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The Nature Principle Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Summary of the Thesis My perception of the book Alternative Ways of achieving the above goals Conclusion Work Cited Introduction Richard Louv is a renowned author of the 21st century. The author has written a number of books that have caught the eye of the public. Perhaps his most successful book was Last Child in the Woods in which he talked about how children of this generation suffer from nature deficient disorder. In this book, he focused on the importance of nature in the growth and development of children. In his new book, The Nature Principle, Louv has shifted his concentration from children to all other age groups of the community. The main theme of the book is the importance of nature to the life and well-being of man. In this new book, Louv clearly states the current trend of man. He says that man has put a lot of effort and concentration on technology. This has affected his interaction with nature. To explain this, he talks about the importance of nature in improving the lives of teenagers, young adults and the older people of the society. With the use of various personal experiences, methods and principles, Louv is positive that nature is an importance aspect in improving the lives of individuals. To explain the nature principle, Louv says, “The Nature Principle is about the power of living in nature—not with it, but in it… twenty-first century will be the century of human restoration in the natural world” (Louv 6). From the discussions and the examples that have been presented in the book, it is therefore essential for man to reconnect with nature in order to improve their well being, health, spirit and survival (Louv 3). Summary of the Thesis According to the author of the book The Nature Principle, the year 2008 marked the world`s history for the first time to have more than half of the world`s population living in urban settlements (Louv 9). These individuals live a life that is characterised with a lot of building, congestion, traffic, pollution and high state technology. They have minimal influence to the environment and nature. This may have contributed greatly to the poor health conditions of the individuals living in urban areas, high stress levels, low life expectancies and poor social life. To support this argument, Louv came up with seven different concepts/theories. He states that, “ I describe the future shaped by what I call the nature principle, an amalgam of converging theories and trends as well as reconciliation of old truths” (Louv 3). According to Louv, the application of these theories in the life of man will increase the level of sustainability in life. People will be more connected to nature, understand its needs and requirements, utilize these resources to their advantage and maintain the status of nature. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More My perception of the book From my own perspective, I think the argument that is presented in the book is practical. However, the full applicability of these concepts is questionable. Through reasonable planning, these concepts can be used to achieve our overall goals and objectives in life. The world that we are living in currently is growing at an alarming rate. All the sectors of the economy are experiencing a dramatic growth and development. The field of information technology has been the fasted growing sector for the last few years. These developments have made our lives to be high-tech. In the book, Louv states that, “We even hear of the talk of the transhumant or posthuman era in which people are enhanced by technology…” (Louv 4). However, it is essential for this growth to be in line with nature. This is because all the resources that we need in life come from nature (Louv 127). Our interaction with nature also tends to improve our physical and mental well-being. That is why we need to go on vacations, visit gardens to relax and escape the fast city life. This relieves us from the stress and daily pressure that we are always in. The life that most city dwellers live in has a lot of destructions. In his book, Louv states that, “You are writing e-mail, watching TV and answering phones. You`ve got your head in so many channels. Your body could be collapsing and you cannot even realise it” (Louv 25). While we are in the outdoors of nature, we tend to meet and interact with friends, family, strangers and nature. Man is a social creature. We therefore need to interact with other people in order to find joy and love. These are essential ingredients of life. It is also true that nature represents part of our identity and personal history. We should therefore take much consideration and put a lot of effort in ensuring its status is maintained. We will hence maintain our natural habitat and improve the status of our natural resources. This will in turn improve our lives and economies. Our natural habitat is our status symbol all we do depends on our interaction with nature. Through a hybrid mind, we will be able to incorporate technological development with nature (Louv 79). Louv states that, “This research also suggest that individuals can also proceed on their own to gain a natural intellectual and creative advantage by tapping into nature” (Louv 31). This can be achieved through creative thinking, creativity and increased intelligence. All these factors can be achieved if man is in tune with nature and appreciates it. The principles presented in this book are applicable in the life that we are living in right now. Currently, we need to be in touch with nature and maintain it in order to achieve our developmental goals and objectives. We will write a custom Essay on The Nature Principle specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Alternative Ways of achieving the above goals It is almost impossible to substitute the resources and benefits that we get from nature. In this book, Louv has presented an argument that has shown the importance of nature in achieving a balanced existence. The overall outcome of these theories can on the other hand be achieved through sound economic, social and political principles. By creating self-sustaining rules and regulations, man can be able to achieve his social, economic and political needs with the available resources that he has at his disposal. This will make his life to be relaxed and comfortable. Conclusion This book is a useful tool to help us understand and improve on the life that we are living in at the present moment. It is true that man has over time grown apart with nature. This may have contributed greatly to some of the problems that we are currently experiencing. However, with the application of these principles, we will be able to overcome these problems and improve on the rate of achieving our developmental goals and objectives. Work Cited Louv, Richard. The Nature Principle. New York: Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, 2011
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Evaluating Sources Rhetorically. I’m studying for my English class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

