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The Negotiation Process; Afghan Government and Taliban buy argumentative essay help Science coursework help

Many civil conflicts around the world have been ended politically. For example, the civil war in Cambodia ended when powerful members of the communist guerilla group, the Khmer Rouge, joined the official government of Cambodia. Likewise, the sectarian war in Northern Ireland was ended when Sinn Fein, the political wing of the terrorist group, the IRA, negotiated with the UK government and became part of the Northern Irish Government.

Some people think that the troubles in Afghanistan can be solved in a similar way, by encouraging negotiations between the Afghan Government and the Taliban so they can become part of the Government of Afghanistan. To what extent do you agree with this view? Negotiation between governments and anti-government groups have worked well and had good results in the world. Many countries solved their problems and gave an end to war, that the good examples are civil war in Cambodia, the sectarian war in Northern Ireland and likewise many other similar cases.

Afghanistan also started this process to give an end to war in Afghanistan. But, a question comes here that, is the situation of Afghanistan similar to the cases that have been solved by negotiation in the world or not? War in Afghanistan has many aspects, for example one aspect is that in Afghanistan there are three sides in war: The U. S. , Afghanistan and the Taliban or may be two sides the U. S. and the Taliban and Afghanistan is only battlefield for these two sides of war. This hypothesis can be proved by two reasons.

First, what is the aim of the Taliban by taking power in Afghanistan and second why the U. S. wants to eliminate the Taliban? Afghanistan has a strategic location in region that the Taliban has understood this issue very well and by getting power in Afghanistan they want to amplify their power which is very dangerous for the United States. The U. S. doesn’t want to have any concern from this and if the U. S. spend millions of dollars in Afghanistan, give victims and tolerate all problems it is not based on any sympathy. The U. S. knows that if the Taliban get stronger they cannot only be dangerous for the U. S. but it can be dangerous for the world that we can call this act of the U. S. fear. If we forget all concerns about the process of negotiation of Afghan government and the Taliban we arrive in work process that Afghan government established a high council to precede negotiations, but till now this high council didn’t have any big achievement and instead it brought disadvantages for government, despite of thousand dollars that the high council spends for negotiation.

So, according to this case I believe that the idea of negotiation with Taliban is not a suitable solution for the troubles that Afghanistan is now struggling with. International community and the U. S. should work together with Afghan government in coordination with region countries to find a comprehensive and pervasive solution for Afghanistan troubles. The Taliban’s regime was a dark age in Afghanistan’s political and social history. If anyone who spent life during the Taliban’s regime in Afghanistan asked to say one memory of his life during the Taliban’s regime, surely it is a sad and bad memory.

People suffered many problems in their lives. The Taliban’s regime has totally damaged Afghanistan and made Afghanistan to be a back warded country and people never want to repeat those days again and no one is going to accept the Taliban governing in Afghanistan, because the Taliban has already showed their real face to people and it is clear that no one wants to experience those dark days again. The Taliban damaged Afghanistan economically; even right now afghan government doesn’t have the capability to give the salary of its employees.

Afghanistan had a strong army one time, but now even they can’t take the security of their ministries. Terrorists attack and kill many people inside governmental offices. The Taliban has proved that they don’t have the competence to be a part of Afghan government which currently Afghanistan is in a very serious situation that world is transferring all military responsibilities to Afghan government and it is very hard to develop country with those groups who don’t know anything except violence. The Taliban have many cases of women rights and human rights reversal that there is no guarantee that they will not repeat it again.

Another obstacle that makes the process of negotiation and peace talks fail is the ideology conflicts between Taliban and Afghan government. To make it more clear the Taliban has dictatorship ideology that unlike of the Taliban, Afghanistan is a democratic country and government has democratic ideology which is very difficult for both sides to accept each other easily and there is no one to guarantee that after that the Taliban become part of government they will fully accept Afghan constitution and will not act against Afghan constitution.

So, in this case negotiation with the Taliban to bring peace in Afghanistan is not a suitable solution to solve Afghanistan’s problems. The process of negotiation with the Taliban would have worked, if it were the real sides of the war. The Taliban are not the actual decision makers, they are not independent group they act what the other countries intelligence agencies command them and it is clear that what they imply about the negotiation with Afghan government it is not their words.

So, it is a useless process if Afghan government wants to solve problems with negotiation the negotiations should be directly with the group or agency that is the real decision maker. The Taliban is a stooge of the I. S. I and other intelligence agencies that the only aims of them are to break down Afghanistan and negotiation with Taliban is useless, if the real side of this process is the U. S. , so the U. S. should directly start negotiation with Pakistan or if Afghanistan is in real side of this process, so Afghanistan should not waste money and time with doing negotiation with the Taliban.

The negotiation should be directly with the decision makers not with the slaves. And this process would have worked if it was directly with real sides of war. The region’s intelligence agencies support Taliban to fight against Afghan government and to take power by Taliban in Afghanistan so they can achieve their own political goals in Afghanistan, especially Pakistan that hardly support Taliban and want Afghanistan to have a weak government.

Pakistan wants to be a hegemonic power in the region and development of Afghanistan is really an obstacle for this goal of Pakistan. Many countries like Afghanistan have passed years of war and many of them are in war like Afghanistan till now, obviously many people are being killed and no one asks why? There is no matter in war if someone is guilty or not. Many countries ended their wars by negotiations with side of war that is a really better solution instead of fighting for years to end war.

Recently, Afghanistan also started the process of negotiation with the Taliban to end this war and till now this process didn’t have any achievement in this part. The process of negotiation with the Taliban to bring them in Afghanistan and make them part of government has many obstacles that makes the idea solving Afghanistan’s problems by negotiation with the Taliban useless. Afghans don’t want to repeat the Taliban’s dark regime again and they are the also failed characters in government they are the one main factor of all disasters of Afghanistan.

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