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The Pagoda by Patricia Powell Essay (Critical Writing)

Table of Contents Introduction Faking identity Conclusion Works Cited Introduction ‘Pagoda,’ a book by Patricia Powell talks about a big secret. Lowe, a Chinese immigrant who runs a shop in Jamaica, is trapped between black and white villagers and faces threats from both groups. After living together with Miss Sylvie for convenience for thirty five years, their marriage changes to be a marriage of love as they come into reality with revelations of their past. Separation from her daughter for more than twelve years makes Lowe to write a letter with details of the origin of their family. Prior to the completion of the letter, the shop was reduced down to ashes together with Cecil, the person who fetched her to Jamaica, mistreated her sexually and who assisted her in putting up the shop. As a result of this incident, Lowe began a new life as a result of the freedom from debts of Cecil. She decides to build a Pagoda, school and a social place where all Chinese citizens could meet. As she engaged in these activities, she struggled to come out of the fact that she had lost his livelihood as well as drifting from Chinese culture and the prevailing secret of her family. Faking identity Lowe had escaped her marriage more than thirty five years ago by going away on a ship to Jamaica, and being unaware that the ship had more than five hundred Chinese men who had been forcefully taken from China and were bound for forced labor. Due to the fact that Chinese women are never allowed to immigrate to foreign countries, Lowe camouflages herself as a man and maintains the same identity for more than thirty years. The author tries to bring out implications which destiny and freedom can have on an individuals’ life regarding gender and family relationships. Kidnapping of Chinese men to provide cheap labor in the sugar plantations in Jamaica is also documented. Living conditions in China in the late 1800s was harsh making Lowe to search for new prospects in the Island of Jamaica. Lowe began realizing many losses in life after the grocery shop was burnt down, including the loss of her daughter, language, historical background and identity. These led her to intend to live a genuine life including building the Pagoda, a social cultural centre for the Chinese people. As she began the new life, a revelation of a life of fake identity, historical violence and betrayal was unfolded. She recognizes that she is not the only one with the dark past, but also Miss Sylvie. Lowe and Sylvie continue sharing their past but something else comes up, Lowe has an affair with a black Jamaican woman called Joyce which makes Sylvie to run away because she could not hold the past experiences. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Afterwards, Lowe realized that she genuinely loved Miss Sylvie and thereby writing a letter to her daughter Elizabeth. Submerged in misery and lamentation, Lowe admits in the letter that she has never lived her life fully but through faking identities. According to the author (Powell,117), the character of Sylvie as a woman surpassed the boundaries imposed upon women in the late 19th century by depicting her as an autonomous, rich and influential owner of land. She is forced to tackle the past full of wrong choices, deceit and masked identity. Lowe deals with problems of injustice in Jamaica in an area dominated by the blacks and her target is to cut across racism and get recognition within the society. However, the struggle of Lowe with identity is much emphasized than any other character in the book. The years of lies have lowered Lowes’ spirit to the extent that ‘self’ had no meaning in her life but just a collection of fiction. She no longer knew the beginning or the end of some things happening in her life, whether her stories corresponded or whether people understood the gaps in links. Despite the frustrations and difficulties that she undergoes, Lowe goes on with the dream of building the Pagoda so that Chinese living in Jamaica can have a place to refresh and practice their traditions and experience their identities. The author tries to investigate colorfully the fertile heritage and landscape of Jamaica in the late 19th century. Conclusion The context of the story is interesting because of the nature of the community involved, a Chinese community in Jamaica while Lowe, the main character, revolves around with issues related to gender identity. I was a little bit unsatisfied with the main character in the story because she had big challenges in her life while she kept other people out of her life, at the same time she seemed discontented with her life. There is lack of connection, relationships among people in the story while the author tries to bring out lack of hope in the bid to build a community of Chinese people in Jamaica. Towards the end of the story, there seems to be optimism concerning pardon and love, but remains only to be hope in the authors’ imagination but not in the written context. We will write a custom Critical Writing on The Pagoda by Patricia Powell specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Works Cited Powell, Patricia. The Pagoda. New York: Knopf, 1998.
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all instructions are included in the document Define the Problem:A relatively brief description of the problem or issue (in mostcases this should represent no more than 1/3rd. of your narrative per question), explaining WHAT the problem is, and WHY this is a problem that requires attention.Please be sure to differentiate between symptoms and the problem.How do you define a successful outcome to your stated problem?Present Alternatives: What are three or four alternatives for dealing with the problem?Note: you may include a “null” or “do noting option, but you should include arguments for why this is/ is not the preferred option.Choose a Solution: What solution do you recommend? Why is it “better” than theother alternatives? What will be required to implement it, (people, training, dollars, etc.)? How long might your solution take to mitigate, resolve the problem?Implement a Solution: How, when, and with what specific resources will you implement your solution?Evaluate your solution:Describe when and how you will evaluate your solution(s) to determine if it/ they have resolved your problem(s) as described previously in your problem definition.
LU Developing Difficult People Question