Purpose of assignment: To locate and evaluate possible sources for use in your final paper.Procedure: In the previous assignment, you practiced narrowing the scope of your research question. In the discussion for this week, you shared various aspects of the topic you have selected to write about for the final paper. For this assignment, you will find sources that are relevant to your topic and purpose. This assignment has two parts:Part A: EBSCO Practice• Click here to download a copy of the EBSCOhost practice assignment.• Save the document by renaming it with this naming convention: “EN102_yourlastname_yourfirstname_yourGID”• As you complete the assignment, write your answers on the template (it is a Word document).• Attach this document when you are submitting your responses to this assignment.Part B: Finding and Evaluating SourcesSearch EBSCO to find five scholarly sources relevant to your topic. Evaluate each source in terms of the following five dimensions (see Table 12.3 in Chapter 12 of your textbook for examples):• The creator of the source• The purpose of the source• The age of the source• The venue of the source• The relevance of the sourceMost of your answers to the above should be expressed in one short paragraph for each dimension. What you are looking for is a reason to justify the source’s inclusion in your paper. Each source should offer something unique or different. You may compare and contrast the sources with each other to show how they complement each other. The purpose and relevance must be expressed in your own words, not copied from the source or the source abstract.Format: This assignment does not have to be written in essay format. You may use or modify the format of Table 12.3, or use any other format that clearly lists each source and each dimension. APA Style is not required for this assignment, but you must include an APA Style References page citation for each source.
Evaluating Sources Rhetorically

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This reflection journal also allows students to outline what they have discovered about their professional practice, personal strengths and weaknesses, and additional resources that could be introduced in a given situation to influence optimal outcomes. Each week students should also explain how they met a course competency or course objective(s).In each week’s entry, students should reflect on the personal knowledge and skills gained throughout the course. Journal entries should address
Topic is – Interprofessional collaboration
On this part of the Journal – Each week students should also explain how they met a course competency or course objective(s) this is what you will write on- Effective Communication: Therapeutic communication is central to baccalaureate nursing practice. Students gain an understanding of their ethical responsibility and how verbal and written communication affects others intellectually and emotionally.
Interprofessional collaboration

Purdue University Global Challenge to Capital Budgeting Strategies Paper

Purdue University Global Challenge to Capital Budgeting Strategies Paper.

Topic: Modigliani and Miller: A Challenge to Capital Budgeting StrategiesFinancing corporate purchases and overall capital budgeting usually requires the finance manager to assess tax rates, dividend payout policy, weighting of capital sources, and more. However, the Modigliani and Miller propositions state that, in most situations, it does not matter if the firm’s capital is raised by issuing stock or selling debt.As a student you might assume studies of capital budgeting strategies will no longer be reviewed in coursework.Before coming to that conclusion (as stated above), please discuss the principles presented by Modigliani and Miller and explain your agreement or disagreement.Start a New Thread
Purdue University Global Challenge to Capital Budgeting Strategies Paper

600- 750 words – Health Information Systems The facility that you work with has entered into a contract with a leading Electronic Medical Record implementation firm. You have been tasked to design the *go-live timeline for the project.

programming assignment help 600- 750 words – Health Information Systems The facility that you work with has entered into a contract with a leading Electronic Medical Record implementation firm. You have been tasked to design the *go-live timeline for the project.. I’m stuck on a Computer Science question and need an explanation.

Module 2 Assignment – Health Information Systems The facility that you work with has entered into a contract with a leading Electronic Medical Record implementation firm. You have been tasked to design the go-live timeline for the project. Additionally, you have been charged with integrating all previous EMR data into the new system. What will your timeline look like – all systems in the facility at once or a slow, planned roll out? Who will the trainers be? How will you integrate the older EMR system? Consider the above questions in your timeline of 600 – 750 words formatted in APA style by Midnight Sunday, EST. Make sure to include the assignment rubric and title page.
********The assignment will include a references page and at least one peer-reviewed source and be written in third person.

