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The One Who Changed My Life english essay help Agricultural Studies online class help

Seeing the twenty one years I have gone,my brother is regarded as the person who changed ma life or the one who is very important to me. Though eight years order than me,he is the only person I can link up with in my family. I am a country girl,even though education is very important in our society,it is not commom that people go to university in my village. Because it is a phenomenon that not change until today. Dieeicult to get in,easy out. But my brother did.

When I was young, my parents,relatives ask him to my good example. And I receive. This isone reason,he has the same experience liake me. It is a basic that we can understang each other in some aspects. Maybe it is atruth that brother is capable,smart,strong in the sister’s eyes. No matter when and where ,I know that I can depend on him. Whenever I need him,he’ll be there. No reason to receive,no abandon. He may not give me some matter-helps,but he should have support and encourage me,which is most important to me.

As we all know,sometimes we are feared and undefined to the very long life we faced,then we stopped. Now we need a person to help us ,Ithink my brother is the very one. When I was in high school in Grade Three,the lsat year that we study for the university entrance examination. I’m very nervousand I’d like to give it up . That year my brother was work,very busy,but he was always calling me. Sharing his time in this period to relax and encourage me. It helped me to study hard.

After examination ,he went to my school to take home ,I’m very happy. Nowadays,he has his own family ,we can not see each other so often,amostly two times a year. But once in a while,we have time ,we’call or send message ,talking about the recent life,like the family. He influnced me in some aspects,he ia loving sports very much. So do I. In his summer holiday,at the time he took exercise ,he’l ask me todo it ,too. For a long time,I loved it,because it was sorelax and release me. Now it has become a hobby of mine.

You know that my parents support we two children to university iaa very heavy burdon. they can not provide us a house in city or a car. We must depend on ourselves to gain them. My brother did’t complain about it,he is responsble and he works very hard,depend on his own hand to gain them. Ithink he is a good example in my life ,and he is worth to be the person who changed my life. From him, I learned that,we must be independance,caring for others,loving. And he showed me that a person should how to live.

Create Your Own Contract

1. Invent a product or service (can be an app.) This could be the one you previously identified or a different one. The product/service is one you will market for profit. Assume the product/service has been developed and created and is ready for distribution. Do not concern yourself whether it can reasonably be realized. Be creative!
2. Draft a contract for the sale of the product/service to a retail establishment. The retailer could be a brick and mortar store, restaurant, hardware store, online marketplace, etc.
3. The contract should contain the necessary elements of a contract in accordance, i.e., the contract should include specifics on terms such as description, price, quantity, shipping or delivery, payments, etc. You may use other sources beyond your textbook. Do not use terms you do not understand. Do not just “copy and paste” a contract you find on the internet. Make this contract yours. (For the description terms you can include what your item or service does or accomplishes.)
Also, very importantly, you are required to add at least seven (7) Boilerplate (common contract provisions) clauses which must include “arbitration” and “attorney fees and costs” clauses. See attached for sample boilerplate clauses which includes definitions and sample language to include. Boilerplate Clauses.1-2.pdf
Your contract is worth 100 points; up to 50 points will be given for professionalism, which includes having a title for your document, proper formatting, alignment of paragraphs, spacing, spelling, and grammar; and up to 50 points on how well you incorporate all the necessary elements of a contract, including essential terms and boilerplate clauses, and followed the instructions. You must incorporate all elements described in this assignment in order to receive full credit. Points will be deducted for each term/clause not incorporated. This final contract is worth 25% of your grade.
(Sample contracts may be found by googling samples contracts for sale of good or services; Findlaw;; and other law sites. Also, a sample contract for the International Sale of Coffee can be found in your book at pages 383-386. Note, do not just copy and paste contracts you find. You must customize them according to the instructions above for your product or service,)