Introduction Patient education remains one of the evidence-based methods used to manage various medical conditions. Posters and campaigns are usually used by health professionals to guide and empower their respective patients. This paper gives a detailed review and analysis of the presented poster and how it can empower many people to deal with the cardiorenal syndrome (CRS). Peer Review After examining the poster titled “The Management of Cardiorenal Syndrome”, it is evident that the designer offers relevant information that can empower medical practitioners and patients to deal with CRS. The first outstanding observation is that the poster’s objective or purpose is clearly stated. The reader can acknowledge that the educational tool is aimed at informing people about cardiorenal syndrome (CRS) and how to manage it. The poster’s first impression stimulated my attention. This was the case since the designer used appropriate colors, fonts, and pictorials to pass the intended message to the reader. The title is also brief and interesting. Another important thing to observe is that the intended message is complete. However, the tool fails to present the intended information with an economy of words. This means that most of the sentences could have been shortened without affecting the quality of the poster. After going through the educational tool, I have observed that every main point or idea is presented professionally. However, the key problem is that the designer failed to offer supporting evidence. It is also notable that the information is not shortened or summarized. Consequently, small fonts are used to ensure that the words fit in the document. This is capable of confusing the intended reader. It is important to note that there are no errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Additionally, the charts and pictorial materials have been presented effectively to pass across the intended information to the reader. In terms of design, the font choice and color scheme appear to be out of place. As indicated earlier, these weaknesses make it hard for different people to go through the entire poster. The color scheme also lacks consistency, thereby discouraging many individuals from using this poster. Despite the above minor bottlenecks, the poster’s layout and organization are commendable. This means that any conscientious reader would be in a position to get quality information from this poster. It is also evident that the presented abstract provides sufficient information regarding the tool. This is the case because it gives a detailed summary of the targeted medical condition, its causal factors, and the best strategies to manage it. The material is also worth reading because it encourages medical practitioners, nurses, and policymakers to focus on the emerging issues surrounding CRS and come up with evidence-based strategies to deal with them. Members of the community and patients can also use this tool to monitor their health conditions and seek appropriate medical support promptly. Concluding Remarks In conclusion, the selected poster can offer evidence-based information about CRS to health practitioners, community members, and patients. The educational tool is designed properly to achieve the intended objective. However, the color scheme, font choice, and the absence of adequate citations make it less authoritative. Despite such weaknesses, more people should be encouraged to read and use this poster to deal with the health complications associated with CRS. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More

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answer this DB week one community health. Paper details answer this question in two paragraph with 5 sentences per paragraph. DQ 2. Discuss the history of public and community health nursing and its effects on current social, political and economic issues in the United States. textbook: Title/Edition: Foundations of Nursing in the Community: Community-Oriented Practice, 4th Edition Authors: Marcia Stanhope, RN, DSN, FAAN, and Janette Lancaster, RN, PhD, FAAN ISBN: 978-0-323-10094-6 answer this DB week one community health

