drug Testing to produce a Reasonable Individualized Suspicion. Employer Drug Testing is done by every employer which ensures the employee work output is maintained to acceptable levels.,Employer Drug Testing Reasonable Individualized Suspicion,The topic of employer drug testing falls under this category. As the reading tells us, public employees, that is, workers employed by a public entity such as the State, County or municipality, are protected from random drug testing by their employers because the government, or employer in this case, may not unreasonably search a citizen under the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.,The law also provides that public  who have a “reasonable individualized suspicion” that a worker may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol may give an employee. Public employees in safety-sensitive positions, ,such as police and fire fighters may also be tested. In the private sector, any employer may randomly test any employee at any time.,Discuss whether you believe that an employer has the right to drug test its employees? If not, why not? If so, why? Please consider what an employer may do with health information or how it may be used for nefarious purposes .,Requirements. Please write at least 450 words to the question. Find at least one outside resources to support your point of view. In your answer, you need to show critical thinking and you need to clear structure of giving your main idea and reasons to support your ideas., This assignment is a discussion question. After you finish answering this question, I will send you 3 other people’s answer and you need to comments on each answer. every comment needs to be appropriate for an academic forum and then build upon the ideas/thoughts of others. each comments need at least 125 words.(by then I will extend the due day of this order),Attachments,Click Here To Download,Sociology homework help

Three forum responses 300 words each with works cited international political systems

online dissertation writing Three forum responses 300 words each with works cited international political systems.

