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The project will encompass your demonstration of a wholistic overview of the student’s academic fit for the colleges that

The project will encompass your demonstration of a wholistic overview of the student’s academic fit for the colleges that you are suggesting. This will include your review of the student’s transcriipt, standardized test scores, resume, and student’s career goals. You must support your college recommendations based on the profile of this student.

My student : So basically you have to write a paper on why you are picking these 4 colleges for your High school Student, in this essay you would match the college based on her Interest personality and what she looks for in a school plus affordability the sheet will show what she can afford and what colleges I pick , which I would provide a sheet for. Hannah my student qualities are B student , she is active role model for the senior class, she is diligent and self-confident. She described her self as an Extrovert/ Introvert. Use The Sheet to guide and get information from the schools listed.

Discussion Forum: Exemplary Business Communication

Discussion Forum: Exemplary Business Communication.

This assessment addresses the following Subject Learning Outcomes: a) Apply research, academic and communication skills appropriate to the level of study and observe academic referencing requirements b) Critically analyse texts and/or multimedia material in both a business and academic context c) Identify and apply effective communication methods within a business and academic environment d) Evaluate the use and importance of technology within a business environment Post 1: Analyse characteristics of exemplary business communication (300 words) Instructions: Investigate the form of business communication chosen by the facilitator and research what makes it effective. Critically analyse specific characteristics and justify your choices. Consider using examples to back up your statements. Key points to consider in your initial post: • Your post should analyse ideal characteristics of a specific type of business communication. • Include justifications for your chosen characteristics. • Consider using one or more specific examples to add value to your post. • You must include reference to literature. o Use at least 2 in-text citations per post. o Reference the book, article, or document using APA 6th style in the reference list. Instructions: Each student is required to critique an original post of a peer. MGT502_Assessment_2_Brief_Discussion Forum_Module 4.2 Page 3 of 6 Your critique should include commentary on: • Whether the original post is comprehensive. Please identify missing components, if any, and provide constructive feedback. • Have all plausible characteristics been identified? • Are one or more examples provided? Provide a critique on the examples and their suitability in supporting statements. • You must include reference to literature. o Use at least 2 in-text citations per post. o Reference the book, article, or document using APA 6th style in the reference list. Post 3: Summarise learning (300 words) Instructions: Each student is required to summarise key points they have learned from the discussion on the Discussion Forum. Your post should include commentary on: • How this discussion has added to your understanding of effective business communication. • What are the 3 key points you have learned from the discussion and how you can apply that knowledge in the future. • Give one or more practical examples of how to apply that knowledge in your professional development. • You must include reference to the literature. o Use at least 2 in-text citations per post. o Reference the book, article, or document using APA 6th style in the reference list.

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How to make money work for you instead of you working for your money.

The project will encompass your demonstration of a wholistic overview of the student’s academic fit for the colleges that How to make money work for you instead of you working for your money..

The guidelines and requirements for this assignment are: Remember to apply the concepts you’re learning in the course, including elements of grammar, punctuation, thesis development, and other skills. Length: This assignment should be a minimum of 4 pages (800 words). You should aim for at least 6 double-spaced pages (1,250 words), excluding the Works Cited page. Header: Include a header in the upper left-hand corner of your writing assignment with the following information: Your first and last name Course Title (Composition I) Assignment name (Research Paper) Current Date Format: Double-spacing throughout Standard 12 point font (Arial, TimesNewRoman, Calibri) Title, centered after heading 1” margins on all sides Save the file using one of the following extensions: .docx, .doc, .rtf, or .txt Underline your thesis statement in the introductory paragraph.

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Introduction to visual analysis and renaissance art

Introduction to visual analysis and renaissance art.