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write my term paper NCU 6010 Week 1. Please read instructions CAREFULLY before accepting!! The writer will be reused for all assignments in this class as the coursework/assignments need to be consistent. **PLEASE READ THE COURSE OVERVIEW BEFORE ACCEPTING. **DO NOT ACCEPT THIS IF YOU ARE UNWILLING TO COMPLETE ALL ASSIGNMENTS. Once logged in click the MBA-6010 link and that will take you into the classroom. Next, click Section 1: Importance of Real-World Situations and Understanding Financial Measurements and then week 1. This is where you will find this assignment, Assignment: Complete Simulation Practice Rounds and Assess Company Performance. I may have missed the sources required but please add them as needed.NCU 6010 Week 1

Western Union Co

Western Union Co. Introduction: More and more people are moving out of their own countries these days, seeking better opportunities in terms of employment, business etc. The increase in immigration rates goes to show the growing number of people working in foreign countries. These people will need to send money to their relatives and family in their home country at a regular basis. There comes the need of an easy, fast and efficient means for transferring money safely to the destination. For this reason, numerous companies popped up. In this paper, we will discuss about Western Union- the world leader in money transfer and related services. With a presence in over 200 countries, Western Union is a pioneer in the field though it is facing stiff competition from various other similar organizations. To keep up with the growing demands of modern market and to fight competition effectively, innovative changes in business strategies are required. This includes the use of the services of Information technology and Information systems. Information systems have long been seen as a tool for gaining sustainable competitive advantage. The paper discusses the usage of IS/IT within Western Union with the need for better utilization of such services to gain competitive advantage over rival companies. The strengths and weaknesses of the company are carefully studied by carrying out competitor analysis and SWOT analysis. Western Union – Overview The Western Union is a financial services and communications oriented company based on the United States. The company which is spread over 240 different countries and territories has its headquarters in Montvale in New Jersey. The company generates revenues in excess of $5billions as of now. Western Union was founded in 1851 by as The New York and Mississippi Valley Printing Telegraph Company ( The company adopted the name ‘Western Union Telegraph Company’ in 1856, following a few acquisitions. The following years saw Western Union dominating the telegraph industry which marked the beginning of revolutionary changes in the communication era. It was in the year 1871 that the company introduced money transfer service. The initial service was largely based on the extensive telegraph network that the company owned. The following years saw telephone taking over the communication world. Western Union, after losing a lawsuit with Bell in 1879, began to concentrate mostly on the money business. The 20th century witnessed much innovative and technological advancement in operations from the company. In the year 1974, Western Union became the first American telecommunication company to own geosynchronous communication satellites by maintaining its own group of satellites to carry telegram and mailgram message data between Western Union offices nationwide. Western Union began to divest its telecommunication assets during the early 1980s due to the increasing debts and sharply falling profits. In 1987, Investor Bennett S LeBow acquired WU and boosted the company’s capital base. This caused the company to undergo a major transformation from being a leading telecommunications provider to money transfer operations provider. The company adopted the name ‘Name Valley Corporation’ in the year 1991 to protect against some legal proceedings and four years later merged with First Data Corporations. The latter announced a plan to spin WU off as independent and as a result, in 2006, the company become a truly independent publicly traded company and the focus of the company shifted entirely toward money transfer. Western Union offers reliable money transfers across the globe with its slogan ‘Money in Minutes’. Typically, a person wanting to send money goes to a Western Union office and gives them the money opting for either the ‘Money in Minutes’ service or for the next day service. Sender also needs to provide the recipient’s name and payment city upon which he will be given a Money Transfer Control ID. This ID will be passed on to the recipient as well. The recipient can now go to any WU shop in the given city, provide the Money Transfer Control ID and personal ID to get the money. WU also provides a mobile based money transfer service in association with GSM. Market share: Western Union is the world’s largest money transfer company in the world by means of transaction volume. The company has a market share of 17% as of Dec 2007, way ahead of its next largest competitor, MoneyGram International (6%). WU had £5.3billion in revenue as of 2008, with 85% of its revenues coming from direct ‘consumer-to-consumer’ transactions (direct money transfer between individuals). Consumer-to-business transaction accounted for the remaining 15% of the company’s revenue. The company also have a strong international reach, which is evident from the fact that 65% of its revenues (for the year 2007) are contributed by international money transfers. Market Conditions The global economic condition is one factor which hugely influences the money