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The Problem of Social and Economic Inequality in Modern Society Essay

Table of Contents Introduction The Articles Analysis Conclusion Works Cited Introduction Nowadays, we have the opportunities to be the active participants of the social problems solving. In the past, people struggled for gaining these opportunities. However, it does not mean that the nature of social issues changed dramatically. Quite the opposite, the nature is, essentially, the same but the methods of their solving and the attitude of public towards them have undergone changes. The aim of this essay is to analyze the newspaper and magazine articles devoted to the problem of social inequality and economic welfare. The Articles Analysis The first article, which I am going to present, is The Future of Fair Labor by Jefferson Cowie. The author gives the overview of the historic process of the labor legislation reforming. Cowie emphasizes the importance of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s legislative act addressed to the employers and workers. The President’s initiative laid the foundation of the modern employment legislation. “It outlawed child labor, guaranteed a minimum wage, established the official length of the workweek at 40 hours, and required overtime pay for anything more” (Cowie n.pag.). However, the author of the article states that the current situation in the field of employment regulation and legislation is rather vulnerable. It seems that the current legislation is too flexible in the sense that it gives to the employers the opportunity to find the loopholes. As a result, the substantial part of employees works the abnormal hours and does not obtain the appropriate remuneration. The author claims that it is the role of the government to ensure the efficiency of the current employment legislation. The second article is The 1 Percent Are Only Half the Problem by Timothy Noah. The economic inequality is the major theme of the article. The author touches upon the problem of social stratification based on the differences in the economic welfare of the American population. Although he indicates to the significant gap between the wealthy individuals, whose weight in the total population accounts for only 1%, and the other part of the population, the weight of which is 99%, he argues that the problem should not be considered only in the context of the average income. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Noah claims that the access to education is the crucial factor of the social and economic welfare. The rise of the educated class should be taken into consideration (Noah n.pag.). The problem is twofold: on the one hand, the gap caused by the income inequality narrows, and, on the other hand, the educational gap widens. The Cuts that Keeps Bleeding is the third source, which deserves the special attention. It presents the statistical information on the dynamics in government spending on education. According to the data presented in the article, the funding of the education has been reduced by 28% since 2008 (“The Cuts that Keeps” 11). It is clear that the decrease in financing affects the quality of education. The statistics shows that the number of course offerings has decreased by 15% since 2008. The data support the opinion regarding the educational gap increase. It is not surprising as the cuts in spending limit the access of people to the higher education and they contribute to the social and economic inequality. Conclusion In summary, the analyzed articles are devoted to the problem of social and economic inequality. The authors emphasize the role of government regulation. Although the situation improves in certain areas, there are still the urgent problems requiring the legislative changes and government initiatives. Works Cited Cowie, Jefferson. “The Future of Fair Labor.” The New York Times. 24 June 2013. Web. Noah, Timothy. “The 1 Percent Are Only Half the Problem”. The New York Times. 18 May 2013. Web. “The Cuts that Keep Bleeding.” By the Numbers, 30 (2013): 3. Print We will write a custom Essay on The Problem of Social and Economic Inequality in Modern Society specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More

Choose a weather anomaly, such as El Nino and La

Choose a weather anomaly, such as El Nino and La.

Choose a weather anomaly, such as El Nino and La Nina, climate change, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, drought, heat waves, ice storms, or other. Be sure to define them, compare them to normal conditions and discuss the consequences of each. Include the economic impact damage to the Earth, and any long term consequences. If applicable, include the way that volcanoes, meteorite impacts, ice cap size fluctuation, or nuclear explosions might change them as well. Your final paper should meet the following requirements:8-10 pages in length (Does not include title page, reference page, images, diagrams, charts, or graphs.)8-10 outside sourcesFormatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.
Choose a weather anomaly, such as El Nino and La

