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Marais Van der Vyver shot one of his farm laborers. dead. An accident. There are accidents with guns every twenty-four hours of the hebdomad: kids playing a fatal game with a father’s six-gun in the metropoliss where guns are domestic objects. and runing bad lucks like this one. in the state. But these won’t be reported all over the universe. Van der Vyver knows his will be. He knows that the narrative of the Afrikaner husbandman – a regional Party leader and Commandant of the local security ranger – he. hiting a black adult male who worked for him will suit precisely their version of South Africa. It’s made for them. They’ll be able to utilize it in their boycott and divestment runs. It’ll be another piece of grounds in their truth about the state. The documents at place will cite the narrative as it has appeared in the abroad imperativeness. and in the back-and-forth he and the black adult male will go those crudely-drawn figures on anti-apartheid streamers. units in statistics of white ferociousness against the inkinesss quoted at United Nations – he. whom they will joyously name ‘a taking member’ of the governing Party.

Peoples in the agriculture community understand how he must experience. Bad plenty to hold killed a adult male. without assisting the Party’s. the government’s. the country’s enemies. every bit good. They see the truth of that. They know. reading the Sunday documents. that when Van der Vyver is quoted stating he is ‘terribly shocked’ . he will ‘look after the married woman and children’ . none of those Americans and English. and none of those people at place who want to destruct the white man’s power will believe him. And how they will sneer when he even says of the farm male child ( harmonizing to one paper. if you can swear any of those newsmans ) . ‘He was my friend. I ever took him runing with me: Those metropolis and abroad people don’t know it’s true: husbandmans normally have one peculiar black male child they like to take along with them in the lands: you could name it a sort of friend. yes. friends are non merely your ain white people. like yourself. you take into your house. pray with in church and work with on the Party commission. But how can those others know that? They don’t want to cognize it.

They think all inkinesss are like the big-mouth fomenters in town. And Van der Vyver’s face. in the exposure. queerly opened by distress – everyone in the territory remembers Marais Van der Vyver as a small male child who would travel off and conceal himself if he caught you smiling at him. And everyone knows him now as a adult male who hides any alteration of look round his oral cavity behind a midst. soft mustache. and in his eyes. by ever looking at some object in manus. while concentrating on what he is stating. or while listening to you. It merely goes to demo what daze can make. When you look at the newspaper exposure you feel like apologizing ; as if you had started in on some room where you should non be. There will be an enquiry. There had better be – to halt the premise of yet another instance of ferociousness against farm workers. although there’s nil in uncertainty – an accident. and all the facts to the full admitted by Van der Vyver.

He made a statement when he arrived at the constabulary station with the dead adult male in his bakkie. Captain Beetge knows him good. of class ; he gave him brandy. He was agitating. this large. composure. cagey boy of Willem Van der Vyver. who inherited the old man’s best farm. The black was stone dead. Nothing to be done for him. Beetge will non state anyone that after the brandy. Van der Vyver wept. He sobbed. snob running onto his custodies. like a soiled child. The Captain was ashamed for him. and walked out to give him a opportunity to retrieve himself. Marais Van der Vyver had left his house at three in the afternoon to cull a vaulting horse from the household of Kudu he protects in the bush countries of his farm. He is interested in wild life and sees it as the fanner’s sacred responsibility to raise game every bit good as cowss. As usual. he called at his caducous workshop to pick up Lucas. a wenty-year-old fieldhand who had shown mechanical aptitude and whom Van der Vyver himself had taught to keep tractors and other farm machinery. He hooted. And Lucas followed the familiar modus operandi. leaping onto the dorsum of the truck.

He liked to go standing up at that place. descrying game before his employer did. He would tilt frontward. braced against the cab below him. Van der Vyver had a rifle and. 300 ammo beside him in the cab. The rifle was one of his father’s. because his ain was at the gunsmith’s in town. Since his male parent died ( Beetge’s sergeant wrote ‘passed on’ ) no-one had used the rifle and so when he took it from a closet he was certain it was non loaded. His male parent had ne’er allowed a laden gun in the house. He himself had been taught since childhood ne’er to sit with a laden arm in a vehicle. But this gun was loaded. On a soil path. Lucas thumped his fist on the cab roof three times to signal: expression left. Having seen the whiteripple-marked wing of a Kudu. and its all right horns raking through masking shrub. Van der Vyver drove instead fast over a pot-hole. The jar fired the rifle. Upright. it was indicating directly through the cab roof at the caput of Lucas…That is the statement of what happened.

Although a adult male of such standing in the territory. Van der Vyver had to travel through the rite of cursing that it was the truth. It has gone on record. and will be at that place in the archive of the local constabulary station every bit long as Van der Vyver lives. and beyond that. through the lives of his kids. Magnus. Helena and Karel – unless things in the state acquire worse. the illustration of black rabble in the towns spreads to the rural countries and the topographic point is burned down every bit many urban constabulary Stationss have been. Because nil the authorities can make will pacify the fomenters and the Whites who encourage them. Nothing satisfies them. in the metropoliss: inkinesss can sit and imbibe in white hotels now. the Immorality Act has gone. inkinesss can kip with whites… It’s non even a offense any more. Van der Vyver has a high biting security fencing round his farmhouse and garden which his married woman. Alida. thinks spoils wholly the consequence of her unreal watercourse with its tree-ferns beneath the Jacarandas. There is an aerial glide like a flag-pole in the back pace. All his vehicles. including the truck in which the black adult male died. have forward passs that swing like whips when the driver hits a pot-hole.