transfer industry. An analysis of the company’s revenues in the year 2008 shows that the poor economic conditions which prevailed in the US/Mexican markets caused a dip in revenue from these regions. On the other hand, revenues shares from emerging economies like China and India grew substantially (37% and 44% respectively). Also, it us found that the figures of global remittances (money sent within countries) almost doubled during the period 2002-2007. This surge in demand for money transfers has also meant more intense competition from competitors. Competitors like MoneyGram, American Express and PayPal are all keen to put their hold in the market. The coming years could see fierce competition in this sector. Business Models All operations of Western Union falls under two broad categories: 1. Consumer-to-consumer (C2C): This has traditionally been the major business sector for Western Union. This includes direct money transactions between private individuals. A major part of customers in this category are immigrants who sent money to their relatives across the world. Revenue from this type of transactions has been increasing steadily over the years. MoneyGram International and American Express are the major competitors for WU in this category 2. Customer-to-business(C2B): This category of transaction allows customers to pay bills and transactions through various means. The revenues from this category accounts for only 15% of the total revenue of WU (for the year 2007). Competitors in this category include e-bay’s PayPal which is a secure internet based electronic payment system. ( Strategic Alliances Western Union has strategic alliances with banks and financial institutions all over the world. On 2008 October, WU also entered into an important strategic alliance with Orascom Telecom Holding (OTH), “to pilot mobile money transfer services in its key markets”. This alliance helped to initiate mobile remittance services in select countries and was aimed at providing frequent, low-principal mobile remittance service to its customers wanting to send money all over the world. This alliance was part of the Western Union-GSM association aimed at providing high speed cross-border money transfer services over the mobile. ( Fraud activities and scams over the internet have caused problems with money transfer through Western Union. Scammers have been able to hijack Western Union services in the past and money thus lost, in most cases were irrecoverable. Western Union has to deal with this problem effectively or it might lose some serious market share. The company had received numerous complaints regarding online scams. WU, recently has started a mechanism to block transactions based on suspicious terrorist connections. This effectively meant that the company sometimes block transactions where the recipient had Arabic sounding names. This has created troubles for numerous ‘real’ customers. Major Competitors Identifying the competitors is very important for any business firm. Analysis of the competitor’s strategy is very essential to formulate an effective business strategy. In the case of industries with a niche product, identifying competitors becomes crucial. Competitor analysis involves the gathering of information of one’s competitor and using this information to predict their behaviour. There are different types of competitors that a business may across. These are: 1. Direct competitors: These are businesses that offer identical or similar products as your business. Direct competitors are direct threats to the company and can seriously affect the company’s market share in the business. 2. Indirect competitors: These are businesses which offer products that can be used as substitutes to your products. Though such products may not be targeting your market directly, they can offer alternatives which can sometimes prove harmful. In the case of Western Union, we can consider Thomas Cook 3. Future Competitors: Businesses which, at the moment, do not compete with your company-directly or indirectly, but can affect your business in the future. ( MoneyGram International, Inc is a US based company financial services company. Headquartered in Minneapolis, this company operates in over 170 destinations worldwide offering its products and services through a network of more than 100,000 agents along with other financial institutions ( The history of the company dates back to 1940. MoneyGram Payment Systems, Inc. was a part of American Express until it was acquired by The Travelers Express Company, Inc in 1998. The company became MoneyGram International following a spin-off in 2004. MoneyGram International provides services like money transfer, money orders and bill payment to its customers. A separate wing of the company provides payment processing services to financial institutions. Recently, the company started a new mechanism which allows customers to transfer money through mobile devices. The company is a direct competitor to Western Union Co in that both operate in the same domains. MGI offers money transfer at comparatively lower prices than WU and is eyeing the large market share of WU. With a market share of 6%, the MGI is the only major direct competitor for WU in the business. The following table provides a competitor analysis of Western Union Co. The table gives a good understanding of the relative strengths and weaknesses of Western Union Co and its major competitor- MoneyGram International, Inc. FACTOR Your Business Strength Weakness Competitor A Competitor B Products and services offered Money Transfer Fast, Brand name Cost MoneyGram Market share 17% Worldwide 6% Global visibility (locations of operation) Worldwide N.A N.A N.A Organisation’s mission/vision FastWestern Union Co

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