Application concept for caring

term paper help Application concept for caring. Paper details ary: A theory can be used to guide practice. This assignment is an exercise in supporting a clinical practice with theory and evidence. Directions: Identify an outcome of nursing practice in your area of practice that can be improved. For example, if you work in home health, you may identify that throw rug use by fall risk patients is too prevalent. You may be able to use the problem that inspired the theory concepts that you developed in week two. Briefly support why it is a problem with evidence from the literature. This is not the major focus of the assignment so do not elaborate. Create a clinical nursing (not medical) theory in the form Concept A | Proposition | Concept B. Think of the structure like two nouns and a verb. While the term proposition is much more complex in the dictionary, in our use it is the connecting term between the two concepts. Examples include Concept A improves Concept B, Concept A is related to Concept B, when Concept A increases then Concept B also increases, etc. When you get to research, you will explore this further as you develop independent and dependent variables. How to use these statistically will come in research and statistics courses. This clinical theory is identified as an empirical theory when you get to the C-T-E model later in this course. It is empirical in that they can be measured. Identify and define your concepts. Identify how they could be measured in a research study. Be careful that you do not use compound concepts. If you find the words “and” or “or” in your theory, you are probably too complex. If you research your question and seek funding, you will need a theoretical model to guide the research. In our assignment, we are using Watson. You will identify the concepts in Watson’s theories that are represented by the concepts you are using in your clinical theory. Match the proposition in her theory with your proposition. To help, the 10 Caritas Processes are Concept A. Choose the one that matches your concept. To clarify, let’s look at Caritas 1 Embrace and use it in middle-range theory. Sustaining humanistic-altruistic values by the practice of loving-kindness, compassion, and equanimity with self/others (Concept A – Very complex and abstract) improves (Proposition) subjective inner healing (Concept B). Remember that the paper is not about the problem. It is about constructing a clinical theory and matching it to a middle-range theory and conceptual model your clinical theory represents. Conclude the paper with your discoveries made in your readings and the impact on the nursing profession of your discoveries. Explore, briefly, discovered questions that require further research. Summarize the paper in the conclusion. Present your outcome in an APA formatted paper that meets the University’s standards for a written assignmentApplication concept for caring

University of Miami Appalachian Women in Coal Mines Essay

University of Miami Appalachian Women in Coal Mines Essay.

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Format:Word Processor: This essay must be submitted electronically as a Microsoft Word document. File Name: The file name must be your last name, first initial, and “final essay” (e.g., smith,j, final essay).Title Page: Include the essay’s title, your name, the date, course name and number,professor’s name on the title page. The title page should be page number zero, but thenumber should not appear.Headers: Do not put anything into the header.Page Numbers: Number the pages with 1 appearing on the first page of the essay after thetitle page.Essay Title: Put the title of essay in boldface at the top of the first page of text. Essay Title Page: Follow the guidelines for Chicago-style title page.Section Subtitles: The essay must be divided into subtitled sections. Include an“Introduction” and “Conclusion” among these subtitles. Center and boldface the sectiontitles.Citations: All citations must be proper Chicago-style footnotes.Annotated Bibliography: Include a proper Chicago-style annotated bibliography that dividesthe sources into Primary Sources and Secondary Sources sections. Continue the pagenumbers through the bibliography.Word Count: The text of the essay must be between 2500 and 3000 words. This word countdoes not include the title page, the bibliography, or the footnotes. Be sure that the word- count function of Microsoft Word is not including footnotes.Regarding footnote and bibliography format: Follow the guidelines for proper Chicago-style footnotes and bibliographic entries.Proofread:Review the Essay Writing Checklist.Proofread your essay and annotations carefully in light of the checklist for clarity, accuracy, and brevity, and proofread for spelling, correct word usage, and grammar.Proofread citations for accuracy, spelling, and format.Electronic Submission:Submit the properly named Microsoft Word document electronically as an email attachmentto [email protected] and on Canvas by 5:00 pm, Monday, April 12th (thisdeadline is extended from what appears on your syllabus.)Do not use Google Drive or any other alternative submission system. 1Essay-Writing ChecklistReview the following points as you begin to write your essay and before you turn it in: Formatting:o Review the formatting requirements in the assignment. Have you met all of thoserequirements? Thesis and Introductory Paragraph:o Begin with an introduction that includes a clear thesis statement that you prove in thebody of the essay.o The thesis statement, itself, should be 1-3 sentences. Bold your thesis statement.o Be sure the thesis statement is a strong, clear, logical, and original statement of factabout which intelligent, well-meaning people might disagree.o Provide the context necessary for a reader to know about the subject of the essay (i.e.the people involved, important ideas and/or events, the time period, and thegeographic location).o Highlight the major supporting points made in the essay. Argument:o Be sure that the argument as a whole clearly supports the essay’s thesis.o The argument should proceed logically from one step to the next, from section tosection, paragraph to paragraph, and sentence to sentence.o Each section should focus on one important aspect of the essay (i.e., Introduction andConclusion) or a major aspect of the argument (e.g., a person’s early career).o Each paragraph should present a single idea, stay on topic, and use only relevantinformation, ideas, or examples.o The argument should reflect a thorough knowledge and understanding of theinformation available in the sources. Evidence:o Enclose all the passages taken word for word from a source in quotation marks.o Do not thinly paraphrase sentences, it is better either to put them into your own wordsor to quote them directly.o Rely on your own words rather than extensive quotes, but be sure to cite the evidenceon which you base your statements.o Cite sources of all ideas that you take from the sources, as well as all quotes.o Be sure that the examples you use as evidence clearly support the essay’s thesis.o Ensure that the examples you use as evidence are the best evidence available in thesources for the support of the essay’s thesis.o Do not twist evidence to make it say what you want rather than what it actually says. o Cite evidence using footnotes based on the Chicago Manual of Style Online.o DO NOT PLAGIARIZE2 Grammar:o Paragraphs: Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence that is supported in the paragraph. Construct each paragraph as a complete thought. Make each paragraph a single coherent element of the argument supporting theessay’s thesis.o Sentences: Be sure each sentence is complete, clear, concise, and grammatically correct. Each sentence should have a clear subject noun and active verb. Each sentence should be relevant to the sentences surrounding it, to the paragraphin which it is written, and to the essay as a whole.o Syntax: Do not use the first or second person (e.g., I, we, you, my, your).  Avoid the passive voice. Use words correctly. Prefer nouns to pronouns. Do not use wordy sentences. Make sure that nouns and verbs agree. Use clear verb tenses; the past tense is the preferred tense for history essays.  Do not use contractions (e.g. it’s, shouldn’t, can’t). Use a writing guide to ensure proper grammar and clear sentences. proofread, proofread, proofread, proofread, proofread, proofread, proofreado You should always strive for clarity, brevity, and accuracy in your writing.
University of Miami Appalachian Women in Coal Mines Essay

