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The Olympic Games 2018 and Its Fans Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Demographic Characteristics of Olympic Fans Social Media Use Food and Drinks Consumption Currently Owned or Leased Automobiles The Use of Credit Cards Family Restaurants Visited Conclusion Works Cited Introduction The Olympic Games are one of the most popular sports events, which attracts millions of people around the world. For example, the Winter Olympic Games in 2018 received a viewership of 1.92 million people through different media channels (Billings et al. 536). The aim of this paper is to analyze what Olympic fans have in common. It is not only interesting from a sociological point of view but also has a practical implementation. Knowing the interests that Olympic fans share is of great value for marketers. They can use this knowledge to target their Olympic campaigns at the audience more effectively. The analysis shows that the viewers of the Olympic Games have common preferences in terms of social media use, food consumption, credit cards, and automobiles. Demographic Characteristics of Olympic Fans Not all people are equally interested in the Olympic Games. Data show that men are more inclined to become Olympic fans than women (GfK Mediamark Research
extra credit. Paper details   You can find them both on Films on Demand through the campus library. 1. What Makes Me? Part 2: The Brain with David Eagleman 2. The Truth about Personality these are 10 points each for a total of 20 possible bonus points. Your reflections must show critical thinking. What questions do you have? What was a surprise? What was most interesting or helpful. I want to see that you are really considering science and its application. this is a personality theory class. the link to the video. the other link Let me know the links work. Thank youextra credit

Topic 5 DQ 1

Topic 5 DQ 1. I need help with a Health & Medical question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Explain telemedicine, and describe how it is typically being used in either a rural or an urban setting at the present time. For the setting you chose, what are telemedicine’s overall strengths? What are its overall weaknesses?
Next, select an allied health profession and describe how telemedicine is now or could affect patient care in that field. In your responses to colleagues, select posts that discuss different settings and professions (if possible) and offer a fresh perspective or a novel approach as to how telemedicine could be more fully used.
Topic 5 DQ 1

PHIL 186 SJSU Deontology Professional and Business Ethics? Kant Theory Essay

python assignment help PHIL 186 SJSU Deontology Professional and Business Ethics? Kant Theory Essay.

In this case Please use Deontology (Kant’s theory) as your moral theory.The response should in 1000 words in length. They should, as the name might have suggested, be responses to the assigned case studies. Your response must address the case directly – it shouldn’t just be a discussion of some issues that are in the neighborhood, but should assess the situation or actions of the people in the case. You should not answer the discussion questions found at the end of the case in the textbook; they can be a fine place to help you get going, but what I want you to do is to write your own assessment of the case.These responses will be graded on clarity of argumentation (yes, these responses should be argumentative!) as well as your usage of the moral theories we have learned in the course.
Each CSR will use a different moral theory as outlined below. Merely mentioning a moral theory is not enough – so, for example, if you think that raising the minimum wage would be the correct course of action for utilitarian reasons, then you ought to proceed to give an argument why Utilitarians in particular should agree with you. That is, you should argue not just that raising the minimum wage would be nice, or make people feel good, but that it would have the best consequences (this line of thinking will make sense when we cover what Utilitarianism is). Moreover you should be specific about what those consequences would be, and why they support your conclusion.
PHIL 186 SJSU Deontology Professional and Business Ethics? Kant Theory Essay

