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The Mongoose is a small meat eating animals with very sleek bodies. The mongoose is a species of small carnivores from southern Eurasia and mainland Africa. There are 33 different species of the mongoose. The Mongoose can be found in abundance I South Asia and Africa. The body of the mongoose is weasel like, and has a long body and face. The ears on mongoose are very small and rounded. They have claws that always remain showing and can never be drawn back. Some species of the mongoose are nocturnal while some come out during the day and night.

The Mongoose was introduced to the Western hemisphere in the latter half of the 19 century to cure the solution of rodent purposes. This would continue to be its main use to solve the solution of any unwanted species on native communities. Also a main use of the mongoose was to check the holes of snakes and rodents to make sure they were safe and also to flush these creatures out. The Mongoose was credited for many wipe outs of certain species in the early days of setting up colonies on the Virgin Islands and Hawaii. They were introduced to the world to kill rats and snakes mainly

The diet of the mongoose is quite simple. They consume small rodents, reptiles, and young birds. They also sometimes include fruit and other foods in their diet. The Dwarf mongoose manly feed on insects, termites, beetles, grubs, larva and spiders. When the mongoose forages they keep in contact with short chirrup calls. The mongoose uses a lot of vocalizations to keep in contact. In Hawaii, the mongoose is now being known as the Maui menace. It seems there the mongoose is no longer justifying its good uses of keeping rodents and snakes away. Mongooses do kill rats, but not the numbers needed to justify their use.

Also in Hawaii the mongoose in certain parts and played a vital role on wiping out the population of birds. It certain towns and cities you will wonder why there is a lack of birds and the fingers are being pointed to the mongoose. The mongoose is on the hunt for the eggs as a source of food. They also pray on adult Hawaiian birds and well as turtle eggs. The bird of choice for the mongoose is the Hawaiian state bird, the Nene also known as the Hawaiian goose. The mongoose has been proven even harder to get rid of then the very species, the rat, it is in existence to eliminate.

The reason why is because the mongoose is a much smarter animal, and has better agility skills . The IUNC has listed the mongoose as one of the top worst invasive species , not to mention causing over 50 million dollars in damages each year in Puerto Rico and the Hawaiian Islands alone . Some people wonder the total damages that the mongoose has caused that you cannot put a dollar amount on. Meaning the species the mongoose has wiped out that it was no suppose to. An example in Japan a hotel was offering a free nights stay for anyone who would bring in a dead mongoose.

The problem the mongoose is causing is very real and worldwide. The job that they were made for is no longer being done but they are taking out whatever they can get their hands on. Overall I feel that the mongoose was made and used for a very good cause. At this point it seems that the species has got out of hand. I don’t know what can be done to wipe them out or control them. I think the best bet is to have people start to hunt them as well as continue to use all resources available to contain the mongoose and stop them from wiping out anymore species then they already have .

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Consider the socioeconomic factors that affect the Saudi Arabian rural healthcare systems. How do these factors relate to quality? How have they improved patient satisfaction?

Write a paper that addresses the following:
An introduction,
At least two contemporary political factors that impact the KSA healthcare system,
At least two contemporary economic factors that impact the KSA healthcare system,
The role of privatization in the context of these factors,
The role of health insurance in the context of these factors, and
A conclusion.
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You must include a minimum of 8 credible sources for support.
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