I have attached the rubric for this.

Information provided this week :
The book we are using for this course is –

Balgrosky, J. (2011). Essentials of health information systems and technology. Jones & Bartlett Learning. ISBN: 9781284036114

Video on records:

600- 750 words – Health Information Systems The facility that you work with has entered into a contract with a leading Electronic Medical Record implementation firm. You have been tasked to design the *go-live timeline for the project.

Meaningful Nature Of The Ihrm Concepts Business Essay

Human resource is a vital tool for an organization. Human Resource (HR), it has been argued, is associated with developing employee’s potentials, employee’s behaviour, approaches and beliefs in the affairs of the organization. HR personnel have the art of extracting the work from their employees’, their creativity, skills, labour utilisation, and the talented employees’ in-order to reach the desired assignment. The major functions of human resource management covers diverse activities associated to business. The vital point is the enrolment needs of the company which would be fulfilled through direct employees or the outside contractors, means off-roll employees or on-roll employees. The other functions like recruiting and training the employees ensures that the work is done to meet up to their outlook. Handling performance issues and making certain policies that are related to personnel and management policies addresses to the laws and regulations (Verena, V. 2010). Human resources are multi dimensional and multi tasking in nature. The employees could imply the inborn abilities, captured knowledge and skills that are within them which could benefit the organizations to improvise them. Current world is clearly globalised, competitive, responsive, and innovative when compared to the earlier industry. Companies are emerging day by day to rush in this global competitive market. A key issue for Multi National Companies (MNC’s) for example, is to succeed and develop the business internationally. There should be a clear desire to understand the entire business and face the competition globally (Hammer, P. 2010). The aim of the essay is to consider if it is meaningful to talk of the concept of International HRM. In order to respond to this question, it is necessary to give an overview on the basics of International Human Resource Management (IHRM), compare the functions with Human Resource Management and International HRM. In short, the key factors and the concepts are identified in macro level. The purpose of IHRM is to enable the multinational enterprise to be a successful enterprise in the global level (Hammer, P. 2010). The essay would show specific trends facing IHRM along with the nature of the IHRM by looking at the reasons for its growth and development. This essay will attempt to give an understanding if it is important to talk about the IHRM in the age of globalization. The essay concludes that it is meaningful to talk of the concept of IHRM. DOMESTIC VS INTERNATIONAL HRM There is a significant impact on human resource management for globally based firms. Working in different environments might cause hazards for the human resource managers. In order, to make effective decisions in the existing business environment it is necessary for the HR managers to deal with the employees knowing their attitudes and practices based on the global changes and challenges. Domestic and International HRM are relatively similar on a larger scale, with the strategic considerations which are complex and varying operational units, needing co-ordination across barriers, (Torrington (1994, p.6). According to Schuler et al. (2007, p.720) IHRM is HRM, functions and practices arising from the strategies of international companies that affect interests and goals of those companies. From the views of Scullion, the term international HRM as ‘the HRM issues and problems arising from the internationalization of business and the HRM strategies, policies and practices which firms pursue in response to the internationalization’ (Brewster and Harris, 1999). However, Dowling says that IHRM significantly differs from the concept of domestic HRM, which is more connected with employees of one country (Scullion and Linehan, 2005), whereas IHRM has more substantial influence from the environmental factors, the activities in the management and it differs from the personnel training approach. Thus, on the basis of these definitions it can be seen that, IHRM – is the process of recruitment and staff development of organizations that work globally. But there are some differences from IHRM and HRM, like culture, economic crisis, law and social development and even by employing different national categories of workers (Thambyrajah, L. 2010). The features that differ from domestic HRM and IHRM are differences in labour markets and labour costs, problems of labour mobility, the factors of industrial relations and national guidance. Existing cultural factors and the various practices of different countries matter a lot while considering personnel of international companies. As well they do differ from their varied management styles which may lead to conflicts between the personnel headquarters of the company and the foreign affiliates. The structure of labour expenses do exist in all countries, the conflict arises from the varied management practices, culture. For instance, the Nike Corporation could be apt for this situation, in 1990’s the company was attacked for unethical aspects of its sourcing policies. In Asian countries where it gained huge profit, it was condemned for exploiting cheap labour force (Hendry, 2000). The way to overcome the differences faced it would be helpful to develop their recruitment style, orientation and stimulate workers because the relation with the