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The media and terrorism

The relationship between the media and terrorism is often described as symbiotic. What is meant by this characterization? Please provide an example to illustrate your position. Is there anything that could be done to lessen the ‘use’ of the media by terrorists while still maintaining freedom of speech (consistent with the media’s protection under the 1st Amendment of the Constitution)?

Please use only scholarly sources

Organization Design and Development

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Challenges in Maintenance Program Development

The media and terrorism Challenges in Maintenance Program Development.

This week’s activities have centered on the requirements for an approved aircraft maintenance program. This involves the coordination of several entities, from OEMs to the technicians that perform the maintenance, as well as the aviation environment itself (General Aviation, Commercial, Military, Corporate). For this week’s discussion, consider some of the challenges that aircraft managers face in this process (internal culture, varying levels of expertise, cultural or generational barriers, communication). Even in established maintenance plans, the introduction of new regulations or updates can cause unforeseen challenges for managers. How can we overcome them and ensure maintenance activities are performed properly?

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The Tide Detergent Website

Tide is the world’s largest selling detergent brand and also the Procter and Gamble’s number one selling brand in its core markets in the United States of America. Tide laundry detergent is sold and used by millions of households across the United States. The product Tide Laundry Detergent was the pioneer in synthetic detergents created by the company Procter & Gamble in 1946, and was introduced in the market as the global heavy duty detergent in United States and has been the number one selling detergent since 1950s. It is distinctive trademarks allows it to be easily recognized, the yellow and orange bull’s eye logo which was designed by Donald Deskey. The detergent originally was formulated as powder that was between the years, 1946 to 1984, the company introduced Liquid Tide to the market in America.

Each and every company is competing to make its brand to be known in the market. Through advertisements and also through coming up with websites which are appealing to the targeted market eye, filling the commercial breaks during television shows and hundreds of pages in popular publications. A lot of time and thinking goes to these forms of advertisements to ensure that the intended target market has been reached and the correct message is achieved. The Tide laundry detergent has been applying variety of tactics in relaying messages to their consumers (Heber & Yosi, 2015).

Tide is known for its distinctive yellow and orange bull’s eye logo, the original logo having been designed by a well-known industrial and individuality designer, Donald Deskey. It was the initial produce to be nationally packaged using stunningly eye-catching Day-Glo colors, when it was introduced. At the moment, the tide product is given to over half a dozen liquid and powder detergents in the United States of America alone.

The first tide advertisement could be found during 1950’s and the ad was posted on the internet by DR. Alex Ionescu. In it, it displays a well dressed married couple who look realistic. In this ad, the man displays his white super clean white button down shirt and his wife affectingly watch him as he fix his tie. The husband’s shirt is so shining bright and the wife is so much in love. In this ad, there are a lot of wording including the description about how the detergent works. The words, brighter and cleaner have been displayed boldly so to grab the attention of the onlookers. In addition, the man puts on the cleanest shirt in town, and the missus swear by tide, is observed in large letters at the page top. One would argue that the ad was printed for mothers and wives all over the nation.

The subsequent advertisement is more current than the last. The time period differences can be easily identified. Taking up much of the page is a huge image of a young woman; sited at her kitchen floor, and joyfully at the camera with pleasant eyes. Appearing like she got into a chocolate cake mix and mess spilled everywhere, allover her light blue jeans and shirt. Words appear under the picture,” Having kids make you want to hit the bottle,” can be read. Looking at the ad, it is evident to say that fathers and mothers are the objective audience as they are always trying to find a way or ways of eliminating their families’ messy stains in clothes. Furthermore, the ad is more about parenting and ethnicity, as person’s race is not always openly planned for such an ad

The meaning behind the ad, is trying to demonstrate that having children can never be an easy task. There are various unexpected things which could happen in a parent’s life, one which is shocking messes. The ad is directed to individuals to know that when unanticipated messes face one, they should at all times count on tide to make situations much better as one do not have to struggle. In the addition, Tide can also seem reliable in the ad as parents trust tide in getting stains out as well as letting it touch their children’s wear.

After interviewing the site components, one can say that pathos has been applied to convince viewers, applying emotion to connect with the author to the consumers. Here, the little girl’s picture is wrapped with multiple emotions which include annoyance and frustration. Parents can relate to all these and shows that tide understands the parenting challenges (Felizarta, David & et al, 2016).

Works Cited

Felizarta, David, et al. “Green Washing Your Clothes.” (2016).

Heber, Yosi. “System and method for analyzing, generating suggestions for, and improving websites.” U.S. Patent No. 8,935,262. 13 Jan. 2015.

Writing Question

Explore the “Tools for assessing personal, cultural, and community assets” content page in Module 3 in Canvas.
(a) Select the mapping tool, a developmental checklist, OR an

interest and learning style inventory to collect information on one of

your students.
(b) Identify two or more student interests or assets you discovered.
(c) Identify one instructional strategy, support, or material you could use to capitalize on your student’s interests or assets

Creating a CJUS Graph (Ouachita Parish)

1. First click on the following link: (Links to an external site.) —-This link allows you to first click on number corresponding to the state for which you were born or your mother was born.
2. After clicking on that number, continue to click on the graph ( 2 or 3x) until it displays the crime data for the county/parish specific to where you were born or your mother was born. Whatever you do, you can not use Grambling as your city of choice.
3. After locating the various crime data provided on the interactive chart, write down or copy the numbers for FIVE (5) of the different types of crime shown.
4. After getting those five numbers, click on the link below to CREATE an original graph/chart using the data you just copied from the FBI interactive state chart. (Links to an external site.)
5. Play around with the graphing app until you get a pretty bar graph or pie chart that looks like the pretty graphs in the book or on the internet. All you have to do is plug in the correct headings and numbers and the app will create the graph for you. However, YOU MUST MAKE CERTAIN THAT THE GRAPH IS COMPLETED CORRECTLY. Therefore, use your book for help to place the headings and numbers in the correct place.
6. After you have your graph finalized, the app allows you to copy the graph from the webpage and paste it into your assignment. So paste the picture of your final table into a MS Word document.
7. Lastly, after embedding your graph into your assignment, make certain to tell the reader (me) what your graph is displaying. More specifically. describe in at least 5 full sentences what can be found on your table.