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HMNT 3001C Walden Does Our Acceptance of Violence Stem from Pop Culture Discussion.

Assignment: Final Project Milestone 2: Historical ContextLast week you completed a worksheet to start planning your Final Project. You chose the social issue you will explore as well as two categories of popular culture as defined in this course.This week, you continue your analysis of social issue messaging through popular culture and how it has changed over time. Do this by selecting artifacts/expressions within your chosen categories to serve as specific illustrative examples.You may include any artifacts/expressions you used in last week’s discussion as well as selecting new ones.To prepare, research the history of your popular culture category over time. This time period should be approximately 50 years but may be longer. Select specific artifacts/expressions from the past and from today to compare social issue messaging over time. Examples are provided on the Week 1 Final Project Summary resource.Consider the following:How has the audience and social values changed over time in relation to your popular culture artifact/expression categories?How have the popular culture categories either reflected or opposed the changing audience and social values?If the audience and social values have changed over time with regard to one of the popular culture categories, describe the changes.By Day 7Submit a 400- to 500-word paper that addresses these questions for your popular culture artifact. Include at least two references to academically relevant sources. You may use the ones provided in the Learning Resources or research your own.Note: Wikipedia,,, and similar websites are not considered academically relevant.Submission and Grading Information
HMNT 3001C Walden Does Our Acceptance of Violence Stem from Pop Culture Discussion

The business world has been facing a tough and complex market environment in the recent years. As the economy swings down, majority of firms try find themselves is try to cut some costs and increase profit to survive in the market for long-period. One of the easiest ways to cut cost is through reducing staff and layoff jobs. The elimination of jobs will certainly reduce some expenses like salary expenses, payroll costs as well as human resources costs and so on. leading to increase additional funds for any potential investment that the firm could face to upturn profit. Likely firms could use such strategy like reducing staff and facing no legal action or policy violation, which leads to presents many ethical problems between stakeholders and firms (Baston, Blake
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Need help with humor and diversity assignments

PS 341 Park University Positive Psychology Research Paper

PS 341 Park University Positive Psychology Research Paper.

Write a paper using empirical research articles. The paper is to be a minimum of 3 pages of text not including title page, abstract, and reference page.Articles need to be submitted with the paper.Assignment needs to be a minimum of 3 pages.The APA format needs to be used for paper—title page, abstract, DS Citations and Reference Page.Paper ExpectationsSelect a topic of your choice related to Positive Psychology.Find 2 empirical research articles (from full-text empirical research journals) from the positive psychology literature on this topic. Articles can also be found through:McAfee Memorial LibraryLinks to an external site.. psychARTICLES Links to an external the best source of reliable empirical journals. Do not use JSTOR because it is not as current and does not have the quality of research needed for this paper.Compare and contrast the information from each article on this topic; information needs to be integrated (not a separate report of each) with specific references to each article on how the information compares and contrasts. Information needs to be discussed point-by-point as to how it compares or contrast.Discuss the similarities and differences in the methods used for the research in the 2 empirical articles. Discuss your observations and conclusions as to the contribution of this research to the field of positive psychology.
PS 341 Park University Positive Psychology Research Paper

Wilminton University IT Sourcing Discussion

best assignment help Wilminton University IT Sourcing Discussion.

Please read this information on IT sourcing strategies:Chapter 12.4 – “IT Sourcing and Cloud Strategy” (PowerPoint)Report on outsourcing and insourcing by Deloitte Consulting (Links to an external site.) describes the sourcing trends that are important for IT.Find 2 peer-reviewed articles from academic journals on information technology sourcing. Summarize each article and compare and contrast the sourcing approaches in each article. Identify the factors that were important in each sourcing strategy and whether the sourcing decision was strategic for the long term or tactical for the short term. Which strategy did you think was more effective and why? Your paper should be in APA format and 3-4 pages, not counting the title page and reference pages. Make sure you have in-text citations and a reference page.
Wilminton University IT Sourcing Discussion

“The Good Temp” by Vicki Smith Essay (Book Review)

“The Good Temp” by Vicki Smith Essay (Book Review). Abstract The rise of temporary help service industry and its effects on the society has become a major concern to sociologists and other social scientists. A number of scholars have conducted studies on this topic. In their book The Good Temp, Vicki Smith and Esther Neuwirth try to tackle the subject of temporary labor market. The major reason why they wrote the book is to help people gain a better understanding on ‘temp’ work and employment relations. They gathered their information from an observation practice conducted in an agency in Silicon Valley. In addition, the book contains 263 articles on temporary employment. The articles are drawn from business journals published between 1960 and 1968. Smith and Neuwirth’s study is a significant addition to the literature on temporary employment. However, the study has its unique limitations. Different scholars also express their views on the study. In the current paper, the author analyzes the topics covered in the book and provides a summary of some of the sources of data used. A Critical Review of The Good Temp by Vicki Smith and Esther B. Neuwirth For the longest time, sociologists have been concerned with the rise of the temporary help industry (Cao“The Good Temp” by Vicki Smith Essay (Book Review)

Course Project – Milestone Two – HRIS Needs Assessment

Course Project – Milestone Two – HRIS Needs Assessment.

Milestone Two: Assess the HRIS NeedsFor the Milestone Two, you will assess the needs for a human resource information system that will manage employee information and Benefits and Compensation for ABC Corporation, a mid-sized company.The ABC Corporation would like to implement an HRIS. The company has 200 employees in 3 locations in the United States. The company has plans to grow 100% over the next 3 years. Currently, ABC Corporation utilizes Excel and Word for keeping track of employee files, payroll, and total compensation. Annually, the company spends $50,000 for the HR Department for the salaries of one HR employee who maintains the employee records. There is an accounts payable clerk who makes $45,000 a year and works on Payroll 2 days per week.Write a 3-4-page paper (not including a cover, abstract, and reference page) that includes the following sections:INTRODUCTION: Explains the content that will be reviewed in the paper.BUSINESS ASSESSMENT: Describes the business (size, structure, etc.). If there are unknowns, make assumptions based on typical companies from related fields and of similar size.IDENTIFIED PROBLEMS: Consider the HR problems/challenges of the organization. Make a list of HR functions that you believe could be more efficient based on your experience. Make assumptions if needed. Choose one HR function for analysis.HRIS NEEDS ANALYSIS: Review the shortfalls and challenges of the selected area. Refer to the course reading for additional information on conducting a needs analysis. Answer the following: How might an HRIS application assist the business? What elements should the HRIS contain in order to help the company be more efficient and productive?CONCLUSION: End the paper with a concise summary of your findings and recommendations for next steps for the company.Conduct your research using your textbook and resources from library databases (such as Business Source Complete, Business via ProQuest, and eBooks via EBSCO) and from credible webpages.***** BE PROFESSIONAL, FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS, ANSWER ALL 5 QUESTIONS IN ORDER, NO PLAGIARISM, CITATIONS AND REFERENCES ARE IMPORTANTE IN APA FORMAT, *****
Course Project – Milestone Two – HRIS Needs Assessment