They are portion of the security system the husbandmans in the territory maintain. each farm in touch with every other by wireless. 24 hours out of 24. It has already happened that infiltrators from over the boundary line have mined distant farm roads. killing white husbandmans and their households out on their ain belongings for a Sunday field day. The pot-hole could hold set off a landmine. and Van der Vyver might hold died with his farm male child. When neighbors use the communications system to name up and state they are regretful about ‘that business’ with one of Van der Vyver’s boys. there goes unexpressed: it could hold been worse. It is obvious from the quality and adjustments of the casket that the husbandman has provided money for the funeral. And an luxuriant funeral means a great trade to inkinesss ; look how they will strip themselves of the small they have. in their life-time. maintaining up payments to a burial society so they won’t travel in boxwood to an unmarked grave. The immature married woman is pregnant ( of class ) and another small 1. erosion ruddy places several sizes excessively big. tilts under her protrusion belly. He is excessively immature to understand what has happened. what he is witnessing that twenty-four hours. But neither whimpers nor dramas about.

He is solemn without cognizing why. Blacks expose little kids to everything. They don’t protect them from the sight of fright and trouble the manner whites do theirs. It is the immature married woman who rolls her caput and calls like a kid. sobbing on the chest of this comparative and that. All present work for Van der Vyver or are the households of those who work. And in the weeding and crop seasons. the adult females and kids work for him. excessively. carried – wrapped in their covers. on a truck. singing – at dawn to the Fieldss. The dead man’s female parent is a adult female who can’t be more than in her late mid-thirtiess ( they start bearing kids at pubescence ) but she is to a great extent mature in a black frock between her ain parents. who were already working for old Van der Vyver when Marais. like their girl. was a kid. The parents hold her as if she were a captive or a brainsick adult female to be restrained. But she says nil. does nil. She does non look up. she does non look at Van der Vyver. whose gun went away in the truck. She stares at the grave. Nothing will do her expression up. there need be no fright that she will look up. at him.

His married woman. Alida. is beside him. To demo the proper regard. as for any white funeral. she is have oning the navy-blue-and-cream chapeau she wears to church this summer. She is ever supportive. although he doesn’t seem to detect it. This coldness and modesty – his female parent says he didn’t mix good as a kid – she accepts for herself but regrets that it has prevented him from being nominated. as he should be. to stand as the Party’s parliamentary campaigner for the territory. He does non allow her vesture. or that of anyone else gathered closely. do contact with him. He. excessively. stares at the grave. The dead man’s female parent and he stare at the grave in communicating like that between the black adult male outside and the white adult male inside the cab before the gun went away. The minute before the gun went off was a minute of high exhilaration shared through the roof of the cab. as the slug was to go through. between the immature black adult male outside and the white husbandman inside the vehicle.

There were such minutes. without account. between them. although frequently around the farm the husbandman would go through the immature adult male without returning a salutation. as if he did non acknowledge him. When the slug went away. what Van der Vyver proverb was the Kudu lurch in fear at the study and gallop off. Then he heard the thump behind him. and past the window saw the immature adult male fall out of the vehicle. He was certain he had leapt up and toppled – in fear. like the vaulting horse. The husbandman was about express joying with alleviation. ready to badger. as he opened his door. it did non look possible that a slug go throughing through the roof could hold done injury. The immature adult male did non laugh with him at his ain fear. The husbandman carried him in his weaponries. to the truck. He was certain. sure he could non be dead. But the immature black man’s blood was all over the farmer’s apparels. soaking against his flesh as he drove. How will they of all time know. when they file newspaper cuttings. grounds. cogent evidence. when they look at the exposure and see his face! Guilty! They are right! How will they cognize. when the constabulary Stationss burn with all the grounds of what has happened now. and what the jurisprudence made a offense in the yesteryear. How could they know that they do non cognize – anything. The immature black callously shot through the carelessness of the white adult male was non the farmer’s male child ; he was his boy.

Trusting and Trustworthy Behavior

Trusting and Trustworthy Behavior.

 (Part 2) Videos used for the Final Project: Developmental Aspects of Group Counseling: Initial Stage. Retrieved from video 1 in the attached file Developmental Aspects of Group Counseling: Transitional/Working Stage. Retrieved from video 2 in the attached file Developmental Aspects of Group Counseling: Termination. Retrieved from video 2 in the attached file Final Project – Trusting and Trustworthy Behavior (Part 2) 2.A – Review the videos for the Final Project. Then, use them to provide examples of trusting and trustworthy behavior. How did trusting or trustworthy behavior among the members help their group? 2.B – Reflect on the interactions between the people in the group and provide examples of the following concepts: group, role, norm, and status. Writing Standards: Your answers to these questions should be explained in a paper of approximately 1-1.5 pages. Your paper will be evaluated using standards below: APA Style In-text Citations

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