Strategy Session at MSLO Research Paper

Table of Contents Introduction Stock price history The impact of Martha Stewart’s conviction Bibliography Footnotes Introduction Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia (MSLO) has been a successful household name since it incorporation, with interest in publishing, television and radio broadcasting, merchandising and internet ventures. Its driving force has been built on the idea of better living through design.[1] The company has been able to transform various aspects of our life into successful ventures, such as, personal organization and meal planning in creative business opportunities. Though successful, the company has been through various challenges but none has been notable like the imprisonment of its CEO, Martha Stewart, in 2004 for insider trading and her resignation in an effort to save her company’s stock price that were performing poorly following the news of trial and conviction.[2] Following these developments, MSLO formulated and implemented new strategies to contain the situation and help to stabilize the stock price and market share. Stock price history The company’s stock is currently trading at $3.22 per share as at August 11, 2011, trading a volume of 341,593 shares and with an improvement of 5.57% from the previous day’s trading.[3] The company’s highest stock price was $37.40 per share in February 24, 2005, trading a volume of 3,604,300 shares prior to release of Martha from jail, and the company’s lowest stock price was $1.61 per share trading a volume of 190,400 shares following the its being hit by financial crisis. The impact of Martha Stewart’s conviction Following conviction of Martha Stewart by mid June 2002, the company’s stock price was almost half of what it was trading at the end of 2001, with Martha choosing to remain silent about the allegations only professing her innocence. In the next span of about two years, while the saga continued, the company was unable to recover its stock price, as it was at the end of 2001 mark. This conviction made a huge toll on the company’s profitability and cash flow, leading to halving of the 2002 third quarter projections.[4] These developments made the shareholders and other stakeholders to loss confidence in the company, something that further aggravated the situation of the company. By January 2003, many advertising customers such as Chrysler had withdrawn their contracts, with the company registering the first quarterly loss of $2 million and the Martha Stewart Living Magazine registering 31% drop in revenues.[5] With the shareholders feeling the effect of plummeting stock price, some responded by disposing off the shares while others were deeply agitated that they took legal action against the company. For instance, Howard Rosen, an MSLO shareholder, in August 22, 2002 sued Martha and her top business associates for selling stock in MSLO before the investigation of her ImClone sale became public.[6] Corporate strategies that MSLO pursued in the period following Ms. Stewart’s conviction to improve the public’s perception of Ms. Stewart and her company, MSLO Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More First, the company ensured that Martha Stewart resigned as the COE and relinquished any duties relating to running of the company. Secondly, the company embarked on a mission to build secondary personalities and branded media properties to minimize reliance on one person for branding. Additionally, the company advised Martha to remain silent during the whole ordeal to avoid further negative publicity. Lastly, the company embarked on product dilution process, shifting focus to health categories and other acquisitions such as Body

Texas A & M University Force a Company Into the Medical Patent Pool Essay

Texas A & M University Force a Company Into the Medical Patent Pool Essay.

This is two parts: 1 a paper and 2 a response. Please include at least one source in each post. Write a 200 word paper on:… and please have the title in the form of a question. Write a response to: Would it be better to force a company into the medical patent pool, or is it best to keep it voluntary?Patent PoolIn Ellen ‘t Hoen’ TedTalk video: “Pool Medical Patents, Save Lives”, she talks about the rising cost of life saving drugs and how hard it is for companies to my cheaper generic brands. This is because companies routinely patent drugs and the processes of making the drugs; companies wanting to make a generic can find themselves caught in the never ending patent circle. Second having wider spread patent laws worldwide has resulted in countries that could make cheap generics before, being unable to do the same thing in today’s age.In 2010, UNITAID, came up with the Medical Patent Pool for HIV. This required companies to share these patents with them so that the drugs could be widely available to patients who needed them all over the world. This significant;t brought down these life saving drugs from $10,000 per patient per year to $60 per patient per year. Fewer people are dying from complications of HIV turning into AIDS and more are able to lead happy, healthy lives, without risk of passing on HIV too; because of these measures.Mandated or Voluntary?Following the successful model of the Medical Patent Pool for HIV, should the rising drug prices be forcibly mandated for all drugs? It could of course be on a voluntary basis, but from what we’ve seen no other drug companies have hopped on the bandwagon of that for other types of drugs. Take the price of EpiPens for example, $600-$700 if paying cash for these little pens, that if not injected when needed can literally result in death of the inflicted person. For people experiencing financial hardship is this price feasible though? It’s not, but developing a Patent Pool for EpiPens and drugs of the like could help bring the price of this down for people who need them in the future.
Texas A & M University Force a Company Into the Medical Patent Pool Essay

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