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The PowerPoint needs to be displayed like a research paper with proper citations (APA format). 12 slides total (15

The PowerPoint needs to be displayed like a research paper with proper citations (APA format). 12 slides total (15 at most)

The focus needs to be how the privacy is within the cyber security world and what the US federal governments involvement is. Must be in third person. The stance is that the government infringes on citizens rights to privacy. Stance is also that we must secure cyber security to protectthe American citizens.

Below is the rubric, guidelines, and points to discus:

Key Elements:
Learner fully correlates and integrates key elements to substantiate thesis statement.

Learner presented and substantiated a clear debatable claim.

Writing Conventions:
Learner fully included and transitioned between a clear beginning, middle, and ending. No significant errors in grammar were evident.

Learner fully integrated and cited source material within evaluation.

Key elements to address include as it pertains to the topic:

• The role of public opinion, interest groups, and political parties;
• The state and local election process;
• Rights and responsibilities of citizens; and
Key issues and policies and political culture.

• This powerpoint will be 9-12 slides in length.
• Information should be in the slide itself AND NOT THE NOTES SECTION.
• Use APA format for in-text citations and cover slide.
• This is a professional paper so you will not use 1st or 2nd person.
• Utilize the OWL Purdue website that is mentioned in previous assignment sheets. Click on their APA format link. That has a ton of links that explain what is expected.
• Proper grammar and punctuation are expected as this is a professional project. 10 points is the usual deduction on my projects for grammar and punctuation but I reserve the right to take off more in cases where the mistakes are enough to inhibit my ability to understand the message.
• Projects cannot be recycled from previous or current classes or semesters. Any recycled papers will result in an automatic “0” and may be subject to further disciplinary action.
• Make sure to use in-text citations like the sample APA paper on OWL Purdue. Any powerpoint that does not have in-text citations will result in an automatic 0 for the powerpoint. These in-text citations will be used for anything that is not an original thought.