Image of Mona Lisa: Image of Sistine Chapel: The Renaissance was a rebirth of Greek and Roman culture, both of which placed the human at the center of the universe. Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and Michelangelo’s Ceiling from the Sistine Chapel are two famous artworks from the Renaissance that both reflect and respond to the resurgence of humanism in European history. Both depict the human body, but in very different ways. For this Case Assignment, give a formal analysis of these two artworks, focusing on how the human body is being represented. Use the required course materials to help you discuss, briefly, (1) the history of Renaissance art and these two artists in particular, (2) what humanism is, and (3) how Da Vinci and Michelangelo approach the representation of the human body differently. (*You can focus on any or all of the fresco paintings on Michelangelo’s ceiling; The Creation of Adam being the most famous.) It is important to note that this assignment is meant to introduce you to Art History and Art Criticism, so it is imperative that you begin exercising your ability to visually analyze. The required course materials, under “How To Write About Art: Art Criticism and Formal Analysis,” will get you started. Here are five keys to writing a great Case Assignment! For each Case in this course, please: Make sure you fully address the case assignment prompt- don’t just describe the painting and don’t forget to ‘really look’ at the painting. Be sure to respond to the expectations stated under “Learning Outcomes” in the Syllabus. Apply ideas from the background readings to your analysis and discussion of the case assignment prompt. Write, at minimum, three to four pages, not including images or references. Include a separate cover page that includes your name, the course name, the module, and assignment name. Set your format to 1″ margins on all four sides, 12-point font, double-spaced. Include a separate cover AND reference page at the end that includes every website and article on which you base your information and analysis. In the reference list, please note that a URL with no additional information is not a complete reference. Over time, link root will make any URL useless. Each reference should contain all the information a reader would need to find the source. In this Case Assignment, you will: Give an explanation of the values—influences, themes, techniques, subjects—characteristic of the period or style under study. Give some information about how the social, political, or religious history of the period influenced its art and artists.

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Yukio Mishima: Confessions of a Mask

Yukio Mishima: Confessions of a Mask.

 1) What is the author saying? Find at less 3 conspiracy in the book and talk about them. 2) How is the author speaking? (style). Show author’s metaphor symbol dialogue.

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Suppression (in Adah’s marriage, by society and men)

Suppression (in Adah’s marriage, by society and men).

In your essay, incorporate ideas and examples that will support your thesis by looking carefully at: Second Class Citizen by Emecheta, Buchi. – This essay must be 3 – 5 pages long. – You must submit a THESIS STATEMENT ( – Your thesis should be in the last sentence of the introductory paragraph. – Avoid using quotes in your introductory paragraph. – When using quotes in your body paragraphs, make sure you use the “Sandwich Method.” – Make sure you use transitional words in your paper. – Use about 10 -12 lines of quote in your paper. (you may also paraphrase) – It must have a conclusion. – It must have a Works Cited Page

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social, emotional and physical influence of sports on high school students

social, emotional and physical influence of sports on high school students.

The article you choose to review is a research-based article and not a review-based article. All submissions must include a title page, be grammatically correct, properly edited and abide strictly to APA style of writing (6th edition). Write the source at the top of the page in APA format. Include a few parenthetical citations throughout your review. Use direct quotes sparingly. Only use a direct quote if the exact phrasing of the original material is crucial to your point and you are unable to paraphrase. Answer these questions about the study, however, write your article review in paragraph format and do not include these questions as headings (see the EXAMPLE Article Review as reference). Provide an introduction to the study. What is the research question/ purpose statement offered by the author(s) Who were the participants? Include demographic items (age, gender, location, year in school, etc.) What was the procedure? How was the study conducted? (Survey instrument? Interview? Historical/Archived data?) What was the data analysis? Statistical methods used for quantitative? Methods used for qualitative? What were the results/ findings? What are the implications from the study? How do they relate to your overarching topic in physical education, administration, exercise science, or sport? (Remember you must stay in third-person writing here.)

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Hegemony and False Consciousness

Hegemony and False Consciousness.


Please look at the formulating research topic file and rubric. 1.Formulate a research problem in the field of education to which you will apply either or Hegemony and False Consciousness. 2.State the Purpose of the Study 3.State the overarching (central) research question to mirror your purpose statement 4. Formulate specific research questions using theory contructs 5.Provide a brief overview of the theory. The theoretical overview should include the following information: – Philosophical, ideological, socioeconomic, or political context that gave rise to the theory – Proponent(s) of theory – logical evolution of the theory (if applicable) – main tenets or constructs of the theory – arguments used by scholars in support of opposition of theory – how the theory has been used as a framework in the literature (review 2 studies not older than 6 years) – how the theory is suitable as a framework for your study 

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