workers, trade unions and the employers do have a significant difference in countries and would have an impact on the practice of HRM (Dowling, 2008; Scullion and Linehan, 2005). WHY IHRM? In today’s world businesses are in huge number which ranges almost worldwide, like in hotels, software development institutions, BPO companies, educational institutions, mills, automobile industry, factories, and man power suppliers. The main motto is to play the business ideas cautiously and to achieve the target with the given or allocated money. Hence we need to consider human resource management in a global perspective in-order to provide aid the domestic firms. International human resource management (IHRM) is the practice of worldwide people management. The purpose of international HRM is to facilitate the company, multinational enterprise (MNE), to be unbeaten globally. This bring about being: (a) competitive throughout the world; (b) efficient; (c) locally responsive; (d) flexible and adaptable within the shortest of time periods; and (e) capable of transferring learning across their globally dispersed units. These requirements are significant, for example, large numbers of industries in North America and Europe were being dominated by the global competitors (Atifyounas, M. 2007). Human resource managers are a business organizations ‘people’ managers, responsible for managing a wide range of employee tasks. The general HR responsibilities and added tasks that are specific to the branch operations of the department should be handled by the HR manager in a MNC with the support of the branches and subsidiary bodies (Verena V, 2010). As Juergen Deller argued, people are the key to global competitiveness of companies (Deller, 2006). That is why it can be stated that the importance of the field of IHRM has increased in every way because of globalisation (Schuler, R. S and Tarique, 2007). IHRM has grown rapidly among MNC’s, which has actually made a difference globally in the quantity and in the influence in recent year’s competitive scenario as by Schuler and Tarique (Dowling, 2008). The major key to success in the international context would be being recognized for the effective management (Research and Markets, 2010). It is clear that the significance of multinational companies and the impact of globalization on the concept of the IHRM are considerable. Also, notable that the reason for the IHRM has gained growing interest from academics and practitioners, as the field is becoming more complex and global (Scullion and Linehan, 2005). EMERGENCE AND FUNCTIONS OF IHRM The key reasons for the significant growth in research and practice in IHRM, as Scullion (2001) argued they are: a) increased significance of MNCs due to growth of internationalization and competition in the global market (Black et al. 2000); b) recognition of dependence of successful global business on the quality of human resources management in the multinational companies (Stroh and Caligiuri, 1998; Gooderham and Nordhaug, 2003); c) change from traditional hierarchical organisational structures to the network-based MNC organisation, or flatter structure of organisation which help to manage without complexity as it used to be (Forsgren, 1990); d) rapid growth in numbers of international Joint venture companies, cross-border mergers and acquisitions some scholars (Doz and Hamel, 1998; Schuler et al., 2004; Scullion and Linehan, 2005). As it is very important to know about the growing IHRM; it is considerable firstly to note the change of the entry of foreign direct investments (FDI) offices’ location in the global market as a location of international business scene has shifted to newly industrialising countries, like China and India, Dicken, 2007 cited in Morley and Collings, 2004. As these markets appeared with World Trade Organizations (WTO) entry of countries with millions of workers who are linked with MNCs all over the world (Morley and Collings, 2004). The second key point is change of attitude towards career nature for multinational companies (Stahl et al, 2002; Dickmann and Harris, 2005; Thomas et al, 2005), the last trend is the key of the change of pattern of global stuffing, as Scullion (2007) showed there are four themes: a dual career issues; participation of women in international assignments is limited; repatriation issues and weak talent management at an international level. As many companies and organizations still consider IHRM and expatriate management as the same thing, identification of the nature of IHRM will help to understand what activities and areas it includes. It can be understood, because management of expatriates (the most expensive and very important for internationally operating companies labour force), involves complex issues and problems which are not only connected with those employees. However, IHRM covers broader areas than the management of expatriates, which involves the global management of labour force (Brewster and Harris 1999). The differences in economic development and legal systems may require an international company to adapt hiring, firing, training programs and wage rates for each country where it has the branches of international companies. It is very much necessary for them to adapt policies and procedures relating to personnel. All companies have to change to compete in the market and international companies need to change even in higher pace and frequency. Also, success of IHRM is seen by developing a small selected group of people, or cosmopolitans with knowledge how to operate internationally by Torrington and Holden (1992). Nowadays, IHRM rely on consultants heavily as the need on consultancy expertise would aid on current rates of pay or redundancy protection in different countries (Dowling, 1999). Recognition of the importance of effective HR management is crucial for