Three forum responses 300 words each with works cited international political systems. One of the responses is to a question, see below: Forum 1: I found “The Unipolar Illusion: Why New Great Powers Will Rise” by Christopher Layne to be the most compelling author and the one I agreed with the most on the topic of Great Power Rivalries in international relations. Layne used a historical example the United States used in subtly convincing both growing economic powers Germany and Japan to join the American-led security and economic system instead of pursuing to become great powers. The United States was not confrontational with these two states but saw them as growing powers so it took indirect measures of offering security and partnership instead as a deterrent of its noticeable growing influence. The umbrella of security from the United States was what these two countries would get in return for accepting the United States offer by joining the bandwagon. The unipolar system seems to be a healthy option to states in need of security while trying to prosper economically and also to stay in good relations with the United States. Layne couldn’t have explained his theory any better when he stated “In a unipolar system, it is argued, the United States could avoid the unpredictable geopolitical consequences that would attend the emergence of new great powers.” (Layne 1993, 7) The emergence of great powers would make the world less predictable and more anarchic and the risks for a miscalculation between one of the emerging great powers is more of a possibility as they would be competing for more influence on the geopolitical stage. Layton uses the neorealist theory to explain the effects of unipolarity and why he thinks it may not be able to last much longer before it goes back to a multipolar world. Layne predicts it’s only a matter of time before the United States loses its foothold as the only great power and the inevitable multipolar world becomes a reality when an emergence of great powers comes along to challenge it on the geopolitical stage. An important topic Layton pointed out was states in the international political system are the most concerned with their own survival. As states rise to power so do their ambitions and increase in security, geopolitical and military capabilities all come next after the effects of economic expansion (Layne 1993, 11). Yes I would have to agree with Layne that a great power rivalry is very much likely. Syria can be used as an example where the United States and Russia are involved in a major geopolitical conflict but not directly fighting against each other. Although the United States and Russia have been very careful in the Syrian conflict both countries have 2 military bases each inside the country. Both countries have sought to expand their influence inside Syria and the difference between these two countries is the Russian military was invited by the Syrian government while the United States wasn’t. Russia has used Syria as a trial field to test its military capabilities on the ground. This can also be used as a show of force to challenge the United States own military capabilities (Helou 2017). After reading the lesson three notes I would agree Russia can be considered strategic competition against the United States but shouldn’t be considered as a threat since it hasn’t made any hostile threats or actions towards any of the U.S. bases on the ground in Syria. Russia is flexing its military might and expanding its influence in the Middle East Region while showing it can also be effective in resolving international conflicts. -Andres References: Layne, Christopher. 1993. “The Unipolar Illusion: Why New Great Powers Will Rise.” International Security. Vol. 17, No. 4, 5-51. Accessed 17 January 2018. Helou, Agnes. 2017. “Russia and US engage in ‘military base race’ in Syria” Defense News. Accessed 17 January 2018. Forum 2: Over my lifetime I have learned and heard many perspectives and views of how systems are or how they should be, in regards to rivalry between great powers, it is very obvious that forms of competition is encoded in us. Scholars as educated they may be still hold bias that challenge other perspectives. A perfect example as to how great powers rival one another was the Cold War. Based on the theory groups idealize in their nation and how they pursue their agenda for the nation will dictate their actions towards others in the international system. Most of the time the main theory utilized is realism which sets forth a more aggressive competitive nature with others. With a multipolar system I believe that the international system may go two ways, one is that nations would be much more polite and cooperative with one another due to the equal level of power they hold, or second they may be at each other’s throats with heavy competition within an anarchical state and be in an unpredictable situation. The most convincing argument that I read this week has to be “Waiting for Balancing: Why the World Is Not Pushing Back” by Keir A Lieber and Gerard Alexander. Their material gave good perspectives of behavior, policies, and the balance of power in the international system. The article points to the methods of how the U.S. uses its foreign policies to engage other nations and transnational terrorist organizations. As an example of what the authors are saying, “The study of balancing behavior in international relations has deep roots, but it remains fraught with conceptual ambiguities and competing theoretical and empirical claims. Rather than offer a review of the relevant debates, we focus here on a specific set of realist and liberal predictions that states will balance against U.S. power under current conditions. Although realists tend to see great power balancing as an inevitable phenomenon of international politics and liberals generally see it as an avoidable feature of international life, the arguments discussed below share the view that balancing is being provoked by aggressive and imprudent U.S. policies” (Lieber and Alexander 2005). Overall the article sets a proper portrayal of how international relations are carried out which settles along with my personal understanding of how things are in the international system. In the current state of the international community there are industries that are rising and economies that are booming. India is a good example as to how tech companies along with tech industries are rising and the economy is blooming along with it. India is also getting sophisticated in its medical industry which is also benefiting many people who require medical care and attention. However with the large population it is not a great power or rival in a military environment. A great example of industry, economic, and military power that can rival the great power of the United States is Russia and China. Russia has been recovering from the hard collapse of its former self and now with the strong leadership of President Putin the nation is getting back into the role of a mighty powerhouse as it used to be. As for China, its economy and industry is and has been constantly growing, but there are restrictions in the amount of space they have for transportation and support of its large population. They are constantly building their infrastructure and more importantly their military is a large force that is intimidating. As for their economy, it is beyond of the United States which gives them additional advantages if there should be any rivalry. So in the future there will most definitely be powerful nations and in order for the United States to remain relevant military spending and other forms of accounted or unaccounted budgets (black or not) need to be reduced and invested into the infrastructure and the people of the nation so that it may grow stronger. References Lieber, Keir A., and Gerard Alexander. 2005.”Waiting for Balancing: Why the World Is Not Pushing Back.” International Security 30, no. 1 (2005): 109-39. Accessed January 16, 2018. Answer this question: Would you argue that the multi-polarity causes anarchy, whereas uni-polarity ensures relative peace and stability in the international system?
Three forum responses 300 words each with works cited international political systems

