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The New Normal: The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

The New Normal: The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

1.summarize. 2.analyze. 3. define the concept. Go to to search for scholarly articles on your research topic. Use different words to find an article that an Americans story in general. There is another button for the citation which will give you the APA style or MLA style for citing your articles. Use this citation, copy and paste it before the paragraph were you summarize and analyze the article.Questions: 2-3 sentences for each1. What does this article show or what are the results? In one or two sentences who are the findings?2. How do these results support your claims or help support your American story? Why is this article relevant to the topic or American story you chose? (SNAP food program)3. Does this article define a key term? If so, how and how can you use this definition of a key term or concept for your research paper?
The New Normal: The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

​Given the current events with COVID-19

​Given the current events with COVID-19.

Given the current events with COVID-19, many faculty are putting their courses online. Video can be a large part of this process. Discuss in detail the theoretical and philosophical framework supporting the idea of using video as an online learning tool. 1) Specifically, I want you to address how different ideas of teaching and learning support your future research questions. This may include, but not be limited to people such as Piaget, Vygotsky, Dewey, Bruner, Socrates, Plato.- How do different perspectives on teaching and learning support your future research questions 2) Are there learning opportunities using video that are not present in other forms of delivery?- How does using video/youtube (as a learning tool) allow for learning opportunities that you can’t receive in any other ways of learning?Ex. To listen to your loosen from different speaker the ability to learn from different ways 3) What are the drawbacks(disadvantages) to using video?What are the disadvantages Due to current circumstances, those in the younger o Talk about being a student during the shutdown o Touch on how COVID-19 has changed the way online schooling functions o Talk about how being an international student in the USA has changed your perspective on schooling shutdown etc…o Talk about how society’s perspective of online schooling will change due to corona virus o How learning things on YouTube can safe your time by allowing people to learn from anywhere they are.o You need to talk about all what I mentioned above **** Note:- The response should be 16 pages not including references. The response should be double-spaced.- You may add one or two diagrams as maximum to support your answer (with a clear explanation) if you think this is helpful.- APA style required – I will provide you a brief about my research questions subject and my research questions as well. So that you can make a connection between your answer and my future research questions as the question above asking However, academic resources are important to use instead of utilizing more sites, etc..
​Given the current events with COVID-19

Birth Centers A Health Care Organization Regulatory Agencies Essay

assignment writer Birth Centers A Health Care Organization Regulatory Agencies Essay.

Regulatory agencies are the physical manifestation of health care legislation. Each agency has a specific mission that is carried out under the authority of Congress.Choose a health care organization of interest to you. Write a 1,000-1,250 word paper that addresses the following:Describe the purpose, mission, and goals of this health care organization. Provide an overview of the type of health care organization and the community it serves.Identify the regulating agencies that oversee the organization. What are the specific responsibilities assigned to regulating agencies? How do regulating agencies support heath care and the stakeholders in health care?Identify a health care issue/topic relevant for this organization (workplace safety, patient safety, quality, fraud and abuse, injury, etc.). Discuss the relevance of this issue or topic for the organization.Describe the role of the organization or administrator in compliance. What are the actions a health care administrator takes to comply with health care legislation?Support your essay by including three to five scholarly sources, including your textbook.
Birth Centers A Health Care Organization Regulatory Agencies Essay

Technology Changes Everything

Technology Changes Everything. I’m trying to learn for my Writing class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

