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The message

These variables include how we say the message as well as what we say. Review The Message section of Chapter 8 of the textbook.  For this assignment, you will create an infographic to accompany your analysis.First, find an advertisement (any media, e.g., social media, website, print, YouTube, etc.) of a brand that in your opinion has a bad message. Explain the advertisement and why you have chosen it (share your image in the Appendix of your paper).Then, using a Free Canva* account, create an infographic that you believe shares best messaging practices for your brand (your infographic should be inserted into your paper as an image and fill 1 page..Next, describe why you choose the messaging. What were your goals in your choice of messaging? What are the positive effects of your infographic?Finally, discuss recommendations to the brand marketing manager on a repeat message and how it should be done. Apply the two-factor theory from Chapter 8 of your textbook.*Canva is a free web-based software, required for work on the module’s CT.Your paper should be 3-4 pages not including the cover, reference and appendix (your original advertisement and infographic) pages in length and conform to APA guidelines in the CSU Global Writing Center. The image of the original advertisement and infographic should placed in the appendix. Include at least 2 scholarly or industry specific references in addition to the course textbook. The CSU Global Library is a good place to find these references.

What is the McDonaldization of society” and how might it benefit subcultures in a diverse society?

What is the McDonaldization of society” and how might it benefit subcultures in a diverse society?.

Paper details

. 1) What is the “McDonaldization of society” and how might it benefit subcultures in a diverse society? On the other hand, what is the downside or possible negative impact on people of this phenomenon. 2) Some children grow in a quite homogenous subculture, with little exposure to the wider societal culture. How can this impact their lives? Cite at least three examples. 3) Children growing up in an upper class household tend to develop a “taken-for-granted sense of entitlement.” How does this affect their sense of self and does it ensure them psychological confidence and self-worth, in addition to other positive attributes? 4) There are multiple risk factors for children growing in poverty. Identify at least five. Include in your discussion who the effects of poverty can be mediated, or overcome. 5) In most societies, there is a division of labor between males and females, history and to the present time. What has influenced a shift in this once-assumed expectation? Give examples to support your answer.

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English Question

The message Write a reaction paper on the book Love and Profit. Your reaction can be positive or negative, but including a personal story is also a good thing.
2-4 pages
1″ margins
12 point font
grammar counts
your name somewhere in the file name (submit in Adobe PDF format)book can be found on this link https:/ name is love and profit by James autry

5 Core Marketing Concepts.

5 Core Marketing Concepts..

 Report Structure: D.E.A. (Define, Explain, & Apply). We are looking for an integration of theory and application. Choose a product line or category Formal Report Structure Title Page to include the report title, name, student no, session day/time. (Do not use the UoN Cover Page) Numbered headings and subheadings as per the instructions. Introduction – Topic/purpose statement > company introduction > outline of report structure. Written in future tense. Use third-person perspective. (Do not use: I, me, we, they) Included all 5 Core Marketing Concepts, & all 7 P’s. APA 6th edn referencing (in text and reference list) Used credible Sources: Textbooks, journal articles, company websites & company-owned social media pages, newspaper articles, IBISWorld, Deloittes, Australian Bureau of Statistics, Roy Morgan Research, AdAge, Harvard Business Review, Ipsos, Neilson Research, Deloitte Australia, BandT Magazine. 

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BOOK: Zen in the Art of Archery AUTHOR: Eugen Herrigel

BOOK: Zen in the Art of Archery AUTHOR: Eugen Herrigel.

 Read Directions.. BOOK: Zen in the Art of Archery AUTHOR: Eugen Herrigel The sources used should only be the book. Some of the central goals of Zen are to live “in the moment,” to be mindful of each experience, and to understand yourself to be in intimate unity with everything else. It also strives to teach “thusness” (or “suchness”). “Thusness” is a concept that means the “as-it-is-ness” of things. One should experience each moment or event “just as it is,” seeing it as a photograph, letting it be, without the deconstructive imposition of thought. Many of the Eastern art forms have been shaped by such Zen ideals. After reading Herrigel’s Zen in the Art of Archery, write a three-page paper (750 words min., excluding quotes), which discusses how Zen principles have influenced the art of archery in one integrated paper that flows organically from the beginning. Begin with a personal definition of Zen, then discuss those principles used in the art of archery from the book. Do not use first/second person language.

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Psychology Research

Create Theory (or Question)


Create an Experiment

Explain the Dependent and Independent Variables in your experiment

Explain the Experimental and Control Group

Discuss Ethical Considerations

Example :

Theory or question: Does taking the herbal supplement ginseng to reduce stress in people?

Hypothesis: I believe taking ginseng reduces stress in people.

Dependent and Independent Variables: The independent variable would be the amount ginseng versus a placebo. The dependent variable would be the decrease in stress.

Experimental and Control Group: My experimental group would take the ginseng for 2 weeks and then their level of stress would be measured. My control group would take a placebo for two weeks and then their level of stress would be measured.

I do not feel there are any ethical considerations in this experiment as I would let all participants know they could be getting the ginseng or the placebo.

You need to check the following part of the book – 2nd chapter 2.1,.2 and .3 you have 15 minutes of paid work for that

NOTE you can also check Margaret Floye Washburn biography or experimental psychology Youtube, but it is not obligatory