a company in the global competition and survival. As Schuler and Jackson note that for setting up foreign affiliates it is necessary to have the capability to attract, motivate and develop human factor which is vital in internationalizing business (Myloni, 2002). Interesting to point that IHRM is viewed by managers as an important field which involves MNC strategic planning and control, also some researchers like Brewster and Suutari describe the field as ‘global’, not as ‘international’. Nowadays the strategic nature of IHRM is attracting more and more attention from business executives (Cieri et. al, 2007). APPROACHES TO INTERNATIONAL HRM According to Dowling (1999) the field of international HRM has been characterized by three broad approaches for its practice. The first approach (evidence provided below) known as the cross cultural approach understands the elements of human behaviour within an organization from an international perspective. The second approach which has been developed from the comparative industrial relations and HRM literature varies based on different countries as its culture, organisational practice, and commitment are different. The third approach focuses on the goal achievement aspects of HRM in MNC’s. Trends in IHRM Human resource management is a bridge between the employees and the employers in order to achieve their common goal of the organization. The role of the HR manager is shifting from a protector and screener to the role of a planner and change agent and it could be relevant to call the personnel directors as the main subsidiary body of a company. But, in a parental country, IHRM focuses on the functions like relocation, orientation and translation services in order to aid the employees cope up with the trend. Conclusion “Yes” it is meaningful to talk about the concept of IHRM as the subject encompasses different types of cultures, different people and different geographic locations. But, what is important is to understand the field as it is crucial. IHRM is a dimension of both human resource management and international business. Extensive developments within the field identify the complexity of IHRM and show the need to appreciate the global trends to be successful in business. Increasing growth in research and practice in the field is answer for that. While selecting the employees, it is very important to have a careful insight into the personal characteristics of them. Beyond the general information and orientation information provided, if the employee does not work well on the cultural aspects then they would be sent for training. The evaluations among the employees be it a home country employee or a host country employee, it would be considering both the pros and cons on their performance. Compensation systems would be customized for local conditions as well support the strategic indent of the company by the company named Chilli breeze solutions Pvt. Ltd. The essay addresses on the IHRM and HRM phases how organizations achieve their vision, mission, and goals by having consistent policies, rules, regulations, salary structure, incentives, and perks to avoid the comparisons among the employees. IHRM is a developing field and has many aspects that are to be learned and discussed. There are still debates on the nature of the IHRM, as it changes over time which was explained in the main body of the essay. But there are disputes still taking place and there is no agreement on what areas and functions of IHRM covers in spite of the history of growth started in the 1970’s (Girgin, 2005). For IHRM, WTO implications of entry has not been researched properly and it clearly explains that these implications affect the field considerably (Rowley and Warner, 2007).Consideration of WTO implications is the only one of many problems and changes affecting IHRM in the globalization age like global terrorism, change of attitudes towards careers and change of pattern of global stuffing. Also it can be stated, that in the nearest future the number of affecting changes can increase which would simultaneously change the concept as well and would complicate the IHRM field. The concept is meaningful to discuss as it is vital for the companies in the global market, operating internationally pay a lot of attention on this field. Because success of the company depends on how well they manage the human factors. In summary, IHRM is a highly dynamic and an evolving field. It has a positive support because it is been looked today as one the best way to approach in the competitive business environment for the future. IHRM includes everything that HRM involves but only at a higher and more complex level.

Management Initiatives and Customer Satisfaction Research Paper

Literature Review The recent body of literature on management initiatives and customer and employees’ satisfaction is notable for its diversity. There are many theoretical frameworks, as well as the case studies, that concentrate on the connections between these issues. At the same time, the lack of information about the obstacles that may prevent companies from taking proper measures is challenging. Besides, in the context of the particular situation, motivation and quality initiatives management sometimes prove to be different from what is described in academic sources (Pinder, 2014). Finally, modern researchers have started paying attention to IT as an important means of problem-solving, but this sphere needs to be studied in the future. It is generally considered that customer-orientedness as one of the core principles of today’s approaches touches not only upon the relationships between companies and clients but also directly influences customers, employees, and their satisfaction. The mutual effects are believed to be psychological, and they pertain to stress and engagement (Zablah, Franke, Brown,