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Thomas Huxley explains scientific investigation in more depth in his “The Method of Scientific Investigation” essay, what is he trying to say in this passage? It could be many things, it could be nothing or it could be something, we’re basically trying to find out what he is explaining when he talks about this certain scientific method. His meaning of scientific investigation is very detailed that one must use the operations of induction and deduction in their everyday lives, and it’s very much true but we don’t notice it not one bit. For example; if you go and buy a cell phone you basically examine it and see it suits your lifestyle and liking, this is called induction, you were analyzing and tracing its logical elements. Huxley as well states something similar but towards a person buying an apple in a fruiterer’s shop. Huxley states, fou take up one, and, on biting it, you find it is sour; you look at it, and see it is hard and green.

The shop man offers you a third; but before biting it, you examine it, and find that it is hard and green, and you immediately say that you will not have it, as it must be sour, like those that you have already tried (Huxley 2). ” Buying a cell phone, shopping for an apple, or buying anything, you will in fact do some induction, it’s all in the method of scientific investigation, you generalized the facts and came to conclusion on your final decision on buying the product or not and then that’s when you start deducting your choices during this method.

Although, people perform inductions and deductions without even knowing that they are, they also perform hypothesizes. A hypothesis to me is an educated guess, as to Huxley; a hypothesis Just means that you are coming to a conclusion without examination. He uses a burglary for example stating that someone has broke open the window, entered the room, and run off with the spoons and the tea-pot (Huxley 4). He states that this is merely a hypothesis rapidly framed in your own mind, that you haven’t taken the time to properly examine the situation without scientific investigation.

All throughout the second paragraph on page four of his essay he gives a brief explanation on what examinations he has gotten from the situation without jumping straight to conclusions, this also relates to induction and deduction, as well as his apple theory which a person will examine an apple and come to his/her final decision to buy it or not is also called a syllogism, he or she is coming to their final etermination. Thomas Huxley wants us to understand that scientific investigation is not as difficult as it seems but it makes everyday life possible.

Huxleys tone throughout this essay was very familiar and direct because he talks to the reader about scientific investigation. For example, in his second paragraph on the first page he says, mfou The use of “you” in this one paragraph and throughout his essay makes it sound like he is talking to whoever is reading directly, that’s why his tone is familiar and direct. In conclusion, Thomas Huxleys essay “The Method of Scientific Investigation” basically explains how this method will help a lot of people and it is used during our everyday lives, which makes it possible as well.

The apple theory that he made in his essay is very useful in proving his point in his argument which one uses induction and deduction and come to a final syllogism in choosing an apple from a fruit shop. Also he explains his definition of a hypothesis, when one person comes to a conclusion without examining the situation with more depth, he talks about a urglary of a tea-pot on the fourth page to better explain the meaning of his definition of the term “hypothesis,” in a familiar and direct tone that really captivates the reader as he talks to them directly.

So my definition of scientific investigation was close to his, in which I stated that it breaks down a problem to find a solution scientifically. Work Cited Huxley, Thomas. “The Method of Scientific Investigation. ” Autobiography and Selected Essays. Copyrighted in 1909 by the Riverside College Classics Press. Ed. Ada L. F. Shell. New York City. Print.

Analysis of a Current Ethical Dilemma in Health Care Guidelines The purpose of this paper is to apply the concepts and theories discussed in the course to a clinical ethical issue of interest to you. Your topic may be individual, system or community based

Analysis of a Current Ethical Dilemma in Health Care Guidelines The purpose of this paper is to apply the concepts and theories discussed in the course to a clinical ethical issue of interest to you. Your topic may be individual, system or community based.

Analysis of a Current Ethical Dilemma in Health Care Rubric Criteria Point Value Points Earned  Critically evaluate a client, nursing and health care situation oIdentify the actual ethical issues and implications oIdentify the potential ethical issues and implications 5 5  Critically analyze the moral implications of the presented ethical dilemma as it relates to contemporary health care issues and treatments 10  Review of pertinent literature: Must include a minimum of 5 professional references, not including your text. The literature search will provide background information on the topic oReference #1 oReference #2 oReference #3 oReference #4 oReference #5 3 3 3 3 3  Analyze the identified ethical dilemma using two relevant ethical theories and at least relevant three ethical principles oEthical theory #1 oEthical theory #2 oEthical principle #1 oEthical principle #2 oEthical principle #3 3 3 3 3 3  Examine how the identified ethical theories and principles related to this ethical dilemma impact nursing practice 15  Develop a resolution to ensure the delivery of safe and ethical nursing practice 10  Summary 10  Other Requirements o APA format oSpelling and grammar oTitle page (no errors) oReference page (no errors) 5 5 2.5 2.5 Total P Ethics and Professional Nursing Practice Presentation of Formal Written Paper Rubric Criteria Point Value Points Earned  Introduction of the topic o Actual and potential ethical issues and implications o Moral implications related to contemporary health care 10 10  Review of recent literature relevant to topic 10  Analysis of ethical dilemma using two ethical theories and a minimum of three ethical principles 15  Proposed resolution using an ethical decision making model 15  Impact on nursing practice 15  Action plan using proposed resolution to ensure delivery of safe and ethical nursing practice 10  Overall organization and professional presentation of information 5  References, APA format, spelling and grammar oReferences must be from peer-reviewed nursing journals 10 Total Po

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