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The Media and Communication in Young Adulthood

The Media and Communication in Young Adulthood. Paper details We often hear about how impressionable children and teenagers are, and how negative images in the media can influence their minds. What about individuals in early adulthood? In your readings this week you explored the topics of eating, dieting behaviors, and weight. As a medical professional, what can you do to help positively influence your patients to be body-positive while maintaining healthy eating, dieting and exercising habits? Minimum of 2 scholarly source The Media and Communication in Young Adulthood

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Take a Stand / Op-Ed Essay Purpose: The purpose of commentary is not simply to report things but to give readers a way to make sense of them. A commentary will help you write critically about a topic and will help you analyze this topic within a larger societal context. This should be an issue that connects to your idea of social justice: People should _____________ because ________________. Audience: Your audience for this paper should be your classmates at JWU; fellow citizens of RI. Genre: For this paper, your genre is in the form of a commentary. Stance: Your stance should emulate the various tones and approaches we’ll seen over the last three weeks in the different The New York Times / NPR / Colbert Report pieces. Media/Design: This paper should be typed and take the form of an essay: 3 pages, double spaced, Times New Roman, with creative title. Give readers something to react to, think about or use to make sense of topic. You will not use an objective tone or take a neutral stance; you have a perspective.You are attempting to analyze and explain what is going on around you.You are asking your readers to consider one possible way of making sense of what has happened in the past and what is going on in the present.Your readers want a satisfying account of our shared experience and to find patterns of meaning that can make the world make more sense.Approach your readers as co-thinkers, you are asking them to look at the world from your perspective (whether they ultimately agree with you or not). Even through your perspective, you must negotiate differences fairly.While doing these things, refer to the Classical model and the Rogerian model – analyzing, classifying, and perhaps defining. Finally, carefully consider voice (Sentence variety, parallelism, figurative language, and sound techniques) and be sure you have employed three of the techniques we’ve discussed. Write with passion and your readers will feel it.
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The Leader Lakshmi Mittal Management Essay

essay helper free Lakshmi Niwas Mittal, a steel magnet was born in Rajasthan, India on 15 June, 1950. After completing his graduation in accounting from St. Xaviers College Kolkata he started his career in early 1970’s from Ispat steel Limited located in Kolkata itself. He started his journey from Indonesian steel mill which was on its last legs. His craziness for being a steel magnet took him out of his boundaries to forgotten divisions of the world. Therefore he turned many at a standstill steelworks into productive operations. Kazakhstan’s redirected steel plant (Foroohar, 2005); Trinidad, Algeria and Mexico’s acquired steel mills strengthened his empire in terms of raw ore. After his shifting to London, Mittal merged his company with other big steel firms located in US and China. That made him world’s largest steel producer and wealthiest British. Acquiring Arcelor was one of his major victories. That is currently known as ArcelorMittal (Encyclopedia of world biography, 2007). Leadership: Leadership concept has always been mysterious as Stogdill (1974, p.259) defines,’ Leadership has got as many as definitions as there are people who have tried to describe the notion’ (Bolden, 2004, p. 4). In new era organisations are transiting from hierarchical structures to open networks. Therefore leadership role is to shift participants towards common goal through accountability and responsiveness (Hickman, 1998). Business leadership approach Vast study of effective leadership approach evaluated a constitutive idea of charismatic, transactional and transformational leadership. Charismatic leadership however developed from word charisma (Weber, 1947, pp.358-359) which means an exceptional quality a person that distinguishes him from others. House (1977) argues followers nominate their leader through an attribution process on the basis of certain behaviours exhibited by their leader. Conger and Kanungo (1998) studied this concept thoroughly and presented an idea as charismatic leadership generally constitutes four characteristics: possession and articulation of vision, enthusiasm to take risks for fulfilling vision, exhibition of compassion towards follower’s needs and demonstration of novel conduct. Bass and Avolio (1991) presented a modified form of leadership approach in the form of transactional and transformational leadership through Full Range Leadership Model. In this model transactional leadership falls under passive and ineffective dimension whereas transformational goes under active and effective dimension. Transactional leadership moves from Laissez Faire towards Management by action (passive–>active) and Contingency Reward. Therefore, this is a participative type of leadership as if leader’s participation declines than leader becomes ineffective and rests at Laissez Faire. Therefore Contingency Reward is the best fit dimension for transactional leadership. (Source: Whereas looking into transformational leadership, it is complementary to transactional leadership and basically depends upon four I’s: Idealized influence (charismatic), inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation (questioning

Economics homework help

Economics homework help. What are the main geopolitical forces that impacted mathematics education (e.g., Progressive Era, Sputnik, and the standards movement)?,What are the main geopolitical forces that impacted mathematics education,A Historiography of Mathematics Education., What are the main geopolitical forces that impacted mathematics education (e.g., Progressive Era, Sputnik, and the standards movement)?,How did mathematics education change as a ,result, of these geopolitical force?,Chapter 1: Add more current research article citations throughout this chapter. Expand on “Procedures of the Study”. Add relevant, current research to “Resources for the Study”. About 10 pages total.,Chapter 2: Expand this whole chapter. Introduction of this chapter should be 3-4 pages. Methods for Historical Research section should be 5-6 pages. Methods for History of Mathematics Education should be another 9-10 pages; include discussion of all data obtained from influential reports and educational policy documents, a timeline of United States history, and articles on the history of US education and history of mathematics and also mathematics education in the US. Further, revise the Summary as appropriate based on the additional research included. About 20 pages total.,Chapter 3: Expand on each of the three sections of this chapter – History of the United States, History of US Education, and also History of US Mathematics Education. The start of some subsections in each of these three sections are included but need a lot of research. End with a brief Summary section. About 50 pages total.,Chapter 4: Focus this chapter findings based on the the review of literature (Chapter 3) and relevant research cited in Chapters 1 and 2. Answer the research questions posed in Chapter 1. About 75 pages total.,Chapter 5: Write the summary and conclusion for this study. Include a brief Recommendations for Further Research section that highlights what additional research could be done to further the study the history of mathematics education – include the current coronavirus pandemic. About 10 pages total. References: Use APA format to list all references in alphabetical order by author. Also, include DOI numbers as appropriate. About 10 pages total.,The post What are the main geopolitical forces that impacted mathematics education (e.g., Progressive Era, Sputnik, and the standards movement)? appeared first on Essay Lane.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Economics homework help

INP 3004 Formal Characteristics of The Lady and The Unicorn Art Critique Essay

INP 3004 Formal Characteristics of The Lady and The Unicorn Art Critique Essay.

For the analysis, you will evaluate two of the featured works from Unit 1 using the stages of observation. Also, you will pose two discussion questions related to one or both of the works you have selected. For the comments, you will critique the responses of two of your peers and attempt to answer one of the questions they posedFirstly, address the formal characteristics of each work (stage 2). Secondly, address the historical conditions of each work (stage 3). Thirdly, present an argument about the meaning and/or purpose of the works and a judgement about the effectiveness of the works based on their cultural contexts (stages 4 & 5). Lastly, pose two discussion questions for your peers to answer. The questions should be inspired by individual curiosity or understanding. Here are some questions to help generate and organize ideas for your analysis: What are the defining characteristics of the works? When, where, and by whom were the works created? Why, and for whom, were the works created? How compelling and/or successful are the works?
INP 3004 Formal Characteristics of The Lady and The Unicorn Art Critique Essay