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Coiana Critical Thinking and Reading Linda Sheffield March 20, 2013 Should the U. S military patrol the boarders? In my opinion I think the military should patrol the boarders. There are many reasons I could think why they should, but I’m going to give you my two most important ones. My first reason why the U. S military should patrol the boarders is to stop the illegal aliens’ from crossing over and causing taxpayers to pay money they shouldn’t.

Our prison system is over flowing with illegal immigrants and costing us as tax payers to much money to keep them in there. Some are in for drug charges and some are in for murders that could have been permitted if we had a handle on our border patrol. According to The Federation for American Immigration Reform, in an article entitled “Criminal Aliens” stated: “Over the past five years, an average of more than 72,000 aliens have been arrested annually on drug charges alone. Among the alien federal prisoners, over half (55 percent) were illegally in the United States at the time of their conviction. (www. immigration. procon. org) Another reason I feel the U. S military should patrol is because it could save lives. We have many in our prison system for the murder of our people, but what about the illegal aliens that are getting killed in car wrecks, getting killed by our border officers and being killed because they can’t make it through due to weather, starvation or even dehydration. According to NBC news, in an article entitled “Deadly crossing: Death toll rises among those desperate for the American Dream” stated: “Crossing the U. S. Mexico border illegally has always been dangerous, but this year heat and drought have made the journey particularly deadly. ” (www. openchannel. nbcnews. com) I think the U. S military would be a great step towards controlling our border. Not only will this save on taxes but also save lives. I think Illegal aliens shouldn’t have access to social services such as health care and Medicaid because they are not Americans and they don’t pay taxes. Many Americans can’t even get on social services or qualify for Medicaid. America has a high rate of low income families and some that are just so poor.

Some of these Americans can’t even qualify. Having illegal immigrants on top of all that just isn’t fair for the true blood Americans. The following results for the nation were compiled from information collected in the 2012 Current Population Survey & Annual Social and Economic Supplement: “The U. S. Census Bureau announced today that in 2011, median household income declined, the poverty rate was not statistically different from the previous year and the percentage of people without health insurance coverage decreased. Real median household income in the United States in 2011 was $50,054, a 1. percent decline from the 2010 median and the second consecutive annual drop. ” (www. census. gov) Most of the illegal immigrants don’t even pay taxes. So we as tax payers are paying for people that shouldn’t even be here. We Americans pay our taxes to live on the land we were born on. Now we are being over taken by a race that is illegal and doesn’t even help pay for the land they now live on. “The High Cost of Cheap Labor: Illegal Immigration and the Federal Budget,” wrote by Steven A. Camarota stated: “Illegal’s Create Large Net Costs….

When defense spending is not considered, illegal households are estimated to impose costs on the federal treasury of $6,949 a year or 58 percent of what other households received. ” (www. immigration. procon. org) So I believe Turn born Americans should be the only ones to receive social services and Medicaid. This will help out our fellow Americans and give to the people that really need the help in these areas. I really didn’t know much about sanctuary cities until I did my research. I will give both sides of the issue. Should U. S. government ban sanctuary cities?

Yes they should so that many states can get money back in to their government and in to schools. Banning these cities would also slow down the crime rate in those states. According to Tina Griego, journalist for the Denver Rocky Mountain News wrote a column titled, “Mexican visitor’s lament” stated: Colorado would save more than $20 million surrounded by prison costs, and the terror that those 7,300 alien criminals set upon local citizens. ” (immigrationready. com) But on the other hand I also say no, if we were to take out these cities the state could lose out on a lot of income.

Company’s would lose customers and end up losing or going bankrupt. So taking out these cities could put a big dent on a lot of income that state could make. According to The Washington Post, in an article entitled “Do immigrants help the economy? ” by Spencer S. Hsu, said: “The U. S. has benefited greatly over the years from the ’brain gain’ of immigration,” said author Darrell M. West. ” (www. voices. washingtonpost. com) So, as you can see they are many sides to this issue in the U. S. and for as me I’m still undecided on which side to go for.