The powerpoimt you will use is in the attachment
This assignment provides another opportunity for you to evaluate a variety of digital and assistive technologies for supporting diverse learners. For this assignment, you will create a presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint or other presentation software of your choice. To prepare for this assignment, it is recommended that in addition to reading Edyburn (2013) Chapter 1 that you also review the Week One Instructor Guidance. Additionally, be sure to view the TEDx Talks (2012) video Can Technology Change Education? Yes!: Raj Dhingra at TEDxBend (Links to an external site.). While you watch the video, pay particular attention to the story Dhingra tells about the Firefly Mobile Learning Bus utilized in Turkey and how students are connecting to technology for teaching and learning in rural parts of the world.
Next, watch the Conscious Educating (2011) video Microsoft Vision of the Classroom of the Future (Links to an external site.), which shows how technology might affect a classroom in the future while considering how much technology has changed in such a short period of time. Finally, watch the TED (2010) video The Child-Driven Education (Links to an external site.) in which Sugata Mitra discusses how the best teachers and the schools that need them the most can connect through effective use of technology.
The purpose of this assignment is to showcase how technology has evolved with regard to teaching and learning and to show the influence it has on supporting all learners and encouraging student independence. The videos listed above provide numerous examples to inform the presentation requirements. It is recommended that you take some time to consider what will occur in the Week Six Final Project and how the work completed in this assignment could inform the Final Project. Create your presentation using the content and written communication instructions below. Use the Grading Rubric to review your presentation before submission to ensure you have met the distinguished performance for each of the components described below. For additional assistance, review the Week One Instructor Guidance and, if needed, contact the instructor for further clarifications.
Refer to:
Week 1 Presentation Template
Content Instructions

Slide Length and Design (0.5 point): The presentation should be five to eight slides in length including title and references slides. Use relevant and appropriate graphics, sound, and/or animation that assist in presenting the overall main point but do not distract from the information presented. Slides should have a consistent theme, format, and font that augment the readability of the presentation.
Evolution of Technology (1 point): Discuss three ways the evolution of technology has impacted teaching and learning.
Technology Examples (2 points): Describes three examples of how digital and assistive technologies can be used to support diverse learners.
Technology Influence (2 points): Discusses three ways technology influences student independence.

Written Communication Instructions

Syntax and Mechanics (0.5 point): Display meticulous comprehension and organization of syntax and mechanics, such as spelling and grammar.
Source Requirement (0.5 point): Reference each of the featured videos as well as the Edyburn (2013) course text on the references slide and correctly cite all sources within the body of the presentation.

Technology Changes Everything

Operating system threads and a thread-safe hashtable in c programming

Operating system threads and a thread-safe hashtable in c programming.

a classic problem in text processing is identifying the unique words. it doesn’t seem to hard: open a file, read it a word at a time, stick it in a hashtable, dump the hashtable when done. it gets a bit harder when we want to do it fast!for this program we are going to use threads and a thread-safe hashtable. your program will take a list of files. it will create a thread that will process each file in parallel. (the in parallel part is important; we want to do this fast!) as each thread reads a word, it will look up the word in the hashtable and add it if it is not there. since threads will be accessing the table concurrently, we need to make it threadsafe. 29.4 of the book talks about concurrent hashtables. please use 256 buckets and make sure you do per bucket locking. (do not lock the whole hashtable.) you can use a tree or linked list to keep track of elements in a given bucket.use fscanf to read the words of a file. “%ms” is a GNU extension to fscanf that will take care of allocating space for words that are read. for example,char *ptr;fscanf(fh, “%ms”, &ptr);will read in a word and allocate enough space to hold the word and assign ptr to the allocated space. you will need to make sure that ptr is free()’ed when you are done using it.program specificationyour program (uc.c) will take a list of filenames from the program arguments. you will output a single number: the total number of unique words (just a single number). the only other thing that your program will print out is a error (using perror) for each file that could not be opened.(there is no limit to the number of filenames. you will certainly be tested with more than 5!)example execution$ ./uc 1100wordsof599599$ ./uc 1100wordsof599 400wordsof300795$ ./uc 1100wordsof599 400wordsof300 800wordsof7971481$ ./uc 400wordsof300 800wordsof797992$ ./uc 400wordsof300 nofile 800wordsof797 doesnotexistnofile: No such file or directorydoesnotexist: No such file or directory992$ ./uc0example files800wordsof797 400wordsof300 1100wordsof599grading criteriaprogram compiles with no warnings (cc –std=c11 -Wall -pthread)5a thread is started for each file to be processed10threads run in parallel10threads access a shared hashtable that is thread-safe10hashtable has per-bucket locking10only the total the count of the total unique words found and any errors opening files are printed10no leaks (valgrind –leak-check=full –show-leak-kinds=all)15output correct for example files and arguments10output correct for testers files and arguments10logic clear and readable10
Operating system threads and a thread-safe hashtable in c programming