How Equiano defines himself by the time he is writing his book Essay

Introduction Equiano Olaudah has had a life full of challenges right from his early childhood. From the time Equiano was kidnapped when he was left at home, he shares about his life as a slave and it is rather clear that the experience was dreadful as the reader is able to see and understand clearly how the slaves are treated when being transported to become slaves in foreign land; hunger, starvation, brutality and death are major problems faced by the slaves (Equiano, 89). The first chapter of this book by Equiano makes an introduction about his origin country and it also gives a description of his background information. Thus, in order to understand better about Equiano’s life, it is important we briefly focus on his basic information as presented in this book because it provides the reader with a good basis for argument about the topic. The narrative of Equiano’s life Equiano was born in Africa in a country known as Benin, his family included seven members and Equiano was the youngest in the family that only had one sister; during his childhood, he was taught the art of war which he enjoyed doing until the age of eleven years when he was kidnapped together with his only sister and they were taken to a foreign land where they became slaves (Equiano, 26). Equiano was sold to Mr. Pascal as a slave and it was here that he was given the name Gustavus Vassa as it was traditional for masters to give their slaves new names. Pascal sent Equiano to Britain and here, Equiano had a chance to visit places; most importantly he was sent to school in London where he learned how to write and read (Equiano, 127). It is after this that Equiano visited other different countries and after several years, Equiano had a chance to come back to Britain where he made a very essential decision; he ventured into politics and become involved in legal procedures in efforts to campaign against slavery and slave trade. For this reason, Equiano made the first step in his major campaign by writing the book “The Interesting Narrative” which was aimed at sensitizing and campaigning against slavery. Discussion How does Equiano define himself by the time he is writing his book? Its is no doubt that, Equiano’s life is a concept full of dilemma for two major reasons; one, as we have already learned, Equiano was kidnapped and brought to Britain as a slave from Africa where he had a family, parents and siblings who all lived there. Secondly, the question about his identity remains a dilemma since, when Equiano came to Britain, although he was a slave in the beginning, he had great opportunities and he became a very prominent person a factor that motivated him to make necessary social changes through campaigning against slavery. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In this regard, I am of the opinion that, Olaudah Equiano is an African and by the time he is writing this narrative book, it is no doubt that he is a supporter of the African heritage. As a critical reader, one can be able to see clearly from the beginning that, Equiano’s interesting narrative is captured from a home setting of the African background and as the book begins, it explains and makes a full description about the early child hood and life of Equiano which provides very basic information about his community and his society. Equiano is enslaved and taken to the foreign country in which he comes face to face with a very different lifestyle and culture. However, Equiano takes great pain when he is in the foreign land considering what his fellow brothers and sister in Africa are undergoing. This clearly shows that, Equiano indentifies with Africa (Equiano, 110). As Equiano narrates about his life in this book, he maintains and portrays a great aspect of African legacy and through out the book, he upholds African purity and further claims that, people in the Europe do not have high cultural qualities especially considering their flexible and dynamic way of life. Although, Equiano Olaudah grows in the middle of western ideas, it is no doubt that he also portrays numerous and desirable African cultural qualities and therefore making him to appear as a person who is proud of the African culture. Additionally, based on his courage and fighting spirit, we are also able to observe that Equiano Olaudah is not happy neither is he contended about what is happening in Africa (slavery and slave trade). For this particular reason, Equiano becomes ambitious and he decides to campaign against the wide spread evil of slavery and slave trade which by then, is a common practice against Africans by people from the west. This incidence clearly shows his love for Africa and it also depicts his loyalty to his native home; Africa. Conclusion Slavery was a practice that was wide spread in the world during the early period. Amongst the many slaves, Equiano also became a victim from the time he was very young. However, when he becomes of age, Equiano is well informed and he makes a decision to fight against the negative practice. “The interesting narrative” plays a major role in facilitating the war against slavery which is later abolished shortly after the death of Equiano Olaudah. Reference Equiano, O. The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano. LinkedIn: Coffee-town Press, 2008.

Read the case from the QM 6640 Medical Debt PDF document, and review the data

Read the case from the QM 6640 Medical Debt PDF document, and review the data.

Read the case from the QM 6640 Medical Debt PDF document, and review the data from the QM 6640 Assessment Patient DataExcel file. Then, write a concise report answering questions 1-6 from the end of the case, using the data to assist in justifying your answers. Using past due amount as the dependent variable and all other variables as predictors (independent variables), run appropriate statistical analyses in Excel to mine the data. Insert tables and graphs from Excel in your report as appropriate. Label sections of your report to correspond to the questions. The completed report is the deliverable for this assignment.
Read the case from the QM 6640 Medical Debt PDF document, and review the data