This nation could benefit from those cities and this nation could also not benefit from them. As Americans we vote for the president and hope he makes the right decisions for our country. As a result of this project I have learned that the U. S military should patrol the borders because after reading the article “Criminal Aliens” by The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), I found out how much American taxpayers pay in each year for illegal immigrants to stay in our prison system. If we could get the military over to our border it could save us taxpayers a lot of money in the long run.

I also have learned that not allowing illegal immigrants the privilege to have access to our social services and Medicaid because we as Americans pay our taxes and we earn our privilege to get these offers. This will also save the American people from paying so much and getting so little. According to Steven A. Camarota, in his article “The High Cost of Cheap Labor: Illegal Immigration and the Federal Budget” I also learned about a new problem in our country, sanctuary cities. I’ve learned there are two sides of this issue and it’s hard for me to decide which side to choose.

We as Americans can benefit from both sides of this issue. I think illegal immigration is a big concern for the U. S. because by stopping certain things could save this country a lot of money. Work Cited “Are Illegal Aliens Paying Their “fair Share” of Taxes? – Illegal Immigration – ProCon. org. ” Are Illegal Aliens Paying Their “fair Share” of Taxes? – Illegal Immigration – ProCon. org. N. p. , n. d. Web. 9 Mar. 2013. <http://immigration. procon. org/view. answers. php? questionID=000789>. “Deadly Crossing: Death Toll Rises among Those Desperate for the American Dream. ” NBC News. N. p. , n. d. Web. 9 Mar. 2013.

to determine if you can recommend buying or selling a stock, you first must understand how the company has performed recently. Would you want to invest in a company that has had negative earnings for the past 3 years? What about a company that has increased the amount of debt on its balance sheet? Or, would you prefer to invest in a company that has had consistent increases in revenues or net earnings over the past 3 years? As the equity analyst, your first task would be to determine the evidence of patterns in the recent financial performance. The financial analysis provides significant insight into the company’s strengths and weaknesses. To fully understand a company’s financial performance, you cannot “evaluate performance using numbers alone. This level of analysis does not involve an understanding of the cause of performance…an analyst must look beyond the numbers” (Hickman et al., 2013, Section 11.3, para. 7). In the real world, an analyst spends extensive time

For this assignment, address the following seven parts in a Word document: Part 1: Overview of the company (one paragraph) State the name of the company. Provide a brief overview of the company you selected, including a description of its business operations. State the current market price per share. Part 2: Income statements (one to two paragraphs) Summarize key trends in revenues, operating income, and net income over the last 3 years. Part 3: Common size income statements (one paragraph) Evaluate the trends in gross margin, operating income margin, and net profit margin over the past 3 years. Part 4: Balance sheets (one to two paragraphs) Summarize key trends in total assets, total current assets, total current liabilities, long-term debt, and total shareholders’ equity over the past 3 years. Part 5: Common size balance sheets (one paragraph) Evaluate the trends in total current assets as a percent (%) of total assets, total current liabilities as a percent (%) of total assets, long-term debt as percent (%) of total assets, and total shareholders’ equity as a percent (%) of total assets over the past 3 years. Part 6: Cash flow (one paragraph) Calculate simple cash flow for the past 3 years. Show your calculations. Summarize the trend in simple cash flow for the past 3 years. Compare the simple cash flow to the net operating cash flow from the statement of cash flows for the past 3 years. Part 7: Financial analysis conclusion: (one paragraph) Determine the strengths and weaknesses of the company based primarily on the trends in items discussed from the income statements, balance sheets, common size income statements, and common size balance sheets, as well as the comments on cash flow. Create a table that indicates whether each financial fact is a strength or a weakness. Determine the overall financial strength of the company based on the financial facts included as strengths or weaknesses. Categorize the overall financial performance of the company as strong, neutral, or weak. Justify your conclusion based on the table you created.

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