Domestic, Dating and Sexual Violence Essay

Domestic, Dating and Sexual Violence Essay. Introduction Domestic violence is an abusive behavior by one or both partners in an intimate relationship, for instance, married, dating, cohabiting, close knit, or friends. The violence may be committed in many forms, such as throwing objects, kicking, slapping and hitting. Sexual violence is the forcible penetration or sexual act in the body of another person without her consent. Dating violence is the sexual or physical violence in a relationship which includes verbal and emotional violence. Violence among women In the US, it is estimated that more than three women are killed by their spouses per day, which causes severe injuries. One in every four women has experienced violence by a boyfriend or a spouse. Women are 84% likely to be abused and about three – fourths of those who commit family violence are the males. It is also estimated that sexual assaults or rape in 2007 for those who are 12 years or older was 1.8% compared to the males with 0.1 per 1000 males (Catalano, 2007). Youths In addition, the bureau of justice statistics estimates that 3.4 million people were victims of stalking in the year 2005 – 2006, which comes in form of cyber stalking or instant messaging and electronic monitoring devices. Family Violence Prevention Fund (2011) outlines that girls and boys send nude photos of themselves or others and sexual evocative messages through email. 50 % of the girls say that pressure from guys is the reason why they do so, and 18% of the boys say that it is the pressure comes from the girls. Adolescent girls in the US are victims of emotional, physical and abuse from their boyfriends. Children Children between the ages of 11 to 14 are also victims of dating violence. Teen victims are more likely to use drugs, smoke, and take diet pills. They also involve themselves in sexual behaviors or even contemplate suicide. Abusive behavior in teen dating is the same as adult domestic violence. Teens may not recognize abuse because they have minimal knowledge about relationships. They interpret jealously and scheming behaviors as signs of love. Children under the age of 12 years are victims of homes that experience intimate partner violence. Young children suffer from emotional abuse, physical abuse and neglect, and this makes the child to have relationship difficulties and lack of trust. If the child is abused by parents or the primary care givers they find it difficult to trust anyone. They feel worthless, used and suffer from stigma and shame. They suffer from post traumatic stress disorder, for example bed wetting and nightmares and are at great risk of suffering from headaches and gastrointestinal problems. An adult survivor of child abuse suffers from anxiety, anger and depression and they finally become drug addicts. Violence in Different countries The rate of sexual violence in other nations like Japan and Ethiopia, range from 15 to 71 percent. Family Violence Prevention Fund (2011) explains that at least every three women globally are beaten, raped and undergo many abuses in their lifetime. The consequences faced by women victims are stroke, heart disease, asthma, headaches, broken bones, and pelvic pain. 70 percent are likely to drink heavily compared to those who have not experienced violence. Psychological effects are depression, suicidal behavior, inability to concentrate, inability to trust, and fear of intimacy and flash backs. Conclusion In conclusion, to reduce violence and abuse, we need to have education programs especially in schools to teach boys and girls about dating violence so that they should stop the behavior before it begins. Many girls do not know that it is against the law to be abused. If they see early signs of an abusive relationship, they should end it before it gets worse and violence threats should be taken seriously. By examining the underlying factors that cause abuse, counseling should be given and the victims should seek counseling as soon as possible and contact national domestic violence hotline. The abusers should seek counseling to enable them to manage anger, jealousy and mood swings. References Catalano, S. (2007). Intimate Partner Violence in the United States. U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics. Web. Family Violence Prevention Fund. (2011). Get the Facts: The Facts on Domestic, Dating and Sexual Violence. Web. Domestic, Dating and Sexual Violence Essay