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The Odd Number Paradox write my essay help custom essay writing tips

Why are odd numbers so odd ? Let us explore this question. The fact that odd numbers have been named that make them odd, right? Or are they in reality odd at all? The answer to this question honestly depends on who answers.

Answering this question all depends on your perspective. If you have my problem and make everything complicated, then answering this turned out to be quite hard. Then again, some people simply answer the question mathematically in the sense that they cannot be divided by two evenly. I chose to go deeper into the question.
The legitimate definition of the word “odd” is “different from the usual or expected”. This somewhat conflicts with what I know and believe. To me simplicity does not exist. In all my experience in life so far, I have been shown that most everything is more complicated than expected. In my own life I would say that all people are odd in some way, but that makes us normal. If we do not have something different or special about us, then we simply are going against human nature.

There are routines, but then again there are “odd” routines which is somewhat contradictory. So in retrospect odd numbers also contradict because we see them every day. Only the creator of odd numbers can legitimately answer the question. Otherwise I feel the answer must be left up to the interpretation of the one who is asked the question. Everyone has their own opinion, which it is their right to have it, but you first must inspect all angles before judging and or coming to a conclusion too quickly.

My thoughts have all come down to “are odd numbers even odd at all? I believe fully that although the mathematical proof is there, they are not really odd. What is odd though, is the fact that we call them that in the first place. It is odd that we must label things as we see fit to be able to have some comfort with the world around us. It somewhat creates a paradox in the fact that nothing and everything is odd. Everything about odd numbers is odd, yet then again here I am arguing that they are not in any way.

So in conclusion, we have no legitimate way to answer other than to put it into perspective.

History of Latin America

History of Latin America.

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History of Latin America


History of Latin America is characterized by increased tension in the late colonial period. These tensions have been accumulating for many years and were escalated by the increasing demands by the Spanish Crown. These demands mounted a lot of pressure on the existing tensions, which divided the society based on ethnicity, birthplace, race and class. These divides gave rise to new independent nations in the region (Charlip 25).

This paper seeks to analyze the primary sources of the history of Latin America, “Consider the Source: Documents in Latin American History for Latin America: An Interpretive History 2nd Edition.”

“Consider the Source: Documents in Latin American History for Latin America: An Interpretive History”

This is a book written by Julie Charplin in 2011, which provides an analysis of the history of Latin America. The book provides a great political and historical writing of the Latin America. It is recognized universally as one of the most significant books of Latin American history. Chaplain analyzes the Latin American history from the period when European settled in Latin America to formation of a new empire.

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